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September 2008

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~Road Show Synchronicities
~On the Road with The Code CDs
~Aaron, Steve and the Orbs
~Terry's Story
~Tina's Readings
~Gadi's Request
~The Bridge Options
~A Final Thought From Lee Ching

Road Show Synchronicities

Our movie is changing people. People have called and said that they felt blissful during the movie, that they were more than entertained, that they saw things in an entirely new way; and that they've even had transcendent experiences, especially near the end of the second disc. Since the filming of On the Road with The Code a few unusual things have happened to us too, and I'd like to tell you about a couple of them.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tony Burroughs and I am the scribe for The Intenders of the Highest Good. I write the stories, daily Bridge messages, web sites, books, and every so often I get a wild hare idea to get a few people together in a circle and so I call up my friends and say something like, "Hey, I think we're supposed to gather and something very special will come of it all." Most of the time my friends agree and that is what happens. Something very special comes.

It's important to note that when we decide to get together, we don't usually have a detailed idea about how things are going to proceed. But that doesn't stop us. We just go ahead and trust that everything we need for the manifestation of our get-together will come to us in or before the time we need it. And that's what happened when we brought The Intenders Road Show together and filmed On the Road with The Code.

The story of finding a place for all of us is synchronistic in itself. I was sitting in the same spot I am now, on a bench beside the beautiful creek in Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon, wondering how I was going to create accommodations for nine of the Intenders who were coming to be in the movie. I'd already paid all the money I had to Steve for the production costs and was in limbo, waiting for the day when the cameras started rolling. In 3 days, Tina was coming from San Diego; Aaron and Ashley from Phoenix; Vicki from Colorado, Richard from Eugene, Victoria from Mt. Shasta; Jane from Astoria, Ty and Allison from Portland. Everyone else either lived in Ashland or, like Steve and Heather, had made their own arrangements for lodging. Otherwise, I had to find a place for at least 9 people to stay when they got here.

Sitting beside the creek, I made an intention that we all had a comfortable place to stay together for the entire project. Then I got up and strolled to the local coffee shop and as I sipped my morning chai, I picked up the newspaper on the table beside me and thumbed through to the want ads. The first place I noticed was under House Rentals in Medford, 10 miles from where we would be filming. Calling the number, a man named James answered and the place sounded perfect - 4 bedrooms with 2 beds each along with plenty of living room couch space, and it even came with his pet Winston Churchill bulldog, Harley. The only problem was that I didn't have the $550 he was asking for. I told him I'd get back to him later.

Next, I carried my chai back into the park and as I got to the second bridge my cell phone rang. It was Vicki. She was all excited because we'd just received a tithe in the mail from an amazingly generous lady named Denise who had been in a recent workshop in Northwestern Oregon. It was $600!

After dancing around happily and yahooooing a few times, I called James and set an appointment to see the house. By that afternoon, the place was ours, and 3 days later my friends started showing up.

Right away we knew something magical was afoot. Aaron and Ashley (brother and sister) played music for us; Victoria gave readings in the living room; and Tina channelled Lee Ching every night. Every moment we spent together was like a gift. We walked Ashland Creek as a group and drove down to Mt. Shasta for a day. Although nobody said it at first, we didn't want to be apart. It was as if we were remembering that we had agreed to come together, that we had known each other before . . .

One of the things that Lee Ching told us two nights before the filming was not to rehearse too much. He said just to let go and let Spirit take care of everything. He said to play and enjoy being with each other, and even though that made some of us a little apprehensive because it was a big project to do without preparation, that is exactly what we did. We played.

The movie was filmed in one day, in one take. There were no cue cards and no scripts. It all came from the heart. Steve Brown, our producer who had just finished projects for Neale Donald Walsch, couldn't believe it. Even as we watch it now, it is hard for us to believe. Our Spirits were lit up throughout the whole day, just as Lee Ching said they would be. The icing on the cake was when Cornflower did his Circle Scat Jam at the end. None of the rest of us, except for me, had ever met Cornflower and Nikita before. I remember having told the group who stayed in the Medford house to trust that Cornflower would play a big part in our production. Boy, was that an understatement. Everyone who watches On the Road with The Code asks about Cornflower and how he does it. (If you haven't seen him, you have a treat in store for you at the end of Disc 2.)

Looking back, everything we needed to make the film and more came to us. We answered the call and our soul group reunited. Now we can't wait to get back together and take The traveling Intenders Road Show all over the world! And that, just now, gives me another wild hare idea. I can see all of us back together - although like before, I don't have the financial resources at present, nor do I have the slightest idea how it will all come about. All I know is that I am in the flow and that I need to keep watching and be alert for the the signs and opportunities that present themselves. If you have any ideas or resources that could help us get our Road Show out to the world or if you know of a well connected promoter, please let me know at

In the meantime, I think I'll get up and walk the trail a bit further up the creek. It's such a beautiful park - I walked it all morning, and, you know, it's funny how as I was walking I kept hearing the same song pop up in my head over and over again. It was Paul McCartney from one of the more interesting Beatles albums. He was singing, "The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away . . ."

You can order the 2 DVD Set of On the Road with The Code or the book that inspired it all, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World at

DVD Cover    The Code Cover

~The Audio 3 CD Version is Now Available

Over the years, we've had many people write us recommending that we offer Audio Versions of our Intenders books and videos so that they could listen to this wonderful information while driving their car, working around the house, or jogging through the park. Now, we are proud to announce that we have finally begun to do so, beginning with our new movie! After finishing the film editing, we went right back into the studio and created an Audio 3 CD Set of On the Road with The Code.

CD Cover

You can order your copy of the Audio Version now for $18.95 by going to Our Shopping Cart and scrolling down the page until you see the On the Road with The Code 3 CD Set section.

More information about the new 3 Hour Audio Version of The Intenders Road Show is on Our 3 CD Audio Set Page. This set is of the highest quality and we are very proud it.

Aaron, Steve and the Orbs

Another amazing thing that's been happening to us since we made the movie is the Orbs. Recently, since our filming, several people have mentioned as well as shown me pictures of orbs. Orbs are balls of light and are now so plentiful in our world that they are known to be a bona fide phenomenon experienced by many. They are also said to be beings who have high intelligence and are passing information to us. One thing is for certain: they are harbingers of the shift we are all going through as we become lighter.

On the day after the filming, Tina, Aaron, Ashley, Vicki, and I were walking around Ashland town and we ran into Heather and Steve Cohn who were just saying goodbye to each other as Steve was leaving for the east coast to tour for his new book, Life Text. Like us they were bubbling over from our fun together the previous day, but they also had something else going on. They pulled out Heather's camera and showed us a picture she'd taken of Steve up on the mountain right after the filming. None of us had an explanation for it, but it sure made us feel good. Here it is:

Steve Cohn and the orb

Aaron and I spent last week bringing the Road Show back to Seattle and Astoria, and I must tell you that traveling with Aaron is great fun as well as inspiring. It's interesting that after we work together we always get people calling or emailing a few days later saying that they keep hearing lines from his songs in their minds. "We are the Ones" is the song most people rave about. They say that it's like a beautiful mantra playing itself over and over and that it lifts them up!

Two weeks ago, Aaron went back to Denver and someone in the audience shot this picture of him. Pretty cool, huh?

Aaron Orb

You can find out more about Aaron Jacobson and order his CD by going to: Likewise, you can reach Steve Cohn and order his book by going to

From Terry Andrews - A Great "Soon you will have a thought and it will be there" Story

Terry Andrews is the Nautilus Award winning author of Dance of the Jaguar. an amazing story of personal empowerment and living by intention to create a life of awareness and authenticity. Her books that are helping to raise our consciousness and change the world we live in. You can reach Terry through her web site at Here is a true story that led to one of the manifestation scenes described in Dance of the Jaguar.

One Valentine's Day several years ago I wanted some chocolate. In the mom-and-pop grocery store near my house I surveyed the choices. My heart's desire was truffles--I hadn't had any for some time. I could picture truffles so clearly that I could almost taste them, and I murmured to myself, I want some Fannie May truffles. At that moment, the door of the store swung open and in walked a UPS driver. He handed me a box. Surprised, I asked how he knew I was there. "I saw your car," he replied matter-of-factly. "It saves me a trip to your house." I was fairly new in town, but it turned out that the driver had delivered a package or two to my house and recognized my car. As he left, I looked at the box: it was from Fannie May, and inside were the very chocolate truffles I had pictured, sent by a friend. In that instant, I became a believer in the power of intention.

Eight months later, I told this story to a writing class I was teaching at the local college. "How'd you do it?" they asked, and I described the process, which had become part of my everyday practice. "Do it again," they challenged, and I agreed. Still, I experienced surprise--and then appreciation--when I got home and there was a second box of Fannie Mays--delivered via UPS--on my doorstep. And yes, at the next class, we ate them.

Readings with Tina

One of our main purposes for making On the Road with The Code was to share Tina and Lee Ching with you. You see, we were blessed to have her loving guidance from the beginning of The Intenders, however we always felt that the world would be a better place if more of you found out about her and her gifts. Accordingly, since the DVD came out, people from all over the world are now seeing Tina channel Lee Ching, and as a result she is getting more private readings than ever before. If you would like to talk with Lee Ching personally (before she goes out on the road with us), you can call Tina at 808-982-6774 or email her at (she typically receives a donation of from $50 to $200, and please keep in mind that it is several hours earlier where she lives in Hawaii.)

Gadi's Request

For the last several years there has been a very powerful Intenders Circle in Aruba, and one of the people who was instrumental in getting it going is Gardenia (Gadi) Kock. More recently Gadi moved to the LA area to continue her schooling there, and we received this letter from her last week and thought that someone out there would be able to help her find a place to live in LA.

Dear Loved Ones, As you may know, last year I had a "student visa" and was not allowed to work, which I agreed upon to and honored my word for the whole year. I did some volunteer work for EduCare and Heartfelt Organisation, which I greatly enjoyed. Because of not being able to work and have a monthly income, my savings are finishing up very fast, while I can ask for a "work visa" till October 2008. I understood that this might take 3 months to be arranged. I choose to go with acceptance of what is and create from there. So, I intend that I am house sitting a mansion/house in CA for free for a period of three months starting the 1st of October. This or something better for the highest good of all concerned. If you know someone who is looking for a joyful, clean and relaxed house sitter, please let me know, give me a call and I would appreciate if you could recommend me.

In loving light, Gardenia

Reside deeply in the loving!
Gardenia I. Kock
1706 South Carmelina Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

The Bridge Options

We have begun to receive emails from a few of our 25000 Bridge Subscribers that The Bridge has ended and they would like for it to continue. In case you didn't know it, The Bridge lasts for 241 messages which go on for a period of 438 days and since we started offering it around 460 days ago, there are several of you who signed up at the very beginning whose Bridge Messages have stopped coming.

To easily sign up to receive The Bridge Messages again you can go to:

This will allow you to keep receiving The Bridge, beginning at Step 1. Those of you who are still receiving your Bridge Messages will receive a new sign up box when you reach the 242nd Step. Of course, you can simply opt out by doing nothing at this point, however, we are told that these are timeless messages and that their repetition always brings new insights and ideas to us every time we read them.

A Final Thought From Lee Ching

You become those you are invoking. These times call upon you to surrender, to let go of not only your attachments to things, but also your attachments to your current identity, to who you think you are. Holding on to your smaller self, with its name, its earthly identifications and its encumbrances will keep your higher self at bay. However, as you let go of your current identity and begin to call on the higher beings - the masters, angels, wise elders, and great archetypes - you will experience your true glory and the grandeur of the best life has to offer. For, as these great beings come inside you, they become you. And, gradually, you begin to realize that you have become them.


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