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October 2013

Table of Contents

~Our Job: Envisioning the Ideal Outcome
~Robert Glenn's Amazing Healing Story
~Daphne's Namaste Vision
~Tony at Spokane Body Soul Planet Expo
~Intenders Cybercircles
~Intenders of the Highest Good now on Pinterest

Our Job: Envisioning the Ideal Outcome

People call me an idealist, as if it's a bad thing. They say I'm unrealistic and that the Visions I have for this world can never happen. Nowadays I don't oppose these folks; instead I continue to hold my attention on the best possible outcome for whatever situation we're in. I understand that there will always be those who want to sink back into their old ways where it's comfortable. But we who have seen a Vision of the world in it's highest light cannot do this anymore. We cannot go back.

So, from my viewpoint (and from the 9th Intent of The Code) somebody has to hold the Vision for what's possible. As an example, peace is possible and I know it. I can see it and feel it and remember it to the core of my being. Just because it hasn't manifested itself in our world yet doesn't mean it's not going to manifest. To the more "realistic" naysayers who argue on behalf of their limited beliefs and values, I say that someone has to hold the light for ideal outcomes because if nobody does this then we're all wallowing around in the muck and mire of our limitations. Indeed, if no one holds the blueprint for the world in its highest light, then we're all stuck in our old ways with no chance for escape, much less creating Oneness and experiencing Ascension. Someone has to hold the thought of the most ideal outcome - and that's us: The Intenders, the Visionaries, the Pioneers of the New Paradigm. You and me.

That's our job: to hold the Vision of what's possible for others while they're temporarily unable to hold it for themselves. It's an awesome job, and one that will test us over and over until we are so strong in our knowing that nothing can touch us. That's when our world and everyone in it will rise up and out of our old ways and see, ever-so-clearly that everything is possible.

That's when we will awaken.
The more people who awaken
The more the masses will awaken

Tony Burroughs

Robert Glenn's Amazing Healing Story

The following story came in yesterday from Portland, Oregon Intender, Robert Glenn. It is as great an example of healing by envisioning oneself already well as any story we ever heard.

In the fall of 2008 I started noticing blood when I went to the bathroom. It would come for awhile, then go away, and come back again. When it came back and stayed I thought I'd better get this checked out. A well respected medical intuitive told me I had an irritated colon, and not to worry, I'd be living to the age of 85 or 90. When the recommended remedies failed, off I went for another opinion.

Shortly after my birthday in February 2009 I underwent a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal C, which meant that the C had spread through the wall of the rectum and into several lymph nodes. A frightening diagnosis to say the least. My oncologist, however, said my chances for survival were very good if I followed his protocol; six weeks of chemo and radiation, surgical removal of a big chunk of my rectum, possibly waking up with an ostomy, then six more months of chemo. He also said something that later he denied saying - that the first round of chemo and radiation kills the cancer in roughly 15% of patients. I immediately thought, "I can improve those odds. I'll do that first round of chemo and radiation, but there will be no surgery". Honestly, the thought of living out my years with an ostomy was scarier than dying of C. I had a motivator and, as if I needed another one, I had my first grandchild on the way.

I had spent ten years as a chiropractor in Oregon, and four years selling nutritional specialty products to chiropractors, naturopaths, MDs, DOs, and pharmacies. In those years I'd gained some knowledge. Time to put it to use. I knew my immune system needed help. Juicing, alkaline water, megavitamins, IP-6, and encapsulated medicinal mushrooms were just the start. Shortly after my diagnosis I joined a group called The Intenders of the Highest Good, a worldwide organization of small groups of "Intenders", people gathering together on a weekly basis to manifest a better world. I am so grateful that there was an Intenders group in Portland. There I received more valuable tools for my recovery, Journeywork being the most profound.. Intending that I was in perfect health and being supported in that intention was paramount, but the knowing that I was being guided, guarded and protected gave a new awareness to my everyday actions.

One day I was working in a small town in the far outskirts of Portland and took a lunch break at a Thai restaurant. As I was leaving I was drawn to a small table with local business cards on it. There was a card of a healer/nutritional therapist that intrigued me, and a few hours later I was in her office. She spent the next two hours testing me, using applied kinesiology to determine which among the hundreds of supplements she had would be best for me. I came away with N-acetyl-cysteine and Paw Paw, two very powerful anti-C products.

Meanwhile I'd been referred to a surgeon by my oncologist. I'm sure he's a great surgeon, but we just didn't hit it off. He was not impressed with all that I was doing to avoid surgery, and he insisted that I would have it, and that I would likely wake up with an ostomy. My first appointment with him was my last. I needn't worry. My proactive daughter who lives in Oklahoma went online and found me an open minded surgeon. Some folks feel helpless because of the distances between, and some figure out a way to help. Talk about being guarded and protected. The new surgeon knew that the first round of chemo and radiation sometimes kills the C, and that in some countries like Brazil, doctors will back off and observe from then on.

When it came time for the surgery we scheduled a biopsy instead. The morning of the biopsy was a beautiful sunny June 30th. Just before going in I sat in the sun and said a quiet prayer to old sol for any remaining healing that needed to be done, and then reminded myself of the outcome I'd visualized. The nurses were great, my surgeon was upbeat, and soon I was off to la la land. When I awoke, there she was, saying "Robert, you don't need surgery, I couldn't even find even find a scar where the tumor had been." Pretty much what I had visualized. The next day, July 1st, she called me with lab results, the tumor markers were down to normal, I was for all intents and purposes C free!

On July 22 my sixteen year old dog Maggie passed away in my arms after having a stroke. Someone later observed that she hung around just long enough to see me okay and then felt free to leave. On July 28, our precious Madelyn Elizabeth entered the world. Talk about a roller coaster month. Next July it will be five years. That's it, my C story. I am eternally grateful for all the prayers and support I received from my family and friends, all the doctors and nurses who treated me, the healer/nutritionist, a special friend that gave financial support, and to my friends at the Intenders Circle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For more information about The Intenders views on healing here are 3 resources for you: The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs, our YouTube, Manifesting and the Law of Agreement and, of course, we have added Robert's story into our newest Ebook, WINS: Manifestation Stories from The Intenders.

   WINS: Manifestation Stories from The Intenders by Tony Burroughs
It's at the moment that we lend our agreement
to a belief that we bring it to life

"I just wanted you to know that your Ebook, WINS is awesome.
I am loving it. Way to go !"
Gayle Abrams, Palatka, FL

Daphne's Namaste Vision

Daphne Denny has been a longtime Intender living in alignment with the Highest Good. We are honored here to share a Vision she recently sent in to The Vision Alignment Project. Thank you, Daphne!

Dear Tony and All My Brother and Sister Intenders,
All the Visions I read and align with in the Vision Alignment Project touch on this vision in one way or another, but this is how I have come to say it...

I see a Vision of this Earth that I like to call the "Namaste World". In this world we each are aware of our own Divine Self, and we Love, and Honor that Self. We are also aware of the Divine Self in every Being around us, and we Acknowledge, and Love, and Honor that Divinity in Them. "Namaste" to Ourselves, and to the Earth, and to All Beings on the Earth and in the Universe.

This "Namaste World" is a beautiful place of Peace, Cooperation, Sharing, Support, and Love. It is a world where the Vast Abundance of the Universe is available to All Beings, and we all help each other to access that Abundance. It is a place where we are each honored for the perspective we bring to the Whole.

So Be It, and So It Is!
Namaste to All of You, and Love,
Daphne Denny

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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Tony Burroughs Oct 5th Afternoon Keynote in Spokane

Intenders Co-founder Tony Burroughs will be at The Body Soul Planet Expo at the Spokane, WA Convention Center at 12:30 pm on October 5th presenting the afternoon Keynote Speech. The topic of Tony's talk will be "The Secrets that The Secret Didn't Tell You" and those in attendance will receive a free copy of The Intenders Handbook or The Highest Light Teachings. In his keynote Tony will show you how to hold an Intenders Circle of your own, as well as how to become more proficient at manifesting your intentions. Tony's talks are always lively and insightful, so we invite you to join us in Spokane at The Body Soul Planet Expo!

Spokane Body Soul Planet Expo

If you would like to attend the Spokane Body Soul Planet Expo you can Click Here for More Information.

Intenders Cybercircles Are Creating Stay-at-Home Communities!

Our Intenders Cybercircles are bringing people together in one of the most empowering, uplifting venues available today. Not only are Intenders manifesting better than ever before, but a feeling of family and community is developing in our Cybercircles. Now people who were isolated or unable to take part in community endeavors have a wonderful new venue that they can take advantage of - An Intenders Cybercircle!

Thanks to our new Intenders Cybercircle Coordinator, Lori Kalfayan, the whole process of joining or hosting your own Intenders Cybercircle has been streamlined and made easier than ever before. You can see our new Sign Up Form at and like all of our Intenders Circles, these Cybercircles are free. All you need is Google + and a reliable microphone and speakers (earbuds and headphones work best.)

Oh, and BTW, we do not record or video our Intenders Cybercircles. The videos we made when we began our Cybercircles were done by Intenders who volunteered to be filmed for the purpose of creating YouTubes which make it easier for others to join or start their own Intenders Cybercircle.

I intend that the life I desire is unfolding before me.
Marina Phillips, Genesis Cybercircle Host

To join or host an Intenders Cybercircle, Click Here.

Intenders of the Highest Good now on Pinterest

Social Media sites are the "go to" place to share information in this modern day of the internet and the Intenders of the Highest Good is growing along with the trends. The Intenders now have a social presence on Pinterest where we are sharing pictures, books and quotes that we intend will be shared around Pinterest and other social media sites to get our message out to as many people as possible. Please check out our newest addition to our online presence, follow our boards and pin our pics. Intenders are also on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, if you are not already in these circles please feel free to add yourself and follow us and, of course, share with your friends, thank you.

Tony Burroughs is available for speaking to your group or business now. His stories are always empowering, insightful and fun. See The Intenders YouTube Channel. Call 858-200-5200.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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The Intenders are anchoring the Highest Good to Earth. Accordingly, we're seeing everyone around us (including ourselves) in their Highest Light - even while some are unable to see it in themselves. We also create community by sharing our format for gathering in Intenders Circles. For, just as The Code is a template for creating self-empowerment and personal freedom, the Intenders Circle holds the blueprint for coming together in conscious community during the current transition and beyond.

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