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September 2019

Table of Contents

~The Intention Circle
~Our 2019 Intenders Attraction in Action Events
~Attraction in Action Free Poster
~A Sweet Endorsement
~Peace is Just a Thought Away

The Intention Circle

Deep inside each of us, we know that a better world awaits us when we stop separating ourselves from one another. The competition in the marketplace, political standards, self-serving media scenarios, and so forth have continually worked to keep us apart from our fellow man, but have not brought us happiness in return. The path to our ultimate empowerment calls for us to come together. We must begin to take advantage of the strength that comes from sharing our intentions.

That is what the Intenders Circle format does. You do not need to follow it to the letter. In fact, we suggest that you check it out and adapt it to what works best for you. Many groups, for instance, simply do not have the time for a potluck, and to them we say, "Do not let that stop you. Come together and combine your intentions anyway. You will be very glad you did."

When the Intenders first started getting together, we experimented with many different formats and agendas. It was easy to tell which ones worked because we would hear the expressions of gratitude right away. When something did not work, we did not hesitate to discard it immediately.

Our eight-step format is the one that most Intenders Circles use today. It is this unique format that has made the Intenders so successful. Thousands of people from all over the world have experienced profound results by following our friendly format. Whether you are a small circle of friends coming together for the first time, or you are an already established group of people who have been meeting regularly for years, we suggest that you test this format for yourselves.

I Intend that I am coming together with my fellow travelers
and that we are manifesting our dreams
for the Highest Good of All concerned.

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Our 2019 Intenders Attraction in Action Events

Intenders Cofounder, Tony Burroughs, will be presenting his 2019 Intenders Attraction in Action Workshop in September at several venues throughout the midwest. Tony will be telling inspiring Intenders Manifestation stories as well as new stories from his latest cutting edge book, The Highest Good Handbook, Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Everyone is welcome. We are just beginning to set up our autumn schedule so if you are located in the midwest and would like to have Intenders author, Tony Burroughs, come and share his latest Intenders stories with your circle of friends, email or call 858-200-5200.

Friday, Sept 6, 2019 ~ Akron, OH ~ The Courtyard Marriot, 100 Springside Dr. Akron, OH, Meeting Room A, Potluck at 6pm, Workshop from 7 to 9pm, $20 with scholarships available, Call Terrie 408-318-3586 (pls leave message) or email

Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 ~ Cincinnati, OH ~ Wholecare, 4434 Carver Woods Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45242, 10:30am to 12:30, $20 with scholarships available, Cold snacks and salads potluck, Call Liz at 513-312-2635 (leave message) or email

Friday, Sept 13, 2019, ~ Oklahoma City, OK ~ Radiant Living, 6051 N. Brookline Ave, Suite 126, Oklahoma City OK 73112, Snacks at 6pm, Workshop from 6:30 to 8:30pm, $20 with scholarships available, Call Dana at 405-306-2821 or email

Attraction in Action Free Poster

This year's workshop will center around the very first page in our latest book, The Highest Good Handbook. It is a verse entitled Attraction in Action and we have designed a beautiful poster of Attraction in Action that is available now for you to print out and put up on your wall as a reminder. You can download it here by clicking on the poster below or you can also download it at

Attraction in Action Poster

More about The Highest Good Handbook

A Sweet Endorsement

"I want to tell you how much the intention work has changed my life. I have a business that is just getting off the ground. Prior to reading your books, I had many moment of fear and terror over whether I would ever make money. Now, I write my gratitudes, set my intentions each day, hold my circles, and that fear has been replaced by calm and faith that everything is coming together. I also started to make much more money and have gotten some big contracts coming up. I have returned over and over again to your books because the energy of your words is fabulous and I get so inspired. Thanks for all that you do! I am grateful that you and your work have made such a big difference in my life. It all came at the perfect time."

Julie Murphy
Resilience, Mindfulness and Leadership Consultant & Coach
The Highest Good Quartet

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Peace is Just a Thought Away

One of the subjects that seems to monopolize much of our thoughts today is defense or personal safety. In the spirit of helping us to understand how we are sabotaging ourselves in this area by holding onto our old ways of thinking, we will now address this highly charged topic by going a little deeper into our defense mindset.

When you are thinking that someone else is going to attack you, you are actually helping to create that attack. A defensive position always invites an attack. It works like this: In your mind, you are picturing someone - perhaps it is an enemy foot soldier, a renegade terrorist, or a drugged-out street criminal - coming to get you. This is a thought, just like all other thoughts. With enough attention put on it, it will work its way toward the surface of your experience, just like the thought that you are going to go to Disneyland next month.

Fortunately, we can pick any thought we want. Thoughts that serve us, and those that do not are equally available to us. If a person envisions attackers, then he will be attacked. If a person envisions Disneyland, then he had better get his tickets ready. The question is: What kind of world do we want to live in? If we keep envisioning the same old us-versus-them separation scenarios as propagated by the media, then we will never live in peace. But, if we shed our victim mentality and begin to picture our world in its highest light, then things will change. Thousands of years of man killing his fellow man will come to an end and be replaced by the expression of a deep and abiding respect for one another. All it takes is a little deeper thinking.

We must stop letting those with their own personal agendas tell us who our enemies are. We must investigate a little further to discover who the true perpetrators of violence on this planet are. And we must reject their manipulative suggestions and begin to discern in favor of that which is for the Highest Good of all.

For those who want to live in true freedom (not the kind of freedom offered by most present-day patriotic movements), peace needs to take the highest precedence. We must, in fact, demand peace because freedom requires a peaceful environment in which to grow and thrive. As of yet, not enough of us have been able to garner the inner strength needed to create a lasting peace. There are a few, and more are seeing the light every day, but it takes a larger number of people to stop supporting a social reality that does not serve them before a shift into true collective sovereignty will occur.

The time will come, in our very near future,
when one more person envisions a peaceful world
and, with that seemingly tiny action, the scales are tipped.
The storm clouds disappear and a new world,
the world that we deserve to live in as our right of birth,
opens up before us.
It will be like a miracle but it is not really a miracle.
It is only us having changed our thoughts.

Excerpted from Our Free Intenders Bridge Messages.


Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 10 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 2.9 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook, or on The Intenders YouTube Channel.

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