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The Intenders Newsletter #2


September 2010

Table of Contents

~Peace and Honesty
~Tony's Latest Intention Story
~Tony Burroughs / Hilton Johnson Free Teleclass Tonight
~Our September Audiobooks Special
~Coming Soon: Critical Mass Maker II - The Big Tipper
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
~A Vision for Shelter - A Preview from The Vision Alignment Project

Peace and Honesty

At this time when the feelings of 9/11 have recently been revisited, we would like to share an idea or two. The Course in Miracles makes an interesting statement. It says: "It is only the wish to deceive that makes for war." As we in the Intenders of the Highest Good continue to explore all the different ways our thoughts affect us, we find, in this statement, yet another reason to turn to peace. For it tells us that we cannot be at war - any war - without there having been a deception. Once we completely understand this, shouldn't that be reason enough for us to refrain from lending our support to anyone - be it nation or neighbor - who is aggressive? For who among us would choose to take part in any movement that is based on dishonesty?

The Law of Agreement, our most recent book, says it another way. In it we look at the challenge of how to deal with those who deliberately create conflicts. We find that opposing anyone - whether they are an individual or an institution - always disrupts our peace. Taken a step further, we discovered that we are becoming like those we oppose. This, in itself, should cause us to think twice before we take sides on any issue.

How, then, do we handle an inclination to oppose another? We keep our composure and do nothing (unless we are personally attacked and need to defend ourself in the moment.) The way to peace is not by opposing others; it's by withdrawing our agreement and our support from those who advocate aggression. We must stop feeding the hand that's biting us - no matter who they are - because at the core of their plan is a deception.

Indeed, we need do nothing - not even nod our head when someone speaks of conflict. We become an observer - not having given up, but having risen up and out of our tendency to oppose, as if we are sitting atop a mountain, looking down with compassion on all that goes on in the valley below. It is in this way that we keep our composure, that we keep our peace, inside of us, so it can work its way outward from there.

Tony's Latest Intention Story

Last week I was traveling with my good friend, Denise O'Neal, and her friend, Rhonda, near the Oregon / Washington border, and Rhonda asked me what my intentions were. Well, my first reply came in a similar fashion to the way that many of the Native Americans pray. I said "I intend, first and foremost, that we humans are at peace with each other; that we truly love one another; that we live in harmony, abundance, grace, and joy, etc., and that Mother Earth and all her beautiful creatures are as happy and healthy as possible."

Then she asked me what I wanted for myself, and I said that after so many years of intention-making, most of my personal intentions had been manifested - but that there was one thing that I would really like at this point in my life. A home. You see, I've been living in my van(s) for over a year now, and doing my writing, including the Visions for the Vision Alignment Project, all from inside the van. I would love to have a home - and that is my intention!

She then asked me what it would look like, and I replied that it would be on the water (I'm a real watery person), very quiet, rustic, the rent would be easily affordable, have wood walls, and a wood stove.

I no more than finished the last sentence when she said she knew of a place, on the Columbia River, that I might like, The owner was a friend of hers. Would I like her to call him. I answered, "YES!" and, long story short, that evening we went to see the place. It was perfect. A floating house, surrounded by decks, just like I described, right down to the knotty pine walls and wood stove. Oh, and did I mention the Eagle Sanctuary, the otters and the minks?

I move in on Oct. 1

Tony Burroughs / Hilton Johnson Free Teleclass Tonight

Tony Burroughs will be presenting a free teleclass via the Hilton Johnson network tonight Sept. 21st at 9 pm ET (New York Time). The title for this event is The Intention Process and the New Paradigm. Tony will be telling some new stories and some old ones (for the newcomers), and has a surprise or two in store for you as well.

You can Register for this teleclass now by going to http://www.globalteleclass.com and clicking on the Free Teleclass Navigation Button, and then hit the Personal Development tab, and scroll down to Tony Burroughs.

The call in number for this teleclass is 212-990-8011 and the student pin is 65006# You can also listen to this event on the internet on the Hilton Johnson website. We invite you to attend, and we intend that this is an empowering, uplifting, and fun experience for you.

TeleClass Title: The Intention Process and the New Paradigm
Date: 09/21/2010
Time: 9:00 PM ET (ET) New York Time
TeleClass Leader: Tony Burroughs
Tuition: No Cost

September Special - All three Intenders Audio books for $29

We have found that our readers frequently like to listen to our Handbooks while they are driving or puttering around the house. With this in mind, for this month only, we are offering all 3 of our Audiobooks for only $29.00. That includes a total of 7 CDs: The Intenders Handbook (2 CDs), The Highest Light Teachings (2 CDs), and Law of Agreement (3 CDs), all read by the author, Tony Burroughs.

3 Audiobook Special

Coming Soon: Critical Mass Maker II - The Big Tipper
We had such wonderful responses from you about our Critical Mass Maker YouTube video last month that we are going back into the barn again to film the sequel - The Big Tipper. It is our intention, first and foremost, that we bring a measure of fun to our audience, and, at the same time, impart information that is helpful and relevant to what's going on in our world today.

So stay tuned. Everyone who is signed up for the Vision Alignment Project or The Intenders Bridge Messages will receive access to The Big Tipper. We'll let you know more in next month's newsletter.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

The Second Intent of The Code reminds us to follow our inner compass. This means that our intuition is always there to guide us though any situation if we will only consult it. With the shift that is upon us, many are discovering that they can receive guidance directly in the form of words and visions that come from within. Others prefer to make use of spiritual tools that allow them to access the information and guidance they need.

Our Highest Light Pendulums are one of the best tools out there for coming in touch with your intuition. Handcrafted and blessed by Vicki Harding, these beautiful pendulums are works of art as well as tools for helping you access your inner compass.

Highest Light Pendulums

Vicki also includes a sheet that will show how to use your new pendulum. To order your Highest Light Pendulum now, Click Here to Go to our Shopping Cart.

Hi Vicki,
My handbooks and pendulum came today, just wanted to say "Thank you! It's beautiful - exactly the colours I would have chosen myself!" Amazingly, I had been shopping with friends and was looking for a gift for my sis-in-law. I kept going back to a really pretty necklace with blue and mauve 'stones' and ended up buying it saying "I'm not sure if this is for her or me!" When I got home, my beautiful pendulum with blue stones and a purple endstone was waiting for me!

Love and Light

A Vision for Shelter - A Preview from The Vision Alignment Project
The following is a preview from an upcoming Vision in the VAP. It is short, but oh-so heartfelt. A huge thanks to Fred King Andrews for sending it to us.

My vision is that all human residents of the earth are living in sheltered habitat, in homes; and out of the elements and secured from foreclosure.
As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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