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Autumn Equinox 2016

Table of Contents

~Vigilance and Discernment
~Intention leads to Ascension
~A Vision for the 99% and the 1%
~Our New Ascension Reclamations Poster - Free!

Vigilance and Discernment

Without exception, we do our best to write about what the average person most needs to know in order to navigate today's worldly waters smoothly and easily. As we put forward in The Ascenders Handbook: How do we retain our focus and emotional balance while everything around us gets more restrictive by the day? How do we live happily during these chaotic times and stay unaffected by all of the strange influences in our midst?

For openers, we have to believe that it's possible; that we CAN be happy regardless of whatever is going on around us - although it may take some practice. Then, we need to become even more vigilant when we're expressing ourselves. Are we saying things that serve us and our fellow travelers? Or are we picturing negative outcomes (war, hardship, sickness, catastrophe, poverty, etc.) in our minds, outcomes that, if we're truly honest with ourselves, we'd never want to experience for ourselves? Indeed, if this is what we're doing - steadily thinking thoughts that aren't going to give us the results we're intending for - then, per the first Law of Manifestation, namely, that our thoughts are creating our future, we are sabotaging ourselves and all those around us. We need to realize that our thoughts and our words are extremely accurate indicators, showing us where we're headed in life. If we're consistently holding our attention on unwanted thoughts, or saying self-sabotaging words, then we are actively, though unconsciously, setting the stage for unwanted experiences to come our way.

Every positive thought serves you.
Every negative thought sabotages you.

Along with increasing our vigilance of our own behavior, we will also need to pay much closer attention when we allow ourselves to "buy into" any values, beliefs or ideas that come to us from the TV, the news media or our friends and co-workers. We simply cannot continue to let ourselves agree with every idea that comes down the pike. In truth, many of these ideas, though coated with sugar and fancy sprinkles, are serving someone else's selfish interests, interests that work against our own personal happiness and well-being.

We cannot be seduced without our consent.

What does it take for us to begin to withhold our agreement from these self-serving people and their ideas? How do we free ourselves from the onslaught of all the political, economic, educational, media-driven and medically unhealthy ideas out there? Vigilance and discernment are the keys to our inner freedom. We can be happy and spiritually centered by watching our own thoughts and words closer, and by being much more discerning about who and what we agree with. Sometimes all we'll need to do is stop nodding our head, hold still and say nothing.

We gain our freedom by becoming observers.

*The Quotes in this article are from The Ascenders Handbook and The Law of Agreement.

Intention leads to Ascension

Here is an excerpt from our new handbook, The Ascenders Handbook.

The Intention Process leads to the Ascension Process. This happens automatically when we’ve manifested most of our desires. We begin to feel happier, lifted up, elevated. There’s a lightness in us now that wasn’t there before because much of the weighty baggage we’ve been carrying around with us most of our lives isn’t there anymore. It’s gone because we intended it. Now we don’t have as many attachments holding us to the Earth. We feel like we’re ready to lift off.

Non-attachment to things
leads to non-attachment to the body.

This is the position many Intenders are in after practicing the Intention Process all these years. We’re ready for our next step in life. But what is it? What do we do after we’ve manifested all the material things we ever wanted? The answer is: we become Ascenders. We begin to look at the bigger picture, and we immediately see so much more than we did before when we were focused on our earthly wants and needs....

A Vision for the 99% and the 1%

We see a world where economic equality is the norm; where everyone, no matter who they are or where they're from, has equal access to our worldly resources; where the richest 1% of the people have seen the wisdom in sharing their abundance because they've realized that this world works best for one and all when we share instead of hoard, when we give instead of get, when we help instead of hinder and harm.

We see a world where social unrest and war are gone because everyone is being given everything that they need. No longer do a handful of secretive, wealthy, power-hungry people manage the rest of humanity, leaving the 99% to suffer and survive at a low level. Now, everyone who walks this Earth sees, ever-so-clearly, that there is enough of everything so that all can be fed, housed, clothed and cared for. Now, prosperity is available to everyone as their right of birth. Now, every man and woman holds their head high. Now, our leaders are looking out for the highest good of everyone. Now, we all know, to the core of our Beings, that a Higher Power is at work behind the scenes of our lives and that as long as we trust in that Higher Power we will always have everything we need in this life.

In sum, we see a world where we have abandoned our old, harsh, economic ways for good. Indeed, there is not even the slightest hint of imbalance or inequality now that we trust and know that as we love and care for our fellow travelers, we are loved and cared for in return.

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