In our Intenders Newsletter for September we would like to begin to acquaint you with The Highest Light Teachings. Since the publication of this companion to The Intenders Handbook we have received so many letters of appreciation for having brought these unique teachings out to the world that it seems appropriate to begin sharing some of these ideas in a format that we call A Mini-Course in the Highest Light. This month we offer you the first in an ongoing series designed to help you see yourself, your friends, and your world in the highest light. It is our intention that you enjoy this information and that you put it to good use!

Table of Contents

--- Birthing the Highest Light
--- Vancouver Area Workshops are almost sold out!
--- The Intenders PERU Itinerary is complete
--- A Timely Intention

Birthing the Highest Light

Image Those who are working on behalf of birthing a spiritual culture know that there is a process of stabilization going on. We are being strengthened within so that we are like fortresses when it comes to trusting in the Laws of Manifestation and expressing our faith in God. At the same time, in the midst of this strengthening, we are witnessing the steady disintegration of our current way of life and we are called upon to surrender and know that everything that is happening around us is Divinely guided. We are not, however, to remain passive in these times. That is not what is called for. Instead, we are to be the midwives to this wondrous birthing. Our help is needed.

But how are we, as isolated individuals and members of small groups, to be of help? The Highest Light Teachings suggest that we are extremely powerful beings and that we can best use our power by reaching out for the new. By holding a vision of the world that we desire to live in, we are actually helping to create it. The excerpt that follows in italics is a shortened version of a vision that I have had. Your vision may be different - but thatŐs not whatŐs important. What matters is the intent behind it. For as you see things in their highest light, you give birth to the best of all possible worlds.

"There is no reason, whatsoever, why every human being who walks this Earth couldnŐt be given everything that he or she needs. Scarcity, in all of its insidious forms, can be tucked neatly away into our past and replaced by abundance beyond measure. Oppression can give way to a life of total freedom such as we have never before experienced. And fear can now be seen for what it truly is - a cry in the dark for attention, a call for the gift of comfort and peace.

For as that loving attention is freely given without reservation, a light so bright will shine forth on everyone and everything. The streets will be filled with people smiling at each other, wanting one and all to experience the joy that comes when we live our lives to the fullest. Everywhere you look there will be peace. We are cleansed of all impurity by the Living Universe as It surrounds us and bathes us in the Highest Light imaginable. Once again we are innocent as young babes, yet divinely empowered, and thrilled at the wonders that lie before us."

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Vancouver Area Workshops are almost sold out!

The Intention Process Workshop

The word is spreading! Following a very successful workshop tour from Massachusetts to California we have begun to receive a steady stream of inquiries from people wanting to know how they can schedule a series of these uplifting Intention Process Workshops in their area. If you are interested in arranging to have us come to your town you can email [] for more information.

Our next stop is Vancouver BC and the Seattle area. Our Intenderpreneur and friendly facilitator there is Roberta Van Riet and she tells us that we are almost sold out for 7 nights in a row (Sept. 10-17) in the towns around Vancouver. The schedule for the Vancouver tour is below and if you would like to attend one of these wonderful workshops you can call Roberta at 604-985-3112 or email her at [] to find out about the exact locations.

Wednesday, September 10th - North Vancouver
Thursday, September 11th - Coquitlam
Friday, September 12th - Richmond
Saturday, September 13th - Langley
Sunday, September 14th - Abbotsford
Monday, September 15th - Delta
Tuesday, September 16th - Surrey
Wednesday, September 17th - White Rock
Saturday, September 20th - Bellingham, WA
(For the Bellingham workshop, call Erna at 360-527-3624)

All Workshops will begin at 7pm and will last approximately 3 hours.

Email for more info about the Intention Process Workshops in Vancouver

The Intenders PERU Itinerary is complete!!!

Image We have just put the finishing touches on our Sacred Journey to Peru and you will be receiving it shortly. Below is a snippet from the Introduction . . .

Breathe in the sacred wisdom of the ages. Awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Study with genuine Shamans and Native Healers. Spend time with kindred spirits doing deep planetary work. Experience the majesty of Machu Picchu, and the power and spiritual enchantment of the ruins and temples. Encounter the greatness of the pyramids of Ollantaytambo and Pachacamac. Learn how to stop and start the flow of water using the power of your mind. Feel the magnetic fields around Saqsaywaman and Quenko. Meditate in temples thousands of years old. Participate in life-changing healings. Eliminate limiting fears and saboteurs. Experience the magnificence of your own being, as you walk in the ŇLand of the Sun GodsÓ.

Against backdrops ranging from the serenity of the Sacred Valley to the awe inspiring and breathtaking heights of Machu Picchu, delight in off-the-beaten track places where tourists donŐt go. Enjoy the company of the heart-centered native people. Luxuriate in the comfort of the best hotels. Grow spiritually!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to enhance your total well being through the wisdom of the ages. Join us on this extraordinary Transformational Spiritual Journey.

The Sacred Journey Nov.8th-17th
Machu Picchu ~ Cusco ~ Quenko ~ Tamboumachay ~ Saqsaywaman ~ Marakuy ~ Sacred Valley ~ Moray ~ Ollantaytambo ~ Pisaq ~ Puma Urco ~ and more!

The Ultimate Sacred Journey Nov. 8- 27th
All the above plus: Arequipe ~ Calco Canyon ~ Lake Titikaka ~ Tiawanaco ~ Copacabana ~ Aramu Muro ~ Ajayu Marka ~ Uros Floating Islands ~
plus many other new and exciting Places!!

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A Timely Intention

Here is a timely intention from our friend, Lee Ching

I intend that I am positive all day long
and that I see the bright side and the opportunities in everything around me

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Oh - and by the way . . .

We just received a last minute intention that embodies one of the most helpful attributes we have - our Sense of Humor.
Thanks for this one, Martha!

"I intend that my life, and the lives of all those I love, are filled with big fat smooches from my dog whose name is Faith!"

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Thank you for reading our September newsletter. If you would like to know more about The Intenders of the Highest Good you can visit our website at In the meantime, we leave you with another short but sweet vision of the Highest Light that we saw on a bumpersticker yesterday. It said:


Blessings to you,
--The Intenders of the Highest Good