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The Intenders Newsletter #2


October 2010

Table of Contents

~A Synchronicity Story - Receiving from Unexpected Sources
~This Year's Holiday Special - The Complete Intenders Collection
~A Vision for Artists and Musicians
~A Kiss for our Vision on Telepathy
~Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces

A Synchronicity Story - Receiving from Unexpected Sources

Those of us who are lined up with the Highest Good are learning that when something breaks down or goes sour, it means something better is on its way to replace it. It doesn't matter whether it's our car, our job, our relationship, our world, or simply an interruption in schedule planning, as happened to me recently, we know when something isn't working as good as it used to that we need to stay alert for the "something better" that's on its way to us.

I recently got a call from my buddy, Steve Brown, who duplicates all my CDs and DVDs in Ashland, Oregon and he mentioned that there were some people there in Ashland who he thought I would like to work with. Would I be interested in driving down - about a 3 hour drive - to meet with them? After hearing more, I agreed, and a couple of days later I took the beautiful drive though southern Oregon into the quaint little town of Ashland. Immediately upon my arrival, the people I was supposed to meet were suddenly called away on family matters and I was left there asking myself what was going on. Sound familiar? Sort of reminds me of the old joke about how do you make God laugh - by telling Him your plans.

By now, I'm getting used to this kind of thing, but I am also wondering what I'm doing in Ashland. I'm sure I'm there for a reason - I just don't know what it is. So I decided just to be open, intended to be shown my next step, and have fun being a tourist in the meantime. Within an hour my cell phone rang and it was Steve. He had an idea. Since my other plans fell through, why don't we create an entire collection of all my CDs and DVDs in one beautifully bound package? Long story short, we spent the next two days dubbing the discs and photoshopping the graphics for the cover - and when we were finished we had The Complete Intenders Collection
packed and ready for distribution. It was the culmination of my life's work to this point in one great-looking package. I was thrilled!

But that's not all. Just as we were placing the last of the discs into the cases, another old friend, Ed Keller, walked in. Ed helped us film our On the Road with The Code DVD in Ashland two years ago and he has worked extensively with Neale Donald Walsh, James Twyman, and other Ashland notables. Ed is, by far, one of the sharpest multimedia people in the country. As we sat down together, I asked him what he'd been up to lately, and he told me all about his latest endeavor - www.theeverythingcompany.com - and in the next 20 minutes, I felt like I was talking to the best person I could possibly be talking to. He answered every question I had about how to get my latest work,
The Vision Alignment Project, out to the masses. It was one of the most enlightening educational experiences I've ever had. He couldn't have helped me more . . .

And it was in that moment that I knew why I was in Ashland. I wasn't there to meet the new people. I was there to create the new Intenders Collection and to talk with Ed.

You know, I remember back, in the early days of the Intenders, when Lee Ching told us that we are being taken places where we are needed. I always thought he meant that we are being taken places where we are needed for the purpose of helping someone else. I didn't realize that, sometimes, we're being taken to places for the purpose of helping ourselves.

This Year's Holiday Gift Special - The Complete Intenders Collection

In conjunction with this story, we are proud to announce our Holiday Special for 2010 - The Complete Intenders Collection. Packaged in one professional, hard-shell carrying case, this unabridged collection contains 7 CDs and 7 DVDs - 14 Discs total - all for $77. It includes all your favorite stories from The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, Law of Agreement - on 7 CDs - all read by the author - plus . . .

The Intention Process DVD (How to Start Your Own Circle), On the Road with The Code with The Intenders Road Show (2 DVDs), The Living by Manifesting Workshop 3 DVD Set - plus a . . .

BONUS: Tony Burroughs powerful Keynote Speech to the American Massage Therapy Association National Convention in Orlando, Florida on September 24th, 2009. (This is the complete DVD, never shown in its entirety anywhere else.)
The Complete Intenders Collection

If you were to order all of these discs separately they would cost over $100 at our already low prices. Now, through the holidays, you can save $25 and have it all. 7 CDs + 7 DVDs = $77. Not Available in stores, this is one of the most empowering gifts you can give. To Order The Complete Intenders Collection, Click Here.

A Vision for Artists and Musicians

In our Vision Alignment Project we are witnessing an amazing new phenomenon. You're writing the Visions! You, who are the experts in your fields, are sharing your Visions with us - and the entire project has jumped up a level as a result. As an example, here is a thoughtful Vision that came in from our friend, Will Magnus, a few days ago. It is a Vision for Artists and Musicians. Will says . . .

I envision a world where all artists and musicians are working; and where their place in our society regains the prominence it once had. (I have traveled in Holland, Denmark and Sweden and found artwork everywhere in the streets, while the governments there are supporting the artists with adequate housing and materials to work with. They have become the artist's friend and agent. This is a vision we can all aspire to.)

Worldwide, I therefore envision each country and its government, public agencies and corporations stepping up to the plate and restoring artists and their work to envelope each one of us with renewal and admiration for the life experience their art expresses. Each and every day of our lives may art and music restore our faith in each other, enrich our visions, our ideas and our contributions for the Highest Good of all.

A Kiss for our Vision on Telepathy

We are also receiving quite a few emails each week expressing your gratitude for The Vision Alignment Project. Here is one that came in last week from Lorraine Specht. This was her reaction after reading our Vision on Telepathy. Thank you, Lorraine!

"This is my most 'joy' creating Vision Alignment. They are all glorious, but this one gave me instant joy! As I read it, I was traveling in joy. Thank you for these Vision Alignments. I look forward to their arrival, and my participation, each and every day. They kiss my soul with hope."
With love,
Lorraine Specht

For more information or to Sign up for The Vision Alignment Project while it is still FREE and receive the Vision on Telepathy and many more, go to: http://www.visionalignmentproject.com.

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces

Since we are talking about holiday gifts in this issue of the Intenders Newsletter, we would be remiss if we didn't mention one of our most popular products - Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces. On our last 2 workshop tours across the country, we stopped in Hot Springs, Arkansas to dig the clearest quartz crystals in the US. Vicki Harding, our Intenders Office Manager, is an avid rockhound and she collected many beautiful crystal specimens and has artistically wrapped them into some of the most unique necklaces around.

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces

Vicki personally blesses each Crystal Heart Necklace. You can order these and Vicki's other handcrafted creations on Our Intenders Shopping Cart



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