Here is our Intenders Newsletter for October. In this issue we continue with our Highest Light Mini Course and we bring you up-to-date on many areas where the Intenders are expanding. As our world makes is shifts and changes, many people are realizing that it is wise to gather together in small clusters of community. The Intenders has been put into place at this time as a haven for those who choose to let go of their ideas of separateness, empower themselves consciously and line up with the Highest Good at the same time. We welcome all who come to our doors.

Table of Contents

--- The Highest Light Visions Page
--- The First Teen Intenders Circle
--- La Guia Para Intencionistas
--- YaBa DaBa Doo - We're going to Peru!
--- The Global Intenders Circle is blossoming.
--- The Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffers

The Highest Light Visions Page

Image As our Mini Course in the Highest Light continues we begin to explore how we can best serve ourselves and our world. Knowing that our thoughts and our words are immensely powerful, we seek to use them more wisely. We seek to use them so that they work for us in a positive way. With this in mind, the Intenders have created a venue where you can actually contribute to the betterment of your world. Our new Highest Light Visions Page provides you with a place where you can tell us how our world looks to you when you see it in its Highest Light.

Here you can share your vision. What do you see when you picture our world in its Highest Light? How do your friends and family look? What are they doing? What does your neighborhood look like? What are your institutions creating? What is your ideal for all of humanity? How do you see yourself?

By sharing your visions you are having a definite effect on your world. You are adding to the critical mass which we all seek. For our part, the Intenders will publish these visions (respecting your privacy if you choose) and make them available to the world. It is time to call forth the new and it is our intention that this Highest Light Visions Page will take us ever closer to living the life that we all deserve to live.

Picture the end result from the beginning

Go to The Highest Light Visions Page and Share Your Vision!

The First Teen Intenders Circle

Teen Intenders!!!

Here is something very special whose time has come. Our good friend Lisa Panzica from Lake Forest, California has created the first Teen Intenders Circle. She writes:

ŇConsidering that the children are our future, we have come up with a whole new concept, an Intenders Circle for teens. Teen Intenders, began as an intention. I intended this group to manifest weeks ago, and today, we have a group of wonderful teens dedicated to the Intention Process.
This group is a place where you can be supported, feel safe, and welcome. We are here to honor each other, and all of humanity. Intentions are made for the planet and for all people, then our own personal intentions are added to these. When we work together, we create magic, and, together, we can change the world, one intention at a time.Ó

Those interested in joining or wanting more information, please contact Lisa Panzica at 949-709-7467 or email to []. Thank you.

Email Lisa for more info about the Teen Intenders

La Guia Para Intencionistas

Since the Intenders have been home-based in San Diego, we have had many requests for us to print The Intenders Handbook in Spanish. Last summer we intended to start the translation and were fortunate to find a great translator right in our own midst. Marylene Carrasquillo from the Laguna Hills, CA Intenders Circle did a superb job of translating and now we are putting the finishing touches on the formatting before we go to print. La Guia Para Intencionistas will be out soon!

Email us to Reserve copies of La Guia Para Intencionistas

YaBa DaBa Doo - We're going to Peru!

Image We leave for Peru in less than a month and now is the time to make your reservations. We'd love to have you join us!

Against backdrops ranging from the serenity of the Sacred Valley to the awe inspiring and breathtaking heights of Machu Picchu, delight in off-the-beaten track places where tourists donŐt go. Enjoy the company of the heart-centered native people. Luxuriate in the comfort of the best hotels. Grow spiritually!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to enhance your total well being through the wisdom of the ages. Come with us as we embark on this extraordinary Transformational Spiritual Journey.

The Sacred Journey Nov.8th-17th
Machu Picchu ~ Cusco ~ Quenko ~ Tamboumachay ~ Saqsaywaman ~ Marakuy ~ Sacred Valley ~ Moray ~ Ollantaytambo ~ Pisaq ~ Puma Urco ~ and more!

The Ultimate Sacred Journey Nov. 8- 27th
All the above plus: Arequipe ~ Calco Canyon ~ Lake Titikaka ~ Tiawanaco ~ Copacabana ~ Aramu Muro ~ Ajayu Marka ~ Uros Floating Islands ~
plus many other new and exciting Places!!

Click here to request more info about our trip to Peru

The Global Intenders Circle is blossoming.

Since its inception a few months ago our Global Intenders Circle has grown steadily and those who are taking part are reporting (with gratitude) that their intentions are manifesting beautifully. There truly is strength in numbers!

Once again, we want to thank Spirit St. John for all of the wonderful work she is doing as moderator for the Global Intenders Circle. Spirit is a genuine inspiration for all of us. If you donŐt have an Intenders Circle in your area and would like to jump into your power right away, check out the GIC. YouŐll be glad that you did!

Email us to join the Global Intenders Circle

The Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Every year we have lots of people telling us that The Intenders Handbooks are perfect for stocking stuffers. So, this year, as the holidays draw near, we have decided to offer you a very special Stocking Stuffer Sale.

We will send you 20 Handbooks - 10 Intenders Handbooks and 10 Highest Light Teachings - for $50 (+ S&H).

Now you can make your Christmas shopping easier and provide your friends and family with some great gifts. Just click on the blue link below and email us your name and phone number. We'll call you back and process your order right away.

I would like to order the Intenders Stocking Stuffer Special

Thank you for reading our October newsletter. If you would like to know more about The Intenders of the Highest Good you can visit our website at In the meantime, we leave you with a few parting words.

If you feel big changes going on in your life,
you are being awakened

If you are holding a vision of a better world,
you are being lifted up

If you seek, above all, the Highest Good,
You are being connected to God

Blessings to you,
--The Intenders of the Highest Good