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October 2016

Table of Contents

~Do We Need Money to Manifest?
~From Intention to Ascension
~Tools for Dealing with Adversity
~Come Together - Create your Own Empowered Community

Do We Need Money to Manifest?

When we talk about Intention-making and Manifesting we are coming from experience. Over 22 years ago, we in the original Intenders Circle set out to learn as much as we could about putting the Laws of Manifestation to their highest and best use. We intended to become very proficient at getting the things we wanted and needed. We had to put these laws into action in our own lives before we could pass them along to you.

Right away we ran into the issue of whether we needed to have money in order to have the things we'd intended for ourselves come into manifestation. Would the Intention Process (which we were developing) work if we used money or if we didn't use money?

My first teacher, BJ, told me long ago in the Kona rainforest that I could either base the definition of "my security" on how much money I had, or by how proficient I was at manifesting. He said that when I became a Master Manifester, I wouldn't need money in order to manifest my dreams and desires - but that it would take great trust on my part. I would have to learn to believe and trust at a much deeper level than ever before.

As you can imagine, I took BJ's words as a challenge and spent the next 35 years integrating this information into my life. In the process, I've never taken a permanent job in my adult life; instead, I've steadily applied the Laws of Manifestation in order to fulfill my desires. And you know what? So far, so good. If it was for my highest good, everything I've wanted or needed has come to me whether I had money at the time or not.

The reason we bring this subject up is because we see a trend occurring in our world. The money supply is being deliberately tightened, while more people are buying into the "times are getting harder" mindset being subtly spread by the media. In times like these, we always remind ourselves that we each choose our own realities and we need not buy into the prevailing mainstream mindset. We can think what we want and create what we want, regardless of the mainstream. Thus, from our perspective, it looks like many people will be helped by learning, as we did, that we don't always need money to get what we want. We do, however, need our Intentions and our trust.

There may be times when you don't have as much money as before,
but you always have your intentions.
You can still manifest whatever you need by intending it.

From Intention to Ascension

We started out with the ideas in The Intenders Handbook and, over 20 years later, it led us to the fundamental precepts in The Ascenders Handbook. We didn't know at the time that making and manifesting clear intentions would eventually have us exploring our highest potentials. We just wanted to get the things we wanted to come to us more readily. Here's how The Ascenders Handbook describes our journey:

"The Intention Process leads to the Ascension Process. This happens automatically when we've manifested most of our desires. We begin to feel happier, lifted up, elevated. There's a lightness in us now that wasn't there before because much of the weighty baggage we've been carrying around with us most of our lives isn't there anymore. It's gone because we intended it. Now we don't have as many attachments holding us to the Earth. We feel like we're ready to lift off.

This is the position many Intenders are in after practicing the Intention Process all these years. We're ready for our next step in life. But what is it? What do we do after we've manifested all the material things we ever wanted? The answer is: we become Ascenders. We begin to look at the bigger picture, and we immediately see so much more than we did before when we were focused on our earthly wants and needs. We're released now to explore our Essence in depth...."

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Tools for Dealing with Adversity

Can we still be happy when adversity strikes? Can we keep our emotional balance while everything around us is changing faster than we expected? As with most folks, it depends on how much change is going on. If we're being confronted with small changes, like having to reschedule a meeting or dealing with a flat tire, we can know that we're being tested. If, however, we've had a huge change in our life or our world, it's may be time to regroup. Perhaps we've lost a loved one, or lost our job, or worse. In cases like these, we're being forged in the fire of experience to see if we can still retain our focus and inner stability when big challenges come our way?

Here are some tools we can use while adversity is present in our lives:

1. Be open to receive from unexpected sources as well as expected sources.
2. Take each day at a time. Part of our testing is designed to bring us into the Here and Now.
3.Find something to do in the meantime that interests us. The I Ching reminds us that it furthers one to have something to do. In other words, find a creative project (something we've always wanted to do) and do it.
4. Take quiet time to ourself each day. While the storm swirls around us, we can touch base with the peace that's inside of us. The storm cannot be inside us unless we allow it to be there.
5. Remember that we always have the ability to express our happiness, regardless of whatever is going on in the world around us.
6. Help someone else. There is no shortage of people who are more challenged than we are. When we help them, support them and love them, we will be helped, supported and loved in return. That's the law.
7. Make Intentions. Remember that even though we may not have the things we've been accustomed to having, we still have our Intentions and we can still manifest the things we think we need.

Come Together - Create your Own Empowered Community

There is one thing we hear over and over after someone starts an Intenders Circle: "People are manifesting things like crazy! Jobs, relationships, money, places to live, the list goes on . . ." And there is a good reason for this. It's because of "the more, the merrier" factor. Simply put, the more people you can get to align with your intentions, the easier and quicker they will manifest for you. Clearly, these are the times for people to come together to empower and uplift one another. That's why the Intenders is growing so fast; and that's why we created our Intenders Start Your Own Community Package.

Our Create You Own Community Package contains 10 copies of the bestselling Intenders Handbook and 1 copy of The Intention Process DVD which takes you right into one of our Intention Circles and shows you exactly how it is done. What an easy way to come together in a community that is supportive and lined up with the Highest Good for everyone at the same time. To Order your Start Your Own Community Package, Click Here.

If we are going to create the peace, the freedom
and the joy that we seek and that we deserve,
people must begin to come together.


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