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I   intend that I am  Happy!

I   intend that I have a lot of fun and laughter in my life.

I   intend that I am fully kind, fully loving, and fully gentle.

I   intend that I always remember that the Universe is taking care of  Everything.

I   intend that I am in excellent physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

I   intend miracles and magic are manifesting in my life.

I   intend that I am shown what to do next.

I   intend that things come to me effortlessly.

I   intend that I am guided, guarded, and protected at all times.

I   intend patience, compassion, forgiveness, balance, and grace.

I   intend that my car fix itself.

I   intend that I am seeing all people in their highest light at all times.

I   intend that I am living on a clean and vibrant Earth.

I   intend that I remain open to receive  Abundance, Abundance, and  More Abundance.

I   intend that complete and utter joy is in my life now.

I   intend that all of my thoughts, words, and deeds serve the highest and best good for the whole. Universe, as well as the highest and best good for myself and others.

So be it. And so it is!

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Our Intenders Office Manager, Vicki Harding, has stated her intentions in Intenders Circles all across the country. In the two You Tubes below she shows you how she does it, but she would tell you that there is no set way. Just make sure you say your gratitudes, intentions, and line them up with the Highest Good of the Universe, yourself, and all beings everywhere. So be it and So it is! It is Done!

Vicki still gets a little nervous in front of the cam. On her Bloopers video she lets her hair down - literally - and allows us to show you that it's okay to mess it up the first time or two. Just go for it!

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Our Best Intention for last month came from Mauricio Santorumn. Mauricio is a member of the Laguna Hills, California Intenders Circle. We love hearing intentions like this one!

I intend that I am having more fun than I have ever had in my life!

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This months winner is Tim Jost. Tim proves to us that our intentions do not always have to be on the serious side.
Here is the message that he sent to us.

I am sending the following three intentions which are sincere and which I felt contain a delightful humor in their juxtaposition:

I intend that all of humanity is awakened and we are living the Divine Love that we are.
I intend that I and all people are accepting each other in unconditional love.
I intent that my cat deposits hairballs on hard floors only.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for sharing a wonderfully powerful process!

In Divine Love
Tim Jost

Thanks to you too, Tim :))

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Here are our two winners for the month of July. Their intentions are so short and sweet that we wanted to share them with you. They each make it crystal clear that you do not have to be overly elaborate to make a good intention.

Itir Okaygun sent the following intention from Istanbul, Turkey.
I intend that I am accepting everyone as they are.

Mary Korthuis from San Luis Obispo, California intends:
I now am intending that my life is happy always.

Thanks so much to Itir and Mary. We appreciate your sharing these beautiful intentions with us. You both set shining examples for many to follow.

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The winner of our Best of Intentions Video for June is Nella Bellamy from Sydney, Australia! Thanks so much for sending us your wonderful intentions, Nella. Your words are an inspiration to all of us.

It is my intention that more and more people find out about the opportunities and possibilities that exist to create and manifest for themselves and others whatever their heart desires and yearns for, to create a loving and embracing environment where people feel accepted and free to take off their masks and be their Beautiful Selves!!

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One of the best list of intentions that we have seen in awhile came in this February from John Johnston. We publish it here because many newcomers to the Intention Process will benefit from his clarity. His last intention was that he wins the Intenders Video. So Be It and So It Is!

I intend that I AM consciously aware of my thought processes, emotional and mental states at all times and act out of the highest love and compassion for all concerned.
I intend that I AM the embodiment of the serenity prayer - with emphasis on the wisdom part!
I intend that I AM a positive influence to all I come in contact with.
I intend that I have spiritual discernment of the highest order.
I intend that mankind live in peace and harmony with open communication.
I intend peace on earth and let it begin with me.
I intend a long, loving, abundant, prosperous life for my self and others.
I intend that I live in the eternal now moment.
I intend that all my thoughts and actions are productive for the highest good of all concerned.
I intend continual positive cash flow.
I intend that I always remember that we all are reflections of the most high God, and that my reflection to others is the highest it can be at all times.
I intend that I always remember we are all one in spirit.
I intend that all the little children of the world have positive role models in their lives so they may grow up strong physically, mentally and emotionally, for they are our future.
I intend that the intenders circle spans the globe and permeates every country and city on planet earth.
I intend crystal clear spiritual and physical vision.
I intend that our public school system include classes on focus and concentration for our children.
It is my intention that I remember "The risk of insult is the price of clarity" - The Wizard of Ads, chapter 1 page 12 isbn i-885167-29-6
Its my intention that I remember "Intolerance is the mask covering the secret doubt as to the truness of ones belief." - The Urantia Book
It is my intention that I let go of all that no longer serves me in a positive manner.
I intend to surround myself with positive like minded people.
I intend a lifetime membership to the BOAPP club. Best Of All Possible People club (credit to author John Randolph Price's wife) author of "The Super Beings".
I intend to know myself.
I intend to learn fluent spanish so I can make friends and converse with my brothers and sisters from south of the border.
I intend that I win a free intenders video!!!!

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Our Best Intention for the month of January 2002 takes the form of a New Year's resolution/intention . It comes from our friend, Lee Ching.

I intend that we wake up one morning and everyone in every neighborhood is full of joy, and full of peace, and feels all of the blessings that they could ever imagine? Can you imagine what that would feel like, with everyone intending the very highest good for everyone else?

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This month's winner was Claudia Groves from Mesquite, Texas. Claudia's intentions are so heartfelt that it's easy to align with her in helping her to manifest them. We're with you, Claudia!

I Intend that I am the winner of this next month's "Best of Intentions Free Video/book Award", blessing me for sure.
I intend I am aware of all things available to me and my surroundings.
I intend that I am walking and even running free of physical problems.
I intend I am flying fast in walking and my balance is perfect in every way.
I Intend I am Divine Wisdom in all situations daily.
I intend I am sharing the winnings of the Lottery with family and friends.
I Intend I am peace, joy and laughter.
I Intend I am a friend at all times.
I Intend I am walking the calling of my life, watching the healing flow to others around me and those I meet.
I Intend I am full of Love to everyone, as all are special in their/our own ways.
I Intend I am meeting new friends on the same path of Knowing and finding new life and all it holds.
I Intend I give thanks daily, and am meeting new INTENDER friends.
I Intend my bladder is strong and functions to perfection.
I Intend I am a Speaker to many, sharing Wisdom and Knowledge of Life.
I Intend I am appreciative of all opening doors, and I see with renewed vision.

May you always shine your Highest Light, Claudia.

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Last week, an angelic lady named Cosmos quieted our Intenders Circle in NW Albuquerque with the following intention:

"I Intend . . .

I am Love
I am Pure
I am Here, Now
I Endure
I am Peace
I Release
Small i cease
I am Increase

I am All That
I am Zero
I am Dragon
I am Hero
I am Future
I am Past
I am All. . .at Once
At Last"

What an inspiring, poetic intention! Thank you, Cos. You're this month's winner.

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The winner of last month's best Intention was Noel Anderson from Petaluma, California - "I intend to let my own mind, empty and unfabricated, rest in whatever naturally takes place." Without placing the mind inwardly, without searching, resting in that which is perceived, resting in the searcher himself. Not inventing everything, free from doubt, my own mind fully awake, in a state of emptyness, at rest......Completely surrounded by natural Joy.

Much Gratitude to you, Noel, for sharing your uplifting intention with us!

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