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The Intenders Newsletter


October 2010

Table of Contents

~Vision Alignment Project Stats
~The Law of Attraction and The Intention Process
~Intenders Aromatherapy - The Code Collection
~Tony's Journal - The Highest Good in Action
~The Big Tipper - Critical Mass Maker #2
~Lee Ching

Vision Alignment Project Stats

The Vision Alignment Project provides a way for anyone to make a positive difference in the world right now. Here are the statistics for the VAP as of this morning. As you can see, you ARE Making A Difference! Now all we have to do is let more people know about it so it can work its way into the mainstream.

Total Alignments = 113045
Number of Subscribers = 5027
Number of Visions Published = 76
Number of Visions Filmed = 44

We thank you for having the wisdom to see the value in this unique project. It is our intention to keep publishing the Visions until they have appeared in real life. The best thing you can do to help us is to tell your list of friends about it.  Now that is is out of its infancy, if each person who is already subscribed will get two or three more people to Sign Up, it will begin to grow exponentially, or "go viral" and take on a life of its own. Please help us create a better world for all of us.

For more information or to Sign up for The Vision Alignment Project, you can go to: http://www.visionalignmentproject.com.

The Law of Attraction and The Intention Process

People often ask us, "What's the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Intention Process?" And our answer is, "They're the same, to a point." You see, the Intention Process is the practical application for the Law of Attraction. The Intention Process takes the Law of Attraction and puts it to its highest and best use.

It works like this: The Law of Attraction, in a nutshell, says that what we think about is what we are attracting into our daily lives. Things start out in our mind and work their way out into our world from there. When we in The Intenders set out to become more empowered, we felt like the Law of Attraction, by itself, wasn't enough. We intended to find a system that took the Law of Attraction a step further, and that's why we created the Intention Process, a process which guides us to do three things. First, it calls for us to set a direction for our day - everyday - by getting up in the morning and saying our intentions, our prayers, or our affirmations as early as possible. In this way, we are consciously attracting the things we want into our lives.

Second, it makes use of the "strength in numbers" principle by recommending that we get together with our like-minded friends and neighbors once every week or so, sit in an Intention Circle, and state our gratitudes and intentions into the Circle. This aspect not only brings people together in community, it allows people to align with each other's intentions, thus reinforcing and empowering them all the more.

And finally, we added the Highest Good Factor to the Intention Process because we simply didn't want to be attracting anything into our lives, or our world, that wasn't for the Highest Good. This is the ingredient that The Secret left out, as did many of the Old Paradigm pundits. We put it in because it gave a positive direction to the power we were beginning to access. We felt that accumulating power without having a positive direction - without lining up with the Highest Good - was too risky and wouldn't give us the results we were looking for in the long run.

Looking back at it all in hindsight, our experiences have proven us right. These refinements to the Law of Attraction have helped us to become better manifesters, brought the spirit of community into our lives, and provided a positive direction for our intentions. They even blessed us, via the Intenders Circle format, with a template for attaining Oneness in a group setting. What more could we ask for?

To Order our Start Your Own Community Package, including 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intention Process DVD, for $39, Click Here.

Intenders Aromatherapy ~ The Code Collection ~ Introductory Offer

The Intenders of the Highest Good and Earth Angel Oils have come together to bring you an inspired collection of powerful oils to assist you to integrate The Code into your daily life. It is our loving intention that by using these sacred oils you will become more empowered, uplifted, centered and aligned with the Highest Good.

The Code Collection Aromatherapy Oils-Small

Here's how it all came about. The last three times we traveled south to Texas and Florida we ran into our friend, Helen Stembridge who is the owner and creator of Earth Angel Oils. One evening at an Intenders Circle in Houston she even gave everyone in the circle a sample bottle of her essential oils and we were impressed, to say the least. We loved these oils so when Helen's friend, Intender Carol Sweeney, approached us about getting together with Helen and creating a very special collection of blends for The 10 Intentions of The Code, we wholeheartedly agreed!

A few days later, Vicki and I went to Earth Angel Oils and spent the day dowsing hundreds of oils with Helen and Carol. Not only did we have great fun, we felt lifted up just by smelling these wonderful oils throughout the day. And as a result, our collaborative effort created a set of 10 oils, each related to an Intent of The Code.

So, it is with great pleasure that we now announce and offer you our Intenders Aromatherapy Code Collection. We have included sheets in each pack with detailed descriptions of the ingredients for each blend and much more. You can order this collection of pure essential oil blends in two sizes - the Small set has 10 1/2 dram bottles on sale now for $40 (retail $60) and the Large Set has 10 1/8 oz. bottles on sale now for $70 (retail $108). We've taken 1/3 off of the retail price for this Introductory Offer!

For more information you can go to

To Order your Intenders Aromatherapy Oils now just Click Here. The Oils are at the bottom of our Shopping Cart.

Tony's Journal - The Highest Good in Action

Guess what? The floating house I manifested and was moving into in Astoria, OR floated away. As I was packing to leave, the fellow who rented it to me called and said that his wife had issues about me living there. He said that she is a devout Christian who gets up at 3 am every morning to read the Bible, and that he was very sorry but she was uncomfortable having a vegetarian, New Ager there. I told him that I am a quiet, spiritual person who is working to bring all religions together, but that didn't matter to him. So, I thanked him, sent my blessings to his wife, and said good-bye.

Oh well . . . On to the next thing. It clearly wasn't in my Highest Good to hole up and isolate myself for the winter in one of the wettest, coldest places in the country. I guess I'm supposed to be out in the world more, speaking and teaching, instead of crawling into my reclusive shell, like a hermit crab.

Hmmmm . . . I think I'll head south, to Arizona, for openers. I have a lot of friends there, and I could put on a workshop or sit in on some Intenders Circles along the way. What a good idea!

In fact, that's my intention: I intend that I am out of my Van for the winter, living in a home, in a beautiful location, and that I'm speaking to groups about bringing forth a new, more peaceful way of life on the Earth. And I make this intention, saying that in order for it to manifest, that it must serve the Highest and Best Good of the Universe, myself, and all concerned. So be it and so it is!

Now all I've got to do is be open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. If you know of a cozy place that is available where I could create a home base for myself, please drop me an email at office@intenders.com. I prefer caretaking, being in a quiet, country setting (rustic is okay), helping people, and am a good steward of the land.

The Big Tipper - Critical Mass Maker #2

We had so much fun making our first Critical Mass Maker video that we went back into the barn and made two more. It is our intention with these short videos to bring more fun into the arena surrounding this controversial subject.

Today we are unveiling The Big Tipper for you. We intend that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. (And be sure to stay tuned for CMM #3 - The Highest Good Team. Coming Soon!)

Click Here or on the image below to watch The Big Tipper
Text Version

Critical Mass Maker #2 - The Big Tipper

Lee Ching
Many of you have written in and asked about Lee Ching (our guide from the beginning of The Intenders). Lee Ching is brought through by one of the four Original Intenders, Tina Stober, and she is available for private sessions with Lee Ching now. You make an appointment with Tina by calling her in Hawaii at 808-982-6774 and please be mindful of the time difference. Tina accepts donations which typically range anywhere from $50 to $200 for an hour of her time.
Ed Note: Lee Ching is one of the gentlest, most caring coaches we ever met.



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