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The Intenders Newsletter


September 2010

Table of Contents

~Thinking Only Positive Thoughts
~The Vision Alignment Project has added FAQs
~Tony Burroughs / Hilton Johnson Free Teleclass
~September Special - All three Intenders Audiobooks for $29
~Send us Your Visions
~Tina Stober, Lee Ching and Friends are Available

Thinking Only Positive Thoughts

Many of us, myself included, have spent a considerable portion of our lives thinking negative thoughts. You know the kind of thoughts I'm talking about. The "I can't have it", I don't deserve it", I can't afford it", I hate those guys", Times are hard", There's not enough" and those kinds of thoughts.

Not only that, if what we're talking about is any indication, we also spend a great deal of time thinking thoughts about the oppositions in our lives: "These guys are better than those guys", My team is better than yours", Those people are a bunch of losers", etc, etc.

And last but not least, many of us, myself included, have tended to fixate on outcomes that couldn't possibly give us the results we're looking for: "It's all falling apart", "They're out to get us", and all sorts of gloom and doom scenarios. Like I said, I've done my share of this kind of thinking myself - HOWEVER, those days are over - because a couple of points hit home at last:

Number 1.) I can think anything I want, There's nobody standing over me with a whip telling me what to think. And there aren't any laws governing my thinking processes - at least none that I know of. So I'm going to keep my attention on the thoughts that serve me and everybody else. Only on the thoughts that serve me and everybody else.

Number 2.) I've realized, down deep, since I started writing the Visions for the VAP, that whatever I'm putting my attention on is what I'm becoming. BJ told me that almost half a lifetime ago, and I finally got it. The night before last I woke up at 2 am and had an insight: What I'm becoming is important to me. From this point on, I'm only going to put my attention on that which I truly want to become. No more political or poverty stuff. No more "I can'ts." No more worst-case scenarios. Only positive stuff. Only abundant thoughts. Only thoughts of peace. Only kind and unconditionally loving thoughts.

There . . . that feels better already. Thinking only positive thoughts is just about the best thing I can be doing for myself.

The Vision Alignment Project has added FAQs

Since we started the Vision Alignment Project we have had many emails asking us questions about how it all works. Consequently, we have recently added a Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQs) to our site and you can access it at http://www.visionalignmentproject.com It is our intention that these FAQs answer all of your questions, however if you have one that is not covered in the new FAQS, please let us know and we will include it.

Here is an example of one of our new VAP FAQs:

Q. How did the Vision Alignment Project get started?
A. The VAP was the next step in a natural progression that began decades ago for us when we started exploring the fields of intention and conscious manifestation. Our quest to get more proficient at manifesting ultimately led us to the Vision Alignment Project. Indeed, subtly embedded within it are all the keys for helping anyone to become a better manifestor. Said another way, the VAP is a subtle, but sure path to your power, for it embodies the whole of the Intenders teachings, including the Intention Process, the Intenders Circle, The Code, The Bridge, The Highest Light Teachings, and the Law of Agreement.

Tony Burroughs / Hilton Johnson Free Teleclass

Intenders Cofounder Tony Burroughs will be on the Hilton Johnson Network for a free teleclass on Sept 21st at 9pm ET. You can Register for this teleclass by going to http://www.globalteleclass.com and clicking on the Free Teleclass Navigation Button, and then hit the Personal Development tab, and scroll down to Tony Burroughs.

TeleClass Title: The Intention Process and the New Paradigm
Date: 09/21/2010
Time: 9:00 PM ET (ET) New York Time
TeleClass Leader: Tony Burroughs
Tuition: No Cost

Please join us. This will be a fun and empowering get together.

September Special - All three Intenders Audiobooks for $29

We have found that our readers frequently like to listen to our Handbooks while they are driving or puttering around the house. With this in mind, for this month only, we are offering all 3 of our Audiobooks for only $29.00. That includes a total of 7 CDs: The Intenders Handbook (2 CDs), The Highest Light Teachings (2 CDs), and Law of Agreement (3 CDs), all read by the author, Tony Burroughs.

3 Audiobook Special

Send us Your Visions
Some of you are obviously wanting to take an even greater part in our Vision Alignment Project. With this in mind, you can help us and make a difference in your world at the same time by sending us your Visions of your ideal world. They can be on any subject or aspect of the way we live today and how you see it resolved for the Highest Good of all. Please remember that these Visions work in the same way as when you manifest anything else; that they are most effective when you picture the end result from the beginning, and hold that Vision until it appears in your physical world.

You can send your Visions to Pam at [office@intenders.com], and we thank you in advance for your sharing. You ARE making a difference!

Speaking of making a difference, here is a wonderful comment that came in last week from Marianne Friend, who is a rebirther/healer/massage practitioner from the UK. Marianne says:Dear Tony Burroughs and Richard Blackstone.
Thank you for the Vision Alignment Project.

"You are Beautiful, Innocent Beings of Light" and, I think, you are making one of the most powerful differences - if not the most powerful difference - on the planet, today.
Thank you from the Universe!
Angel Light

Tina Stober, Lee Ching and Friends are Available

Our resident Intenders coach and counselor, Tina Stober is currently available for sessions with Lee Ching and friends. Tina has helped so many people over the years and we highly recommend her to you. You can reach Tina in Hawaii by calling 808-982-6774, and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there than on the US mainland. Tina typically receives between $50 and $200 for an hour of her time.



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