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The Intenders Newsletter #2

October 2011

Table of Contents

~An Intention to See the Divine
~Ragananda Doll Kits and CDs
~I AM what I think I AM
~The Vision Alignment Project Passed the 500,000 Mark!
~Our 11/11/11 High Lights Special Offer
~A High Light for you

An Intention to See the Divine

This first article was sent in to us by one of our illustrious Highest Light House Counselors, Isabella Johnson. It is so eloquent and inspired that we put it right up front here for you. Isabella says: I have an Intention I would like to share and it is called An Intention to see the Divine. It comes from several Hermetic texts and goes like this.........

Leap free of everything that is physical, and grow as vast as that immeasurable vastness, step beyond all time and become eternal, then you will perceive the Divine.

Realize that nothing is impossible for you, recognize that you too are immortal and that you can embrace all things in your mind.

Find your home in the heart of every living creature, make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths.

Bring all opposites inside yourself and reconcile them.

Understand that you are everywhere, on the land and in the sea, in the sky, realize that you have not been begotten, that you are still in the womb.

Know that you are young, that you are old, that you are all the world.

Hold all this in your mind, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes.

Then you can perceive the Divine...

I Intend that we all see the Divine within us!
Isabella Johnson

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Ragananda Doll Kits and CDs

Meet Ragananda! The Ragananda Doll Kit is an easy to assemble sewing project that was designed by Intender Gabrielle Silva to introduce your child to basic spiritual principles and be a wonderful friend, as well. There are also 11 very clear tutorials of how to make Ragananda from start to finish on Ragananda's youtube channel. You can enjoy a personal connection with your Ragananda doll by making her yourself - and there is more! Ragananda also has a Time-In Meditation CD that we highly recommend. Once you and your child listen to it, you'll know why!

   Ragananda Time-In Meditation CD

For a Lot More Information and Pix of Ragananda, Click Here.

I AM what I think I AM

This quote was posted to Our Facebook Intenders Founders Circle last weekend by Lesli King. We believe that it clearly expresses what so many of us are thinking and feeling nowadays - and so we share it with you, with the intention that you share it as well. Thank You, Lesli!

I AM ME. I am not the 99% or the 1%. I AM an individual, yet I AM a part of the whole. I AM what I think I AM. Therefore, I AM LOVE. I choose to be LOVE. I believe in the power of the human mind and the spark of the Spirit that thrives within each heart of humankind.

I believe that we have begun to awaken to the deception that has been craftily surrounding us for centuries. I believe that we are now awakening to our innate power of LIGHT, compassion, and truth.

Souls are rising up to claim their right. People are bonding together all over the globe to stand up for their home, MOTHER EARTH. We all deserve to live in peace and opulence. No human should live in suffering. I believe that humans will make the righteous choice to live in beauty and light. JOIN ME in believing that we will prevail.

I AM part of ONE RACE. . .the HUMAN RACE. ♥

The Vision Alignment Project passed the 500,000 Alignments Mark !

We're celebrating! The Vision Alignment Project passed the 500,000 Alignments mark last week and we want to thank all of you emailed us and posted your congratulations on our Facebook Founders Circle page.

But, most of all we want to express our gratitude to all of you who have Aligned with the Visions we've been sharing with you. For it is by our coming together in Alignment that we truly contribute to the manifestation of our dreams for a better world. Indeed, this is how it's done - and we are making a difference by picturing our ideal surroundings and sharing those Visions with our friends.

Since it is free, it takes our time and energy to keep the Vision Alignment Project going. However, we want you to know this: It is our steadfast intention that we keep the Vision Alignment Project moving forward until a new paradigm, a new way of life reveals itself where each and everyone of us knows, to the breadth and depth of our Being, that we are One.

To Sign-up free for The Vision Alignment Project, Click Here.


Our 11/11/11 High Lights Special Offer

Of all the books we have available, one of our most popular and helpful for navigating through these monumental times is High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders. Containing over 400 pages, each with a quote from our writings and spiritual guidance sessions, High Lights takes your most difficult issues and turns them into something simple and easy to integrate into your daily life. You can even open it to any page and it will tell you exactly what you are needing to know in the moment.

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

With this in mind we are now announcing our 11/11/11 Special High Lights Offer. Between now and November 11th, if you purchase any products(s) from The Intenders Shopping Cart or The Highest Light House Mall totaling $8.95 or more, we will automatically send you High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders Ebook (an $8.95 value in itself) for Free!

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A High Light for you
Go with the blessings
from all of your own guides and teachers and masters within
- for that is truly where you will find them:
within you


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