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October 2008

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~Amber's Story
~The Code and The Secret
~New Leaf is Distributing On the Road with The Code!
~More Orbs and Extraordinary Stuff
~The Intenders Road Show is Heading to the East Coast in November
~We are Intending International Exposure
~A Timely Word from Lee Ching

Amber's Story

I was sitting in Healing Haven Bookstore chatting with Jane Holland and our friend Amber, a very fiery lady with a bit of sadness in her brow. She told us the following story.

"A few months back, my whole world was upside down. My husband had just passed away, I was working at a dead end job, my bills were piling up, and to top it all off, the county had started dumping some sort of nasty toxic waste in my back yard. It smelled horrible, and made both me and my animals sick. I didn't know what to do.

One night shortly after my husband passed, I had a very vivid dream. My Spirit Guide, a Native American Medicine Woman came and sat down before me. I began telling her all my problems, one at a time, and, with every problem I mentioned, she said the same thing, "You can't do it!" When I said I was lonely and needed to get out and socialize, she said, "You can't do it!" When I said I needed more money to pay all the doctor's bills, she said "You can't do it!" When I said I needed to move to get away from the toxic waste being dumped nearby, again, she said, "You can't do it!"

As you can imagine, I was getting very flustered and as I began to express my frustration with her and all her "You can't do its", she stopped me in the middle of my ranting and said, "You're not listening to me, Amber! You keep interrupting before I can finish my sentence. What I am trying to tell you is that, "You can't do it ALONE!"

Two evenings later, I was invited to a drumming circle - the kind where they put chairs in the center of the circle while they call in the ancestors, drum, and pray for the healing of those sitting in the chairs. It was the first time I had ever gone to a true spiritual circle, and I haven't been the same since. Sitting in the chair that night in the circle, with all my new friends showering me with their love, light, and support made me feel better than I'd felt in years. My cares and worries were lifted up and away as the old Medicine Woman's words came true. From this point on, I knew that I couldn't - and wouldn't - have to do it ALONE.

The Code and The Secret

Here is a wonderful letter from Intender Kathleen Baggot in Los Angeles.

Hey Tony,

I am watching The Code DVD daily and it is AWESOME for sure. You guys can be the next "Secret" for all of us to share. I watched the Secret a lot, too. I go to Agape and it was out early for us because of Rev. Michael being in it. But, you know, with your work there is such a genuineness, such sincerity, and so much love comes through. There is a lot of love from Spirit and you generate a lot of love for humanity yourself. That is so healing, so inspiring and downright contagious.

I guess we all aspire to love and be loved. We all want to be connected to Spirit and one another. It's just in us. In your writing as well as the DVD it really comes through. I find it so comforting. The other thing that is so important about what you are doing is that you make it all seem doable. It's not so out there. You don't make it seem like we have to be really spiritually evolved to participate. You break stuff down into small enough bites and then you model the concepts.

From watching the DVD, I am so aware of the community aspect of it. The support in all the sharing, the accountability with the concepts, the expanding that comes from hearing all the different stories. Plus, you are building really positive and loving relationships based on incredible integrity. The world is aching to learn what you have to teach and you can really feel and see the love between you all. Where in society are we having that modeled for us? It's beautiful!

I am looking forward to meeting you and Tina. I reached out and contacted her and I have had two phone sessions with her channeling Lee Ching. I felt so drawn to this being after reading your book and then watching the DVD. The gentlest loving energy--just like you say in your book. I feel unbelievable love in Lee Ching's presence!!!! I feel like I know you guys just from watching/listening to the DVD so much. I feel like as I listen/watch over and over, new things hit me. It has been such a marvelous experience. I am so grateful to you. Wow!

Kathleen Baggot

PS: Kathleen is looking for an Intenders Circle in the LAX area. If you know of one that we aren't aware of would you please contact her at
PSS: You can contact Tina/Lee Ching just like Kathleen did by calling her in Hawaii (several hours time difference) at 808-982-6774.

~ ~ ~ ~

You can order the 2 DVD Set of On the Road with The Code or the book that inspired it all, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World at

DVD Cover    The Code Cover

New Leaf is Distributing On the Road with The Code!

Our movie, On the Road with The Code, is a Hit! In our first two months after finishing it we've received so many emails thanking us for putting this remarkable information out to the world that we felt comfortable taking our next step. We contacted New Leaf Distributing - the largest metaphysical distributer in the world - and we are very pleased to announce that they reviewed it, loved it, and have made their first order. That means you will soon be seeing On the Road with The Code in all of the independent book stores around the country!

More Orbs and Extraordinary Stuff

In our last newsletter we showed you the amazing Orbs that were around Aaron and Steve, and we had such a happy response to them that we will show you two more photos. The first one is Aaron again, singing at one of his House Concerts with Josie Peper, our new Project Coordinator. This picture was taken last month in Astoria and the interesting part is that when the photo was taken there was nothing in the foreground to obstruct the scene. Only afterward did we get to see the Orb.

Aaron Orb

You can find out more about Aaron Jacobson and order his CD by going to:

The second photo was taken by our Intenders Office Manager, Vicki Harding, last month. When Vicki went to get her woodstove ready for the winter she removed a large square of wall board that had been sitting there for over a year and was acting as a barrier between the stove and the wall - and on it was the outline of familiar friend.

Vicki and Mother Mary

Thank you Vicki and Mother Mary!

The Intenders Road Show is Heading to the East Coast in November

After having taken a little much needed time off, we are ready to take our Intenders Road Show to the East Coast. Many of you have written us requesting that we come to your town. With this in mind, we have found that we have needed to create new Road Show Guidelines with a simple Questionnaire so we can qualify each potential event. If you are interested in having us come and present The Intenders Road Show in your area please go to our Road Show Guidelines Page and fill out the short questionnaire. After receiving it we will call you and make arrangements to put you on our schedule.

We are Intending International Exposure

What with our new DVD being so well received, we are intending to take the Intenders Road Show out to the entire world so that this information about The Code can make its way into the mainstream as soon as possible. We are intending that we meet someone who can help us access greater National and/or International Exposure. Up until now, we have been a grassroots movement and have grown steadily within the spiritual-minded community by word of mouth and by people forwarding our Intenders Bridge Messages.

Now, however this empowering information needs to go into the homes, hearts, and minds of mainstream people everywhere as they are becoming more disenchanted and discomforted by the status quo reality and are looking for something new. If you know of someone (like Oprah's or Ellen's coworkers, or a large speaker or travel promoter) who can put us in the public eye, please contact us at

A Timely Word from Lee Ching

Your world needs you now. These times of great change call upon all those who are holding the light to set an example for others by being happy and uplifted regardless of the circumstances around them. Remember that your inner poise need not be swayed by outer orchestrations, and that the mainstream consensus reality is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities you can choose to place your attention on. It is wise for you to take part in the realities that serve you and discard the ones that do not, and, in that way, instead of commiserating or becoming sorrowful, you will remain happy and shining your light for all those around you to see.


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