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September 2020

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~One of the Best Visions Ever!
A Vision for Higher Vibrational Consciousness
~A Mindful Perspective on Pandemics:
Devices - An Intenders Bridge Message
~Thoughts have Weight Story:
How to Stop Repetitious Fearful Thoughts
~Our Bestseller! The Quartet of Intenders Handbooks
~A Word in Closing from our Intenders Guide, Lee Ching

One of the Best Visions Ever!
A Vision for Higher Vibrational Consciousness

The following letter and Vision came in this morning from David Diamond and it is one of the most inspiring Visions we have ever received. Thank you, Professor Diamond for sharing it with us! Our envisioning it will indeed help it progress more rapidly!

Dear Intender staff,
For the past 15 years, I have taught a course in Personal Metaphysical Journeys at the Temple University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. I have also been facilitating workshops in Law of Attraction, and assisting with workshops in Healing with Sound and Vibration.

Over that short period of time, I have seen dramatic and accelerating changes in the consciousness of the student population. When I started teaching, I had to rigorously stick to scientific method, and cite studies at universities. Over the years, the students wanted less and less math and science, and more experiential understanding. The wanted to expand their awareness and consciousness through meditation, and to witness the merging of science and spirituality.

There are countless high-level channelings now, from beings that are part of the very fabric of the Universe and guiding our Evolution.

And, of course, there are some people who are so deeply invested in power and fear, that they are not yet ready to understand or embrace such an extreme paradigm shift.

This vision is of something that is already happening, and our envisioning it will help it progress more rapidly.

Peace, Light & Love,
A Vision for Higher Vibrational Consciousness by David Diamond

This is something that is indeed happening, and our envisioning it will help it progress more rapidly.

I see, exponentially, more and more people awakening to their true nature – waking up to the part of them that is beyond physical existence, beyond beliefs of lack and limited resources, and beyond concepts of competitiveness and power struggle.

I see the frequency of each person’s consciousness rising, changing their filters of perception, and thus our collective reality.

I see increasing numbers of people realizing that their perception of what is happening around them is a function of the dominant emotional frequencies in which they are choosing to focus. The densest, most dis-empowering emotions, such as victim consciousness, fear, hatred, and anger, are atrophying, as humans align their conscious and their focus with higher vibrational frequencies such as Love, Joy, Knowledge, Freedom, Empowerment, Caring and Appreciation.

I see this awakening of our consciousness as part of an infinitely continuing upward spiral, as the 3 rd dimensional frequencies of physical reality and duality give way to 5 th dimensional frequencies where negative emotions and perceptions cannot even be imagined.

I see the transformation of humanity into something far beyond the current edges of our imagination.

I see a humanity that has been sleeping for millennia, now awakening.

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A Mindful Perspective on Pandemics:
Devices - An Intenders Bridge Message

Your thoughts to the contrary can override the good

Here in the west, we are subjected to advertising almost everywhere we go. The newspapers, magazines, billboards, and especially the TV are constantly bombarding us with products and services designed to cure all our ills. What's most interesting about this is that before we tuned into the media, we may not have had anything wrong with us. In fact, we could have been fit as a fiddle.

But fit as a fiddle doesn't sell products, so the corporate decision makers have taken it upon themselves to create problems and challenges for us in order to get us to buy their goods. Said another way, the companies behind all the advertising are actively and deliberately doing their best to make us sick so they can turn a profit.

There are worlds where activities that are purposely designed to harm the health and well being of others are illegal. Those who choose to engage in these nefarious endeavors are exiled. It matters not if the methods used are subliminal, suggestive, or outright deceptive, those who are caught must leave and cannot return again until they have learned to love.

Let's go back, at this point, to the original premise that is the foundation for all the Intenders teachings: our thoughts create our world. This means that our thoughts are creating our sicknesses, and our thoughts are the tools we use to get well again. The medics and media would have us believe otherwise by telling us that now they have a fantastic new device that will rid us of all our ills, but, as we are learning, it's the thought of wellness - the seeing ourself healthy and in our highest light - that overrides the need for any device. If, however, we believe that a device - which could be anything from a pill, to a scientific looking apparatus, to a common quartz crystal - is what we need to heal ourself, then that is the route we should take because that is what we believe will work. Conversely, if we do not believe that a particular device will work, then we are wasting our time to go any further with it.

When the smokescreen settles and all truths are revealed, we will see that it is the belief that heals us, not the device. You can have a closet full of devices, and if you do not believe 100% in any of them, they won't do you enough good to make any difference. The only device that is capable of curing all of our ills is not to be purchased at your local drug store or ordered through some obscure catalog. It is not to be found by handing your power and authority over to anyone else, no matter how persuasive or credentialed they may be.

Indeed, the human mind is the greatest device in existence, and all we have to do to make it work on our behalf is learn how to use it.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am holding my mind on my desired outcome
and trusting implicitly that it will come to me.

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Thoughts have Weight Story: How to Stop Repetitious Fearful Thoughts

Here is a story from Tony’s latest book, The Highest Good Handbook

BJ and I were clearing an area in the dense Kona rainforest and talking about fear as we worked. We had a crazy neighbor, Doug, who was as mean as a snake and was always threatening everybody who lived along our country road. I was especially upset about it, and no longer felt safe working on my own land for fear that Doug would come through the bushes at any time and beat me up.

“If you keep dwelling on people coming through the bushes and attacking you,” BJ said, “that’s what will happen sooner or later. Is that what you really want?”

“No!” I answered emphatically. “Obviously, I want to work around here in peace, without having to look over my shoulder every time the wind rattles through the palm fronds.”

“Then you’ll need to find a way to keep your peace, and that involves you paying much closer attention to the thoughts that are running through your head.”

“But BJ,” I said, “my thoughts are moving so fast. How will I ever notice them all?”

He put down his machete, stopped working, and faced me. “You have to start somewhere,” he said. “This may sound a little strange to you, but your thoughts have weight. Some thoughts are heavier, and they tend to take up more of your attention than others. These are the thoughts that are easiest to start with in your efforts to free yourself from your fears because they don’t fly by as fast. With practice, you’ll learn to catch the lighter, faster ones too, but, in the meantime, it’s best to start by taking notice of the heavier, more repetitive thoughts, the ones you keep constantly mulling over—even though you know they’re not for your Highest Good.”

“Thoughts have different weights?” I said. “This is all new to me.”

BJ went on, “While you’re working around the land, in your mind, you keep seeing crazy Doug come through the bushes at you. That thought keeps recurring. It has a lot of weight, doesn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

“Well, that gives you the perfect opportunity to learn how to stop that repetitious, fearful thought from continuing to haunt you. Here’s what you do: the next time you’re working, and you notice the thought of crazy Doug, or a wild boar, or anything else coming through the bushes at you, you immediately look around and bring your attention back to the present moment, back to the here and now. Just let that thought go, and put your attention back on the work at hand.”

“Then what do I do if the fear thought comes back again right away?”

“At first, it will,” he said. “But with vigilance and increased awareness, you’ll be able to notice those fearful thoughts much quicker than you did before. Then you can immediately turn your attention elsewhere. The longer you hold onto the repetitive fear thoughts, the longer they’ll hang on. On the other hand, the quicker you catch the fearful thoughts, and turn your attention onto something else—either on a more positive, uplifting thought, or on whatever is in front of you at the time—the quicker you’ll be free of your fears and their incumbent manifestations.”

From that day forward, I began watching my thoughts a lot closer, and whenever any thought that I wouldn’t want to be manifesting arose in my mind, I immediately switched my attention to something else. Sometimes I’d switch it to another thought that led to a more positive outcome, and sometimes I’d switch it to paying closer attention to what I was working on at the time. In either case, the thoughts of fear seemed to bother me less and less over time, and my life became happier because I was getting free from my fears.

What you are looking to create
is a positive, happy life for yourself—
and the more you intend
that your thoughts are positive and happy,
the more that is what you will create.

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A Word in Closing from our Intenders Guide, Lee Ching

The veils between the dimensions are getting thinner, and soon they will be lifted entirely. A doorway, or an opening, is presenting itself—and it is the end of the world as we know it because we, the beings on the Earth, are changing. We’re getting in touch with deep issues and clearing them very rapidly now, and this is creating a new perception of being One with everything and everyone. We’re changing into new people on a new Earth, and the only way to enter the new experience is to love everyone unconditionally. Unconditional love is the new paradigm, for when you love everyone unconditionally, there is no way you can harm anyone or anything. You can only be love.


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