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The Intenders of the Highest Good
The Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter
The Intenders Peace Plan

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Here is our first Intenders Monthly Newsletter! It is our sincere intention that you find the information in this newsletter and the newsletters in the months to come both empowering and uplifting. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to include your favorite Best Intention or Intention Story in our newsletter.

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That which we call forth comes. It doesn't matter whether it's our next meal, a new car or the mate of our dreams. Likewise, we could also be touched by an angel or create world peace. If we call it, it shows up.

It is this bit of valuable information that has been undermined or hidden from us for eons upon eons, but now it is coming to the forefront of our awareness just when we need it most. It is no longer to be held in check, ridiculed or taken lightly - for it is the key that opens the door to our utmost happiness, our innermost serenity, our highest power. Used wisely it will create a better life for us individually and a better world for us collectively.

How wonderful it is that this information is being so widely circulated at this momentous time in our history. Those of us who truly care about the well-being of our fellowmen and women are beginning to use it consciously to make a difference on this Earth. For there are many of us now, both Intenders and non-Intenders, who are exploring new ways of expressing our creativity beyond the canvas and the written page. By making our intentions for the highest good, holding a clear vision in our minds and feeling as if our dreams had already manifested, we are having a direct effect upon the living world that surrounds us. We are stepping into our God-given power and, as a result, we are experiencing the miraculous as it finds its way back into our lives.

Of course, there are people in positions of leadership who are also using this information in an attempt to create war. However, we as a people united in our grassroots intentions to support life can just as easily use it to create peace. We simply hold steadfast to our vision of a peaceful world regardless of what others (including the media) say or do. If someone starts talking about war, we can start talking about peace. If someone starts talking about their dramas, we can start talking about our dreams.

The solution has been right in front of us all along. We don't have to go anywhere, struggle or apply a lot of effort in order to have a positive effect upon our world. We can start our own personal Peace Plan by picturing peace everyday, every chance we get. What if thousands or millions of us were to set aside just a few minutes everyday to picture our ideal world in our imaginations? As surely as day follows night, peace and all of the wondrous gifts that accompany it will come forth.

This is how we take our power back - not by staging anti-war rallies; not by complaining about our government's poor leadership; but by envisioning that which we desire to create.

We create Peace on Earth by envisioning Peace on Earth.

Quotes of the Month
Our first quote of the month for March is short, sweet and very appropriate for the subject of Peace. It comes from The Intenders Handbook: A Guide to the Intention Process and the Conscious Community.

"Picture the end result from the beginning." - Tony Burroughs

The second quote this month comes from the inspiring compilation of Baha'i writings, The Art of Divine Living:

"When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love." - Abdu'l Baha

Best of Intentions
Here is one of our favorite all-time intentions from our friend Dayadevi in Redwood City, California:
"I intend that peace breaks out all across the land!"

More Best of Intentions

Our Best Intention Story Winner
A special thank you goes out to Bernadette Jobs who sent us one of the most inspiring Intention Stories we've received in a long time. You can view it on our website by clicking on the underlined link just below.

Our Best Intention Stories

The Highest Light Teachings
Since being published a few months ago The Highest Light Teachings by Tony Burroughs has received tremendous praise from all over the globe. Here is a short excerpt:

"There is no reason whatsoever why every human being who walks this Earth couldn't be given everything that he or she needs. Scarcity, in all of its insidious forms, can be tucked neatly away into our past and replaced by abundance beyond measure. Oppression can give way to a life of total freedom such as we have never before experienced. And fear can now be seen for what it truly is - a cry in the dark for attention, a call for the gift of comfort and peace. For as that loving attention is freely given without reservation, a light so bright will shine forth on everyone and everything. The streets will be filled with people smiling at each other, wanting one and all to experience the joy that comes when we live our lives to the fullest. Everywhere you look there will be peace. We are cleansed of all impurity by the Living Universe as It surrounds us and bathes us in the Highest Light imaginable. Once again we are innocent as young babes, yet divinely empowered, and thrilled at the wonders that lie before us."

More about The Highest Light Teachings

News from the Circles
This week we welcomed Canada into our community of Intenders Circles. Roberta Van Riet from North Vancouver, BC said that they have started a new circle and requested that we place them in our Directory of Intenders Circles. It is done, Roberta! We can't wait to hear about some of your first manifestations . . .

Good news also came this week from David Powell who is in the Paradise Hills/Albuquerque, New Mexico Intenders Circle. It seems that they had had a relatively small close knit circle for quite awhile - so three weeks ago they intended that it grow larger. Last week, according to Dave, "a whole bunch of new people" showed up. Way to go, New Mexico!

Katharina and Thomas Klippenstein who started the Findhorn Community Intenders Circle in Scotland have moved back to Germany but the circle is still going strong under the Intenderpreneurship of their friend Mark. We are very proud to have the Intenders represented at the Findhorn Gardens and intend all the best for Thomas, Katharina and their new baby (a wondrous intention made manifest).

If you would like to share some news about what's going on in your Intenders Circle, the best place to do it is on the Intenders Bulletin Board. If there is not a circle in your area this is a wonderful venue for putting your individual intentions out to the world. Click on the link below to go to our Bulletin Board.

Share News from your Intenders Circle with us

Intenders Empowerment Workshops
Tony Burroughs will be conducting workshops on Self Empowerment and How to Start Your Own Intenders Circle throughout the Southern California area. He is also offering a new workshop that goes along with the book he is currently writing. It is about Power Intending and how you can make a graceful transition into the Golden Age which lies ahead.

Tony's next workshop is scheduled at Earthsong Bookstore at Hwy 101 and 15th Street in Del Mar, California on March 11th from 6 to 9 pm. The cost is $20 per person.

Scholarships are available for those who are financially challenged. The schedule for all upcoming workshops and Intenders activities is updated regularly on our website at

If you would like to find out about scheduling an Intenders Workshop in your area, please call 1-888-422-2420.

Workshop and Activities Schedule

Intenders Products
Our Intenderpreneur Package (10 Handbooks + 1 Video) - $33.00
The Intenders Handbook - $4.00 ($2.40 each, if you order 10 or more)
The Intenders Video - $14.95
The Intenders of the Highest Good Novel - $15.00
The Highest Light Teachings - $4.95 ($3 each, if you order 10 or more)
- Shipping and Handling not included -

More about our Intenders Books and Video

The Intenders of the Highest Good would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is intending and envisioning peace. It is because of you that we will step forth one day soon into the life that we all deserve to live.

"It starts out with a simple thought that turns into a few spoken words, 'If it be for the highest and best good, I intend that peace, love and grace return to this Earth now. So be it and so it is.'
And it ends with all of us, standing in wonder, gazing out across the threshhold of a new world." - The Intenders Handbook -

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