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Thanksgiving 2008

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~Introduction - Thanksgiving Everyday
~The Alternative - Living by Manifesting
~A Wonderful Intention Story - Unexpected Sources and Forgiveness
~Feedback on The Code
~Tina and Aaron
~The Bridge Continued
~Thanksgiving from Intenders Central
~All of Life Supports You - A Note from Lee Ching

Introduction - Thanksgiving Everyday

Although it's wonderful, at this time of year, to celebrate giving thanks for all that we have received, The Intenders know to do this everyday. We have learned, through our experiences, to express our gratitude for life's gifts on a daily basis because giving thanks is what keeps the wheels of manifestation in motion. As the Fifth Intent of The Code states, "I am living in grace and gratitude," we realize that it is in the steady acknowledgment of having received what we intended to manifest, that we open the floodgates to our abundance.

With this in mind, we offer the suggestion that you extend and expand your thanksgiving beyond the holiday season and begin to express your gratitude everyday, in every way. There is no quicker way to get empowered.

The Alternative - Living by Manifesting

Right now, most people still rely upon money as a measure for their happiness. If there is enough of it in their bank accounts and pocketbooks, then they are generally content, and there's nothing wrong with that. But times are spinning fast now, and those with a little foresight can see that the money is steadily being taken out of the hands of the people. A time may come when there isn't any.

It's not that it has to be that way - it's just part of the plan, a plan we all agreed to take part in for the purpose of making ourselves stronger.

How, you say, can we possibly become stronger if our money is taken away? How could anything but total panic take hold in times of no money? Undoubtedly, the media will make it sound like the whole world has gone mad as these times come upon us. They will roll out the stock footage of lines at the bank and do their level best to scare the heck out of us - and most people will be terrified.

But what of those who are not terrified? They are the strong ones. They are the ones who won't freeze in fear. They are the ones who everyone else will look to for leadership because they will have already discovered an alternative to money: Living by Manifesting.

Mark these words: Living by Manifesting is our next step in life. It is the threshold we must cross to reach our true freedom. None shall call himself or herself free who measures their happiness by worthless pieces of paper.

Our security comes from within. Our peace of mind is always within reach, and yet we keep it at a distance by clinging to our precious papers and possessions. Let's look at it another way. Our happiness and peace of mind can be dependent on money or dependent on our ability to manifest whatever we need. In the first case, where we are reliant on money, there are a slew of middlemen - those who print it, those who distribute it, those who regulate it, those who lend it at interest, etc. - and all of these middlemen are constantly dipping their hands into our pockets. In such an imbalanced system we cannot be free because they won't let us. They have a big stake in our dependence on them. Said another way, they're subtly robbing us of our energy every chance they get.

The alternative is to Live by Manifesting, and it allows us to break free from the middlemen. Our peace of mind does not have to pass Go, with no one else collecting $200 along the way. And there's something else. Our dignity and self-worth begin to surface again. For, how can we hold onto our self-respect as long as we're dependent on another? We cannot. Only through learning to live by consciously creating our environment on a moment by moment basis can we be free and authentic. And only in freedom and self-respect do we find our strength, our true power.

People are going to need to be able to Manifest. Indeed, those who do shall inherit an abundant new world. All others will remain beneath the yolk of harsh taskmasters. Which will you choose?

A Wonderful Intention Story - Unexpected Sources and Forgiveness

Hello Intenders,

I've been receiving the Intenders Bridge messages for quite some time and always look forward to reading them. I have a copy of The Code poster on the wall above my computer and I have embraced your method of approaching metaphysics wholeheartedly. I was first introduced to your group by Carl Minton at Carmel Temple in South Houston, TX. I attended the local group a few times and always felt lighter, safer and more whole after each meeting.

Here's the story of my most major manifestation. There have been many along the way, but this is worth talking about for a couple of reasons, as you'll see.

In the fall of 2005 a person from my past began legal proceedings which ended in a judgment against me for more money than I had even earned in the past ten years. Though the judgment was legal, it was not at all just or in accordance with the facts of the case.

I realized the other party had only taken this action because of financial difficulties, so I began to pray that their finances would turn around and give way to abundance. I also began to verbalize my intent daily that by the end of calendar year 2008 I would fulfill this debt completely in whatever manner served the highest good of all concerned.

In May of 2008 a letter from the other party was delivered to me stating that in loving memory of a now deceased relative, the debt was being forgiven in full. Though I had imagined that I would win the lottery or write a best-selling book to pay off the debt, I had remained open to any solution. I realize now that the forgiveness that occurred in the other individual's heart was necessary for the resolution to be truly in the highest good of all concerned.

I am grateful to be a part of the growing network of souls who are Intenders of the Highest Good.

Love, Light & Life to you,
Bret A. McCormick

Thank You, Bret!

Typical Feedback on The Code

YAAAY! Last night, instead of watching the entire election, I watched for the first time "On the Road with the Code" and it gave me chills. I felt myself relaxing from the butterflies and racing heart I had over this election, and just my day in general which was challenging. And I released my worries and really felt the intention that what happens is what God/The Universe knows is for our highest and best good. I trust that completely. Tony & Tina, I cannot wait to meet you and share my gratitudes and intentions.

Much peace & love,

Lanie Pracher
Agel Effect-NY


I subscribe to the Intenders Bridge and have signed up my friends and family too. It's really making huge, wonderful differences in my life. Thank you! I bought The Code movie for my mom's 60th birthday early in October and love it. I also recite The Code daily. It makes me very happy and I always really "feel" it and smile while saying it out loud. :)

Thank you again!!!

Katie E. Heath, NTP, CNC, CNHP
Indianapolis, IN

DVD Cover    The Code Cover

You can order the 2 DVD Set of On the Road with The Code or the book that inspired it all, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World at

Tina and Aaron

Over the last several weeks, we have received so many thank you letters for the work that Tina Stober and Aaron Jacobson are doing that we thought we'd include more about them.

What with the world changing so rapidly now, Tina is getting much busier with her personal counseling work, primarily because she and Lee Ching are so gentle and accurate in knowing how to help people. Indeed, the Intenders would not be what it is today if it weren't for Tina. If you would like to call Tina for help with any challenges you are experiencing, she can be reached in Hawaii at 808-982-6774. Please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there. Tina typically receives love offerings of between $50 and $200 for her insightful work.

Aaron Jacobson's album, Wrestling with Angels, is now selling like hotcakes, not just in the US, but all over the world - and for good reason. Few singer/songwriters have their heart and mind on the pulse of our fast changing times better than Aaron. We cannot recommend Wrestling with Angels highly enough!

NOTE: Within the next few days, we will be uploading one of Aaron's songs from On the Road with The Code to our web site at as one of our Holiday Gifts to you!

Aaron's CD

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The Bridge Continued

So many people have requested that we continue The Bridge that, while we are involved with other creative projects which keep us from adding more Bridge messages at this time, we are offering instead a solution for you. If you have finished with all of The Bridge Daily Reminders and would like to start over with them, you can now do so by going to:

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special

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Stocking Stuffer Special

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Thanksgiving from Intenders Central

The Intenders would like to thank a few unsung heros who are going above and beyond the call everyday in order to make this world a better place for all of us to live: Nancy Robertson in Denver; Debra Ward in Houston; Lisa Panzica in Orange County; Arno Theron and friends in South Africa; Pattie Hyland in Phoenix; Cindy Siebler in Wichita; Sarah Brown in Naples, FL; and a very special thanks to Denise O'Neil in Astoria, OR who began tithing/donating 10% of her commissions to The Intenders a few months back, and immediately after that, despite an unstable market, her Real Estate business took off and continues to prosper better than ever! Thank you, one and all, for your donations and amazing inspiration!

All of Life Supports You - A Note from Lee Ching

All of life supports you. You need only look around to see that this is true. The trees provide their wood for building your shelters; they bring shade from the sun, block the wind in times of storms, and make perches for the little birds to sing you their songs.

The animals offer loving companionship and comfort when you are alone. They pull your plows, run your races, fetch your food, and even offer their own bodies so that yours may be sustained. What more could you ask of them?

Your friends and enemies alike fill your life with every kind of experience. They dance with you, sing with you, work with you, love with you. Without them, you would not want to be here. Even your opponents present you with opportunities for growth and rejuvenation. For it is a great truth that every time you forgive another, you are rejuvenated. Every time you turn an unloving relationship around, you are refreshed and recreated.

Your brothers and sisters with whom you walk this Earth are gifts unto you, each one bringing something new, something you need for your own fulfillment. Even Mother Earth, Herself, laughs as you laugh, cries as you cry, cheers when you cheer. She is with you always, in her heart and in yours.

All of life supports you. There is not a rock, a branch, a hillside, a drop or an ocean of water that turns away as you approach. All are there for you to work with, to play with, to commune with, to create and recreate with. The world is a joyous playground offering itself for you to do with as you please. There is only one rule of thumb you need follow: Take care of it.

Take care of it all so it can thrive and enjoy its experience fully and freely. Take care of it, so it can, in turn, take care of you.

That's all you have to do.


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