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In the spirit of bringing people together for the highest good of all, we present this links page so that you can see what other Intenders are doing. If your website is within our guidelines, we will publish your link on our website in trade for you publishing our link on your website. E-mail your request with your web address to us at [] (without the brackets, please.)

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Action Wisdom
This site, started by health psychologist Dr. Victor Shamas of the University of AZ, offers resources and information on spiritual healing, including links to healing and chanting circles around the world, a forum that welcomes all healing requests, along with many networking opportunities for healers.

Advanced Living
Ken Lesser is the expert on EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) Radiation Sources. His website offers several exciting new products for anyone who is sensitive to these frequencies. Ken is way ahead of his time. Check it out!

Affirmation Power
For the past year, Ken LaDeroute and his wife, Amy have been creating wonderful music and lyrics for their CD called The Affirmation Cycle. Ken has written 11 songs crafted into affirmations designed to help re-program negative internal dialogue within the mind. These repetitive passages are sung by Amy with intentional lyrics crafted into an affirmation. All we can say is WOW!

All One Spirit
All One Spirit LLC offers a variety of services designed to support our body, mind and spirit in our journey. We are all connected ~ we are All One Spirit. Join us as we walk together in love, light and peace.

Ascenta Holistic Healing
Ascenta Fields is a holisitic health and wellbeing practitioner and her passion is guiding, supporting and assisting people to live healthy, vital, fulfilling, joyfilled and purposeful lives.

Bowen Pain Release
Michael Harrison in Berkeley, California has developed a unique method for releasing back, neck and shoulder pain. With his guidance you can relax, restore balance in your body and reconnect with yourself.

Capricorn Astrology Software
They develop astrology software for beginning and experienced astrologers. If you are interested in astrology then please take a tour of AstrologyExplorer3D. They also offer free Astrology Services based upon AstrologyExplorer3D technology for the astrological community, including a free Chart Generation service.

Carmel Temple
Whenever we're in Houston we always go to Carmel Temple. Spirit is alive and well there. You cannot help but feel it. They were spreading the Highest Good long before The Intenders. As they say, Carmel Temple is a quiet sanctuary far away from the outer world of seeming chaos. It is a place of peace, healing, study, teaching, meditation, love, warmth, and friendship. Carmel is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light. The Intenders happily recommend you visit Charlotte, Carl, and all our good friends at Carmel Temple.

Carolyn Ruth Bates
“To recognize the ‘I AM’ of you is to realize the love, gifts, talents and unlimited potential within you. It’s about remembering you were born with greatness.” Carolyn Ruth is a Professional Life Coach, Public Speaker and Writer"

Cary Ellis
The focus of Cary's entire life has been to run programs, workshops,provide articles, books, info, classes to help people discover how to achieve their greatest possibilities particularly around healthy lifestyle. "In the 1980s with Dr. John Ray we healed my (x-rayed) broken arm in amatter of 6 hours with Body Electronics point-holding, beyond that I've witnessed many other amazing "miraculous" healings."

The Celtic Oracle
Hazel connects with her Guides and the Angels to bring guidance through Oracle and Tarot card readings. Bringing you guidance from your loved ones and your spiritual team, connect with Hazel for a personal reading by phone. Sharing love, healing prayers and Distance Reiki Hazel is blessed to be of service.

Colon Health Information
Alternative Colon Health information, Colon detoxification and detox diets, natural treatments for colon health, constipation, candida, haemorrhoids etc

Connecting You With Yourself
Nancy hosts the Intenders Circle in SW Denver on Tuesday evenings. Please refer to for SW Denver Intenders notices and other local like minded events and inspirations. 'Connecting you with Yourself' is how Nancy offers services to those who are ready to make changes in their lives.

Crystal Spirit Connection
The knowledge revealed in an Akashic Reading is practical, grounded information you can use right away. Answers to your questions - lovingly offered, healing and supportive – will give you the clarity to move forward with confidence in the direction of your Highest Good.

Djuna Wojton
Djuna is the author of Karmic Healing: Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health and Happiness. Djuna Wojton gives readers the tools to clear out the karmic clutter.

Earth Star Publications
home of the Star Beacon, a monthly metaphysical newsletter.

Free Spirit Rainbow Art
They offer a wide variety of crystals and minerals, rough and polished. What you don't see, they'll be glad to find for you.

Health Retreats
ALoha Healing Women a holistic retreat center focused on the recovery of eating issues, abuse, grief, physical and emotional well being and growth of the spirit . All we can say is WOW!

Holistic Practitioners Network
We are a virtual holistic health care center featuring alternative health care practitioners from many fields. Monique Dorge also maintains a directory, newsletter, events calendar, as well as a glossary of therapies..

HuMandalas - Conscious Collective Movement
Conscious collective movement in sacred circle ceremonies. With unified intentions, align connected bodies, movement and sound with universal patterns. Daniel Levy developed this original modality through personal practice and insights from Mayan anthropology, sacred geometry, and yogic mudra.

Idea Foundation's Know Thyself Initiative
The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity believes that all of the Human Race is innately compassionate and caring. It takes a relatively small percentage of Humanity to create a shift in consciousness. Only a critical Mass number of 777,000 individuals are needed to act as a catalyst for compassion, to transform the world. However, there are many more people involved than just that Number. One of our favorite quotes that sums up KTI is “We are the rhythm of notes forming the melodious body of music to the harmony of God’s plan.” This melodious body of music is the body of Christ, not just Christians per say, but anyone who wants to be an instrument. The energy and harmony of this body of Humanity must be moving as one for the defining moment of synchronization (last trump) with the transformation and jump to a new plane of evolutionary existence. Most of us have incarnated at this time to actively participate in the process.

Inner Alchemy
Tzippi Moss, Intender in Jerusalem, is looking to assist you in becoming an inner alchemist. An inner alchemist is able to transform fears, doubts, and lack of clarity into power, freedom and vision. Difficulties and challenge become the doorway into opportunity, change and magic, and the process for turning lead into gold. The power to create your best life is already right inside of you.

Intuitive Healer Medium
Betty Ertwine is Internationally known and has assisted souls, professionally since 1982. She is a medium, spiritual teacher, runs workshops for individuals, families, business and even pets.

THE ISHAYAS' ASCENSION here are Techniques for Spiritual Transformation. The Techniques of Ascension are also known as, Ascension Attitudes. These Techniques are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. Often known as "Upward Spiraling Emotions", these Attitudes have the power to dissolve all self-destructive tendencies from their very roots. They can be used eyes-opened or closed in every situation in such a way that meditation and powerful inner-focus can be constant. Life is meant to be lived in eternal joy, infinite freedom, unbounded awareness and unconditional love. Wake up to your birthright now!!

Jodys Glass
Jody Karkowski is one our favorite Intenders AND she is one of the best stained glass artists in the Southwest! See for yourself.

Jim Donovan
Are you ready to Reclaim Your Life? Jim Donovan will help you to realize your full potential. Highly recommended!

Life Purpose Readings
Affordable Life Purpose Readings by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, a caring, spiritually focused psychic. This reading reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more. A fun free gift accompanies your reading.

Life's Natural Catalyst
Christiana Rose is an accomplished healer and celebrated vibrational healing teacher. Life's Natural Catalyst offers health and wellbeing solutions for adults, children, your pets and our beloved Earth.

Light Way Schools
The vision of Light Way Schools in Houston is to co-create a world-wide network of consciousness based learning environments that fully support our children in re-membering the unlimited potential of their spirit within a self-sustaining community built on trust, joy, harmony, love and peace. Meet our good friends Max and Zara at Light Way Schools!

Limitless Living
Limitless Living™ is an online membership organization intended to be a connecting point where everyone who wants to live a life filled with infinite possibilities can be matched with ideas, resources and people who can help them achieve that. Our purpose is to provide inspiration, motivation and support, promote both physical and mental health and well being, and to better the world by contributing to the tipping point toward peace and prosperity. Our mission is to help others: *See beyond their own self limitations and reach for the stars *Stop living in fear and start living from the heart *Recognize that even in the darkest hours they still have choices *Become whole and balanced *Manifest their infinite potential *Find inner peace

Merlyns World
Ben adds his voice to the others around the globe who are trying to bring about a real change in the way we are all relating to the planet and each other

Pranic Healer-Levels I,II,III - Reiki Master & Teacher Angel Oracle Readings, Channeling Teachings of Abraham Workshops & Study Groups All Natural Soy Candles - Made in Montana

no out there is an idea, a concept, a particular point of view, a perspective which suggests there’s really No Out There . . . Out There, as Quantum Physics now suggests. It is also a talk radio show. Check it out.

Path of the Heart
You can make a child's heart smile! Help feed a hungry child, give a safe and comfortable home to a 'child of the street' or help educate an exceptionally bright and gifted youngster through one of the Path of the Heart programs.
This is Dr. Sharon Forrests website and she is also a world reknowed Healer and leads Sacred Journeys to Peru and Hawaii. We highly recommend it!

Pathways To Spirit Institute
Are you walking in balance and harmony in your life? Do you want to deepen your spiritual connection? Welcome to the Ultimate Mastery called Life! We offer Energy Healing, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Spiritual Intuition Classes, Guided Meditations, Goddess Rituals, Gentle Yoga, Tantra Workshops, Intenders Circle and Vibrance Life Coaching.

Peace at The Heart
Mari's website, Peace at the Heart, is sure to touch you deeply. She is a Universal White Time healer and her story is just about as inspiring as it gets!

Personal Growth Centre
The Personal Growth Centre provides experiential learning. Since 1973, tens of thousands have taken this leadership training. This includes relationship building, creating effective relationships both personally and professionally.

Raising Vibrations
Raising Vibrations is a website that speaks about and offers tools for moving our frequency from the lower vibrations of Fear/Anger to Love/Passion which is re-membering who we are.

Sacred Spaces
Toni Petrinovich offers you a sacred space in which you may claim the love that you yearn for and embrace the sacred awareness that you are God. The Intenders are in alignment with Toni's work and we highly recommend this site!.

Sea Chi
Sea Chi Organics manufactures high quality Organic and Wildcrafted skin and hair care products. They are widely used by practitioners in the Holistic Healing Arts and ideal for individuals who are Consciously choosing to live a Healthy Organic Lifestyle.

The Serenity Prayer
View, download, and print a full original copy of the Serenity Prayer in multiple languages.

Sing Your Song
Do you want to make an important change in your life? Do you lack clear direction and action steps to make the transition successfully? Do you find yourself feeling stuck? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a life coach can help. I will pose strategic questions to help you become clear on the change you want to make, set a course for the transition, and evaluate and adjust for the targeted outcome. In the process, you will learn skills that you can apply in future transitions and effectively become your own life coach! My commitment to you is to see you through the obstacles, overcoming barriers, and unearthing the gold hidden within, freeing you to Sing Your Song!

Sonja Kalckar Medical Intuitive
Sonja Kalckar is a Medical-Intuitive, Spiritual-Guide with Credentials in holistic health, nutrition, north-american herbology, enzyme-therapy, and neuro-muscular and Vini Yoga therapy.

Spiritual Media Blog
Spiritual Media Blog is a news source for emerging conscious entertainment in movies, TV shows, books, music, and new media.

Stair Lifts for the Elderly
Provides useful tips about stairlifts as well as a comparison of the leading brands.

Star Dewar is a gifted photographer from Santa Rosa, CA. We are grateful to her for giving us the picture of the dolphins that's in the background of our website.

Performing her original bluesy folk music interspersed with passionate dialogue, Jacquelyn-Rose transforms profound universal truths into a stunning theatrical production. SYMBIOSIS is a musically anointed map into the treasure of yourself. Enjoy.

The Voice for Love
The Voice for Love book by David Paul and Candace Doyle teaches step-by-step how to access the Voice for Love and Peace within you.

United Earth Ecclesia
United Earth Ecclesia was inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller and founded to help move humankind from its current competitive mindset to a cooperative mindset. We will do this through Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus. This process is detailed in the book, "You are an Exclamation of Love... And the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia" and involves online polls to help determine concerned Earth Citizens' priorities and courses of action to Collectively Create a more cooperative world.

Unity in Gender Diversity
Unity in Gender Diversity is devoted to furthering love, peace and acceptance of God's truth, through the teachings of Jesus in "a Course In Miracles" (ACIM) and in the art "Art of Spiritual Peacemaking". Their focus is to awaken loving souls. Check them out.

Web Spirit
Alternative ebooks, 'How-to' ebooks and other spiritual ebooks and information.

Online resources for Health - Body - Mind - Spirit. Your gateway to health, wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Within the Light
It is the vision of Within The Light founder, T.L. Nash, to see others creating an environment-both internally and externally-which promotes mental, physical and spiritual well being, so, that each of us can experience life as God had in mind…with intention, inspiration, peace and love.

Your Soul's Plan
Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz contains ten true stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when together they planned the challenges they would experience in their upcoming lifetimes.


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