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How You Can Start An Intenders Circle
(Reprinted from an early Intenders Newsletter)

Hello and thank you for your letter. I am always glad to help others start Intenders groups.

First of all, if you have a group of friends who would like to start an Intenders Circle, you're way ahead of the game! Just gather your group together and have a potluck.

We always start out our meetings a little after 5 o'clock in the evening with a very short (a minute or less) food blessing. We join hands and someone says a few words of gratitude for all that we have received. Then, of course, we eat and chat together for about an hour.

Shortly after 6pm, we begin our Intenders Circle. By this time everyone will have finished eating and those who couldn't make it to the potluck will have arrived. We really appreciate it that people come on time because, that way, they don't walk in during our guided meditation. We all like this part of our meeting because it makes us feel empowered and uplifted. There are a couple of folks in our group who like to lead this short meditation(5 to 10 minutes), so whoever wants to do it can.

After the guided meditation, we go around the Circle and, for the benefit of any guests and new Intenders, we each say our name. Then, for a few moments, one of the more experienced Intenders will talk about the Intention Process and how our thoughts create our experiences. And immediately after that, we begin to go around the Intention Circle - with each person saying what their Intentions are and/or acknowledging the Intentions that have recently manifested in their lives. When we've finished going around the Circleonce, we always let anyone randomly put in any Intentions that they may have forgotten the first time around.

We've learned over the last couple of years that everyone really wants everyone else's Intentions to come true. So we listen very closely to each other and have even become like cheerleaders for one another, wanting our friend's Intentions , as well as our own, to come into manifestation. Often, we imagine that all of our Intentions are stacking up in the middle of theCircle, so that when we are done, they will fly out into the Universe on the wings of Angels, to be brought back to us in the perfect timing.

After everyone's Intentions are put into the Circle, we will stand up, hold hands, and TONE. During the circle, there is usually some sort of theme that many people mention, like home, God, love, peace ... We pick a word or sound that appeals to everyone and that is the sound or word that we Tone. Sometimes, we will Tone a couple different Tones. We find that if we Tone the word or sound for a longish period of time, say at least three minutes, it really begins to feel wonderful. During this Toning, the group feels a Oneness with each other. After the Toning is finished, we've found that it is important to just stand holding hands and listen quietly to the sounds around us and enjoy the Oneness.

After the Toning, we chat and munch a bit more, about fifteen minutes. Then we have a channelling session. If there isn't a person in your group who can channel , all you need to do is Intendthat one shows up...and one will! We started out with one channel - and now there are four. We limit our channelling sessions to thirty minutes so that those who need to get home can do so at a reasonable time.

We have our Intenders Circle on Sunday evenings, but it could be at any time that is convenient for you.

If you do not have a group of folks to start your group with, set a time when you will have your meeting. Let folks know when it is and why you want them to come. You know, when we first started our group, it was just Mark, Tina, Tony,and I. We met first just as friends having dinner together on Sunday evenings to talk about what we wanted in our lives. After several months, Tina and Mark brought another person to dinner. She only attended one meeting. Then, after a couple of months, another person came. She, Connie, stayed with it, but for along time, there was just the five of us. If you have even one person, have a meeting. There were times when we wondered if anyone else would ever show up. Our guides kept saying that even if no one else is there, have a set time. Even if you are the only one, do your Intentions out loud and Tone. The energy that you put out into the Universe by doing that will bring others.

So take care and never stop reaching for and Intending for your dreams. I am looking forward to the letter that asks what you are to do when your group gets too large to meet in your living room.

Betsy Whitney

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