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October 2020

Table of Contents

~Reinforcing Diseases - Mrs. McGurdle's Story
An Excerpt from The Best Outcome You Can Imagine
~Helping the Intenders
~Patrick's Story on Contagion
~Angelyn Ray's Vision for Sovereignty
~The Intenders Quartet of Handbooks Special

Reinforcing Diseases - Mrs. McGurdle's Story
An Excerpt from The Best Outcome You Can Imagine

How often have you walked in on a conversation with someone talking about someone else's health challenges. Nowadays it happens all too often. Here is a timely discussion between two people overheard at a local coffee shop recently. It is our intention that this dialogue helps you.

"Did you hear about Mrs. McGurdle? She's really sick!"


"Yeah, I heard it's really bad. She's got the disease and is not expected to live."


"Jeez! You're not very compassionate!"

"Does it seem like that to you?"

"Yes, it's like you don't care about Mrs. McGurdle. She was our junior high school teacher here for 25 years."

"Oh, but I do care about Mrs. McGurdle, perhaps more than you do."

"How is that?" (a bit miffed).

"Instead of going along with everyone else who's seeing Mrs. McGurdle's failing health - and therefore reinforcing her illness - I'm holding a vision of health and wellness for her while she and most everyone else is seeing her sick. I'm picturing her well and happy, living her life to the fullest."

"Reinforcing her illness? How does that work?"

"Well, first off, our thoughts are things. They really exist, even though we don't see them with our physical eyes. And since everything is connected (like our physicists are finally acknowledging), these thoughts are transmitted to whoever we're thinking about. In other words, when we think about someone, on a level that's invisible to us but exists nonetheless, they pick up on our thought and it can affect them, if they're receptive to it."


"Yes, really! So if we're thinking good thoughts about someone, thoughts that promote their wellness and happiness, that's what they'll receive"

(Interrupting) "and if we're thinking bad thoughts about them being sick or hurt, then that's what they'll receive."

"Exactly! It's all happening in our minds which, like I said, is truly only one mind. So we're all connected in our minds, and when we think of someone else, regardless of what our thought is about, they'll receive it on a very subtle level and, if it resonates with what they believe, it will begin to manifest via the Law of Attraction in their daily life."

"But that's something we're all doing all the time. We're all talking about other people's sicknesses. It's almost like a national past time."

"Unfortunately, that's true. However, that's not the point. If we're really going to help our friends and loved ones, we need to stop reinforcing their ills."

"So, how do we do that?"

"In three ways: first, we stop talking about them being sick (or hurt, or having fallen on hard times.) Second, we stop thinking about them being sick and we disregard that topic altogether."

"OK! I can do that! What's the third way?"

"Third, we never, ever agree with anyone anywhere at anytime about someone else's challenges or diseases. When they bring up that topic up in casual conversation, it's our job to remain neutral, just like I did when you accused me of not being compassionate about Mrs. McGurdle."

"I understand, but that's not going to be easy. People want us to agree with them."

"That's true. But after awhile we'll learn to withhold our agreement, and not even nod our head which signifies an agreement and would further their challenges and sicknesses. And, you're right: people will think you're weird when you don't agree with them about someone else's sickness. But you'll know in your heart and mind that you're not feeding or reinforcing their disease."


"Then, after a short time, when you get good at these measures, you'll take the next step."

"And what's that?"

"In your mind, regardless of outer appearances and what other people are telling you, you'll begin to see the other person - in this instance, Mrs. McGurdle - completely and totally well, happy and healthy and living their life to the fullest. When you can do that, you'll know that you're truly helping your fellow travelers instead of harming them."

"Wow! I think I've got it! Thanks, because I really want to be helping others."

"And now you will. Oh, and you'll be helping one other person, as well. You'll help yourself. You see, when you're able to envision others happy, healthy and well, your own health and happiness blossoms. Whatever you do to others, even in your thoughts, comes back to you."

"Oh my! I hadn't looked at it that way. That's wonderful!"

"Yes, it is! So now you understand that if you're thinking about them being sick, you've introduced sickness into their life, and, just by acknowledging the existence of that sickness, you've introduced the possibility of it into your life, too. But when you're holding a vision in your mind of another person in their perfect state of health and happiness, your own health and happiness is enhanced tenfold!"

"I like that!"

"So, now what do you see for Mrs. McGurdle?"

"I see the best of her life still ahead of her, and she's happy and healthy every step of the way!"

~Coming in 2021: The Best Outcome You Can Imagine by Tony Burroughs

Whatever you're talking about-
whether it's positive or negative,
something you want
or something you don't want-
is on its way to you.

Helping the Intenders

My name is Tony Burroughs and for the past 25 years I have served as scribe and support for the Intenders of the Highest Good. I have written the books, created and managed the websites - including our free programs - and I've borne 100% of the expenses of running a worldwide intentional community that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands. It has been a true labor of love and I would not trade my calling with the Intenders for anything.

Currently, I am 74 years old, living simply, alone and in good health. I am presently writing my 14th Intenders book, The Best Outcome You Can Imagine, and it is about half finished. With all new stories, it's the culmination of my life's work and I have been working diligently on it since early April. Now, however, with all the recent changes on the internet, I am being asked to come up with more and more money in order to update and keep our sites more secure. (At present, there may still be unsecure notices on our sites, and we ask you to disregard these because nothing has changed on our sites except that the internet itself is changing.) Therefore, unless I receive some help, this will take large chunks of my time, time I would prefer to put toward finishing the new book. In short, I'm intending for some financial help in order to continue work this winter on the book, update the websites and keep the Intenders information going out to the world.

I thank you in advance for your consideration. Please know that any donation you make toward this endeavor will not only come back to you, but will also impact the lives of countless others during this time when they most need it.
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Patrick's Story on Contagion

Contagion is a belief we learned when we were very young. But now it's time for those of us who are beginning to understand that our thoughts (not germs unless we believe in them) create our future experiences to unlearn some of our old limited thinking habits and to stand firm for positive outcomes only. That's the way we transmute unwanted experiences and keep them from coming into our lives. We remain healthy by staying on the positive side of every belief that comes into our mind.

I don't normally have houseguests, but last month I had a close friend come by. Patrick and I always enjoy visiting with each other, although on this visit he arrived with a persistent cough. Now I must tell you that in the old days, before I learned to mentally combat these issues, I would have been very concerned about "catching" his cough. On this occasion, however, I was able to welcome Patrick and invite him to stay as long as he liked because I've learned to handle these kinds of things differently.

Nowadays, I see these situations as opportunities to sharpen my vigilance at watching my thoughts. In fact, Patrick gave me many such opportunities over the course of his visit because every time he went through a heavy coughing spell, I'd always notice a nagging voice in my head, saying, "You could catch his cough. You know how contagious it is. Don't get too close to him," and on and on. And every time I would hear these ugly voices, without exception, I emphatically applied the opposite thought, telling myself, "Get behind me! I'm fine! I'm in perfect health!" and so forth. And you know what? It worked beautifully. Pat and I had a great week together, and as I write this, I'm in excellent health because I didn't listen to the nagging, sickness-producing voices that came into my mind. Instead, I stood up, steadfast and strong, for my own natural wellness.

From The Highest Good Handbook by Tony Burroughs

These times of great change
call upon all who are holding the light
to set an example for others
by being happy, healthy and uplifted,
regardless of the circumstances around them.

Angelyn Ray's Vision for Sovereignty

I envision a world where the individual sovereignty of every creature has been realized, a sovereignty that is completely free from hubris, for sovereignty in everyone else, and within ourselves, is recognized and honored by all.

To augment this sovereignty without hubris, accountability without blame is also the norm. We each take full accountability for ourselves and for our impact upon others, and we expect the same from others, without blame toward them, or toward ourselves.

Sovereignty without hubris, and accountability without blame. That is my vision.
Angelyn Ray

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