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September 2007

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~The Intenders Bridge - The Inside Scoop.
~Red Wheel/Weiser to Publish The Code!
~Our New Tools for Intenderpreneurs Page.
~The Bridge Notebook is Back!
~A Great Synchronicity Intention Story
~A Fun Quiz
~Intenders Workshops Being Scheduled Now!
~A Beautiful Vision for Peace

The Intenders Bridge - The Inside Scoop

The Intenders Bridge is designed as a bridge you can use as you make your way from the mainstream reality to a life where the miraculous is everyday fare. It has been put into place at a time when it will have its greatest impact, at a time when it is needed most. Not only are these daily messages meant to lift you up, they also act as a vehicle for introducing you to The Code, an ancient code of conduct that is only used when civilizations are standing at a crossroads in their evolution. With its Ten Intentions for Better World, The Code transcends our current social, scientific, religious, and political standards by offering us a simple, self-empowering system for reaching our highest fulfillment.

Now that The Secret has paved the way for the Law of Attraction to enter the mainstream consciousness, The Intenders Bridge is being presented as the practical application for the principles set out in The Secret. Understanding that you can't build a lasting structure unless it is placed on a strong foundation, The Intenders have been gathering in Circles the world over for more than a dozen years now, learning, refining, and practicing The Intention Process (The Laws of Manifestation/Attraction). We are an organic, grassroots movement created by everyday people to empower the individual and build community at the same time. Unlike many institutions nowadays, our purpose is not to make money (Intenders Circles, as well as The Bridge, are always free), but simply to help our fellow man and woman.

As of today, over 15000 people have signed up for The Bridge with more signing up everyday. We started out offering 44 messages, and now, due to a huge response on the part of our subscribers, there are 120 messages written and more are on the drawing board.

According to Bridge author, Tony Burroughs, "We intend that we are helping to reach a critical mass by getting this unique information out into the mainstream so that it spreads like wildfire and grows exponentially from there. You can know that you are contributing to creating a better world by sending this newsletter or your favorite Bridge messages along to others. Remember: it doesn't take all of us to create the change we seek. It just takes enough. It could be that one more person in a long chain is lifted up in the slightest measure, and with that seemingly tiny action, the whole of humanity is lifted up just enough to take us over the threshold and into an expansive new world filled with wonder and joy."

To sign up for The Intenders Bridge, you can go to

Red Wheel/Weiser to Publish The Code!

We Are Celebrating! For the last twelve years all of our books and materials have been self-published and self-distributed, and we have grown, not by taking the conventional path, but through a groundswell, word of mouth process that came directly from the people. It's been a lot of fun, and now we are ready to take our next step. The nice people at Red Wheel, Weiser, and Conari Books have recently contracted with us to publish Book 1 of The Code: Intentions in Action and we are currently working closely with them to insure that The Code will be on the shelves at all the Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Hastings, Amazon, as well as your local bookstores in the early spring of 2008.

To our credit, Red Wheel/Weiser is one of the oldest, most respected publishing houses in the country with offices in San Francisco and Newburyport, Massachusetts. The Code will be published under the Weiser imprint and the title will be changed to The Code: Ten Intentions for a Better World. We still have a few dozen copies left from our own stock, and after they are gone you will have to wait to purchase this wonderful book in the spring from your favorite bookstore. The Intenders are no longer associated with Passalong Concepts.

To order The Code books, you can go to:

To Download a free copy of The Code poster, go to:

We have a new Tools for Intenderpreneurs page.

Those of you who browse our web sites regularly may have noticed that we have a new Tools page at Over the years we have had many Intenderpreneurs request that we design a Newcomer Sheet for handing out at their circles, or a Template for a Flyer/Poster for announcing new Intenders Circles, and so forth. So now, thanks to the inspiration of Houston Intenderpreneur, Debra Ward, we have added several tools that will help make it easier for you to create your own Intenders Circle. You can download most of them for free.

The New Intenderpreneur Tools page is at

The Bridge Notebook is Back!

Speaking of free tools . . . After you have completed the first 44 Bridge Messages you automatically gain access to The Bridge Notebook where you can keep an online journal of your daily intentions and gratitudes. As many of you know, the Notebook has been encumbered by some erratic error messages and we have been working for weeks to get it fixed. Finally, last week, with the help of our new Canadian friend, Paige McIvor, the errors have been eliminated and we are happy to report that the Notebook is working perfectly. Thank you, Paige!

A Great Synchronicity Intention Story

This inspiring story came to us from Houston Intender Zahra Lightway as a forward from her friend, Cynthia Singleton. Thank you Zahra and Cynthia! Cynthia wrote:

"Earlier this spring I created a book where I put images of things/experiences that I wanted to manifest--more like a vision book instead of a vision board so that I can use it where ever I happen to find myself. One of the images that I used is the picture below of the mother and son canoeing because I am intending to have more time in nature with children.

Well, in June, my mother-in-law decided out of the blue to plan a trip to Texas and wound up booking a place called Lost Pines near Bastrop, and we're going there in a couple of weeks. I had never heard of it (or so I thought) and put it on the back burner. This morning, I happened to be flipping through a different magazine and noticed the the image from my vision book. I looked at the full page ad more closely and noticed that the image was really a part of an ad for a resort called LOST PINES--the same one that my mother-in-law just booked!!"

Truly the Intention Process is AMAZING!!! The universe gives you what you ask for no matter what. Hope this inspires your day! Happy manifesting!

Much love,

A Fun Quiz (A Preview of a forthcoming Bridge Message)

The Bridge ~ A Fun Quiz

You are here to gather light and spread it to the world

Here is a fun pop quiz for you. The answers are at the bottom. Get 20 of them right, and you're a Mighty Manifestor!

1. Choose the one that will work best.
     A.) I intend that I get a new car.
     B.) I want a new car.
     C.) I intend that I have a new car now.
     D.) All of the above

2. Which will give you the best outcome?
     A.) Don't forget to take out the trash.
     B.) Remember to take out the trash.
     C.) I'll get the trash later.
     D.) All of the above

3. Which response will give you the best results?
     A.) I intend that there is no more war.
     B.) I intend to live in peace.
     C.) I intend that I am living in peace now.
     D.) All of the above

4. Which will give you the best outcome?
     A.) I feel like I'm getting sick.
     B.) I intend that my cold doesn't last too long.
     C.) I intend that I am in excellent health.
     D.) The doctor says I have a cold but it will go away soon.

5. The best arrangement for creating Oneness in a group of people is:
     A.) A circle
     B.) An audience sitting in rows
     C.) At desks and tables
     D.) Standing anywhere

6. Which response will give you the best results?
     A.) I intend that I have conquered my fears.
     B.) I intend that I am not afraid anymore.
     C.) I'm becoming more brave everyday.
     D,) I intend that I am courageous now.

7. Which will give you the best outcome?
     A.) I'm trying
     B.) I'm hoping
     C.) I'm wishing
     D.) I'm intending

8. What is the best dedication to end your intentions?
     A.) For the Highest Good
     B.) For the Higher Good
     C.) For the Greater Good
     D.) Any of the above

9.) Which of the following are not illusions?
     A.) I am 38 years old
     B.) I am a nurse (or a teacher, or an architect)
     C.) I am from Denver
     D.) I am

10. Choose the one that will work best.
     A.) I intend to be happy.
     B.) I intend that I am not unhappy anymore.
     C.) I intend that I am happy.
     D.) I wish I was happy.

11. Things may not have manifested for you because:
     A.) The timing isn't right yet.
     B.) You're still harboring some doubts.
     C.) It's not in your Highest Good
     D.) All of the above

12. Your desires . . .
     A.) get in the way of things.
     B.) are in you for you to fulfill.
     C.) should be repressed and denied.
     D.) are not good for you.

13. You're most apt to build a stronger immune system by:
     A.) Taking more vitamins
     B.) Eliminating negative emotions
     C.) Cutting alcohol out of your diet
     D.) Keeping up on your inoculations

14. You can learn things by:
     A.) Meditating
     B.) Imitating someone who already knows
     C.) Experience
     D.) All of the above

15. Diseases get worse by:
     A.) Believing the doctor's diagnosis
     B.) Agreeing that they exist
     C.) Telling people that you have one
     D.) All of the above

16. If you are feeling down, you can feel better by:
     A.) Singing
     B.) Praying or meditating
     C.) Toning
     D.) All of the above

17. The most fulfilling line of work is one where:
     A.) You enjoy it.
     B.) It helps others.
     C.) You enjoy it and it helps others.
     D.) You make a lot of money.

18. Which is most important?
     A.) Your money
     B.) Your joy
     C.) Your relationships
     D.) Your possessions

19. You are:
     A.) Your body
     B.) Your name, address, and social security number
     C.) The Essence that is inside your body
     D.) Your historical data

20. When you oppose others:
     A.) You become just like them.
     B.) You set an example for your friends.
     C.) You are showing them what is right.
     D.) You are making things better for everyone.

21. Which one will help your Aunt the most?
     A.) Aunt Sally doesn't look too well.
     B.) The doctor told Aunt Sally she has fumbuckaruckus.
     C.) Aunt Sally has been having a lot of problems lately.
     D.) I'm seeing Aunt Sally in her highest light.

22. People working together can:
     A.) Move the path of storms
     B.) Heal hospitals full of people
     C.) Live in freedom and peace
     D.) All of the above

My Intention for today is:

I intend that I am answering at least 20 questions correctly and that I am a Mighty Manifestor.


Workshops Being Scheduled Now!

Having just returned from seven months on the road presenting workshops all across the country, we are taking a short break to enjoy the change of seasons in the Rockies. We are beginning to schedule workshops for this winter so if you would like us to talk with your group, please call our toll free number at 888-422-2420. The cost for our workshops is $25 per person and we require a minimum guarantee of at least 20 people in attendance. We intentionally keep our prices affordable because we feel that this caliber of information is not meant to be exclusive, but is to be made available to everyone.

To visit the original Intenders Website, you can go to

A Beautiful Vision for Peace

Every once in a while we receive a letter so powerful that we save it to share with you. This one came in last month from Mercedes Hansen, a Bridge Subscriber from just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you, Mercedes. May your dream come true!

"Thank you for your beautiful Bridge Messages. Since you write about our thoughts, I would like to share a dream I had many years ago with you. When I tell my friends about my vision, they tell me it is a utopia. Well, I still believe in it, although I'm not sure how to put it into practice. Here it is:

I saw the soldiers at the border fighting as they still do today, and then suddenly a strong and high voice, louder then a megaphone, ordered all the soldiers who were present on both side of the borderline to lay their weapons down, to approach the borderline, and to be in front of each other without saying a word or sound. They were told to face each other in two long lines, and to look each other in the eyes for five minutes. Then, after five minutes, they were asked to step to the left, across from the next person, and continue looking into the eyes of the next person, and so on through the long line. Nobody was allowed to say anything. After they were all done, they were told that they could go back to what they were doing.

That's when the miracle happened!!!!! None of them where able to bring themselves to touch their weapons again! Some of them were crying, after being touched by something so extraordinary.

And that was the end of the war, and all the hate and fear that went along with it, because, that day, they saw in each other's eyes that everyone else was like themselves!

I woke up crying, having being touched so deeply. Could it be that all we really need to do to bring an end to our suffering and experience love as our birthright is look into another's eyes long enough to see ourselves in them?

I intend that you enjoy my vision and that one day soon it will come true."

With blessings and love,

So Be It and So It Is !

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