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The Intenders Newsletter

September 2011

Table of Contents

~Handling Higher Frequencies
~The Peace Festival Starts Today
~Overwhelming Response to The Highest Light House!
~Community: Now More Than Ever
~A Very Inspiring Intention Story from Brennan Morrow

Handling Higher Frequencies

What with all the celestial alignments, earth changes, tipping point times, outer media hype and inner doorways opening, we'd like to share a timely preview of an upcoming Vision from The Vision Alignment Project with you. It's entitled A Vision for Handling Higher Frequencies.

We see a world where people everywhere are now aware of the shift that is going on in our world as well as the shift that is going on inside of us; where we have taken notice of the quickening within and are adjusting to it moment by moment by moment; and where we have realized that the key to handling these higher frequencies is to let go of our worldly concerns and let God take care of everything.
As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
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Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.

The Peace Festival Starts Today

The Peace Festival with Carl Calleman, Masaru Emoto, and the Maya and Hopi Elders Starts Today and you can take part! Here's the letter we just received about it. It has a beautiful Vision it in!

Dear Tony and Pam,
As the press release announced the Lothlorien Peace Festival is due to start tomorrow and we need your help to unite the world for the meditation. Below is the message that Carl sent out inviting everyone to join in, and I know that your intenders for the Vision Alignment Project world wide could bring immense energy to the ceremony.

"Dear Friends,
On September 23 at 16.00 European central time (7 am PST and 10 am EST) I will be leading a Cosmic Convergence meditation at the peace festival in Foulain, France in the presence of Hopi and Maya elders. You may listen to it live at 1-760-569-7676 Access code 949731#.
Carl Johan"

As was stated in the press release, we are looking for a critical mass of 144,000 people to focus on peace for 3 Days, but more especially we need a large a number as possible to connect for the actual meditation. This is where we need your help Tony to invite your Intenders to participate. I was inspired by your exquisite "Vision Alignments" to write the vision/affirmation below for your intenders to align with the Peace Festival and in particular Dr. Calleman's meditation. My goal was for as many people to connect with the unique energies and opportunity offered with the Cosmic Convergence coinciding with so many people worldwide focused on peace. Everyone involved with the festival believes that this could be the turning point for Humanity; my heart just leapt as I wrote that.

"As I visualize the flag that represents a united world crowned with the universal symbol for peace, I see myself united with all the world peacemakers coming together in France for peace. As I align my heart and mind with those in France and the multiple groups throughout the world, I see a wave of peace and joy emanating and spreading out across the world. As this wave touches each country, I see lights of hope begin to shine brighter and brighter in the darkness until the entire world is filled with the light of hope. I feel the consciousness shift as we bring in a new dawn of higher being where we live in harmony with the earth and there is an abundance of joy as we all work together for the benefit of all."

We plan on placing this on a page we created under the Peace Flag and lyrics from John Lennon's Imagine, both of which are a central theme of the Peace Festival. As you can see at the top of the page is a beautiful photo of Stonehenge at sunrise, which has an interesting serendipity to it. After we had decided to use the photo for our Community of Hope Wall and the focus for the meditation pages, we learned that members of the Council of World Elders had secured permission to perform a sacred ceremony in the inner circle of Stonehenge on 9-11 for peace and love.

Two members of the council, Dr. Masuru Emoto and an Elder are presenters at the festival. Everything just seems to be in perfect alignment for the cosmic energies, which is why we know that it was no accident that I was led to you just before we put out the press release, where you generously supported our work and we became co-partners in world peace. I know how busy you are as we all are, so if there is anything else you need me to do I would be more than happy. Once again I want to thank both you and Pam for stepping forward and identifying yourselves as world peacemakers.
Love Always,

Overwhelming Response to The Highest Light House!

In our last newsletter we introduced our newest project, The Highest Light House, and the response has been overwhelming! It's clear that people from all over the world have been waiting for a new paradigm site where they can find books, CDs, DVDs and spiritual tools - as well as access to a wide variety of coaches and messengers who have the Highest Good for everyone involved as their guideline.

Indeed, our HLH Counseling Network has grown since our last issue and we have added several new and talented helpers as well as an entirely new category, Health Counseling. If you are in a bind or wanting help in your life from someone who really cares about you, Visit our Counseling Network at Highest Light House and choose the coach or messenger who is right for you.

Community: Now More Than Ever

We all need each other. Everything gets better for us when we work together. Indeed, our whole way of life is on the brink of great change and the best thing we can do to make things better for ourselves is come together with our fellow travelers.

The Intenders of the Highest Good have been refining the principles of the Law of Attraction in groups for almost 2 decades now and have created a package so that you can take advantage of what we've learned and easily start your own community.

Create Your Own Community Package

Containing 10 copies of The Intenders Handbook and 1 Intention Process DVD, our Create Your Own Community Package is the perfect tool for those of you who can see the wisdom in getting together and becoming more empowered with your friends and neighbors.

For More Information or To Order Your Community Kit today, Click Here.

A Very Inspiring Intention Story from Brennan Morrow

Some people are real example setters and one of them is my buddy, Brennan Morrow, who is an Intender from Bend, Oregon. Here's a wonderful letter I received from him last week. He says:

Hey Tony,
Thought I would tell you about living my dream. We have headed to Tenakee Springs, Alaska. It's been amazing getting here and now being here. We put out the intention this spring to live here for awhile. Then later in the summer the town asked us to come here. They paid for our flights, and even got us free housing. We are now in a magnificent house, right over the inlet. Every morning we watch whales blowing and fishing. The kids are in an awesome school where our first week here they had a survival based course on building shelters, wild edibles, water survival stuff if a boat was to sink - a whole week of spending their days on a field trip right outside our doors in an amazing land.

I have recorded some great whale songs and have been playing with them musically. There seems to be a amazing manifest zone here.

The little things: We intended a boat, so I went to the harbor where there were some old skiffs that seemed abandoned. I wrote down their numbers and contacted the DMV. The first boat I did this for I knew the owner, asked him about it, and he gave it too us. Then I needed to R&R the motor, clean it up - and low and behold, a man drives up who has spark plugs - one of the things i was going to need. Over and over these little synchronicities are showing themselves. In one of your writings you talk about BJ, and how he would always manifest the right tool, etc. I totally feel in that zone, as we're always out here - and buying stuff is not much of an option - so intending it is a necessary way of finding things we need. Thank you for the amazing work you have done, and continue to do. Blessings,
Brennan Morrow


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