The Intenders Newsletter

October 2007

Table of Contents

~The Bridge Reminders.
~Tina and Lee Ching are back!
~The GIVE Progression.
~October Workshops in CO, IA, WI and IL.
~A Manifestation at Lightning Speed.
~The Ninth Intent at its Finest.
~Our Annual Stocking Stuffer Special!

The Bridge Reminders

As many of you are discovering, The Intenders Bridge has just begun a new phase. After sending out our first 120 Bridge Messages, we have taken a close look at your suggestions and have created a new format that we call The Bridge Reminders. The Bridge Reminders consist of the best of the original Bridge Messages, interspersed with timely new messages from both Tony and Tina/Lee Ching (yes, it will include several NEW messages from Lee Ching!). We have resequenced as well as rewritten many of the messages and, by popular demand, have put them in a format suitable for creating your own book.

We want to thank you for your overwhelming support and continuing to forward the Bridge Messages along to your friends. The Bridge is growing rapidly and it is our intention that it is one of the main catalysts in bringing forth the highest fulfillment of all mankind.

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Tina and Lee Ching are back!

We have some very good news for you, and it is perhaps best shared by telling a short story. As most of you know, when The Intenders first began, we had help. Tina Stober was bringing Lee Ching through every week for those who wanted to stay for a special guidance session at the end of our Intenders Circles. It was during these sessions that The Intention Process was born and refined into what it is today. I have written extensively about those magical times, however, something that you may not know is that the majority of the sayings that headline The Intenders Bridge Messages came from those early sessions with Tina and Lee Ching. As it turned out, I saved all the old channeled tapes and combined the Tina/Lee Ching's sayings with our best Intention Manifestation stories to create The Bridge.

After I left Hawaii and began speaking around the west coast in 1999, Tina joined me for several very enlightening workshops in San Diego and St. Louis, but she retired from public life after that. She wanted to build a house in beautiful Paradise Park just outside of Hilo, Hawaii, and even though we both knew that the time would come when we would work together again, I couldn't blame her for wanting to stay home.

We stayed in touch regularly and I continued to respect her desire to live a more private life regardless of the fact that she was, by far, one of the most gifted channels I had ever seen. (In the words of our mutual friend, Patricia, who recently had a reading with Tina, "I couldn't believe the feeling of "deep peace" I was experiencing . . .")

Well, here's the good news. I got a call from Tina last month (she doesn't do computers or email) saying that she was ready to come out to the world again. Would I please get the word out? Needless to say, my response was a resounding, "Yesssss!!!!"

And so . . . it gives me great pleasure to announce that my good friend, Tina Stober, without whom The Intenders wouldn't even exist, is now available for private sessions with Lee Ching, Kuan Yin, and company. You can call her at 808-982-6774. Please keep in mind that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii so it is best to call her in the afternoon and evening hours in your time zone. Tina is open to receive love offerings for her work. (In the past, others have given $50-$200 for a session with Tina and her powerful friends.)

A Message to the Circles - The G I V E Progression
(Gratitude, Intention, Vision, Engage the Highest Good)

In the spirit of keeping fluid and being willing to make changes, we've been doing something new in some of the Circles we've visited recently and we thought you would like to know about it. When it comes our turn to speak in the circle, not only do we share our Gratitudes and our Intentions like we always did, but we have also added The Ninth Intent of The Code (Share Your Vision) to what we say. It works like this: After saying our Gratitudes and Intentions, we share a Vision or two of our ideal world by saying "I see a world where . . ." And then we finish up by Engaging the Highest Good before we say "So Be It and So It Is!."

If your circle is smaller and you have enough time, we highly recommend that you include this new idea. It only takes a minute longer and those who have done it say that when they share their Vision they really feel like they are contributing to the creation of their ideal world. And, of course, they are!

October Workshops in CO, IA, WI, and IL

We are winding down on our workshops for 2007 with a final tour through Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The list of towns and contact information is below and we invite you to join us if you live near any of these areas. We are currently adding workshops to our 2007 and 2008 schedule, so please call us at 858-200-5200 if you would like us to visit your city or town.

October 13 - Colorado Springs, CO - Laurie - 719-531-5768
October 14 - Living Water Unity Church, 7735 Wadsworth, Arvada, CO - Nancy - 303-985-3072
October 16 - Iowa City / Cedar Rapids, IA - Andreya - 319-337-4489
October 21 - Stevens Point, WI - Colleen - 715-341-5951
October 22 - Beloit, WI/Rockford, IL - Gerry - 815-966-1240

A Manifestation in Lightning Speed

I just want to share how I experienced a manifestation in lightning speed. A friend and I were discussing how we were going to put out an intention for my mother to change her mind about a trip to the States. About 15 minutes later, I phoned her to find out how she was, and the first thing she said to me was that she had decided to go and visit my sister in the States. I was ecstatic that I now had a personal experience that I could share with all.

Also I am so elated that my friend Arno and I are going to be starting the South African Intenders Circle. We desperately need this here in our country and I have always wanted to do something similar and now we have this wonderful backing from you.

Thank you to you all for your intentions and support - it is highly appreciated and I will keep you posted as to how it is going.

Love and light

Ermelinde Mondriaan
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Ninth Intent at its Finest

Here is a very inspiring letter we just received from Bridge Subscriber, Bonnie-Ann.

She says, "Intenders Bridge Step #75 reminds me strongly of an experience I recently had, I'd like to share it with you. There was recently at a concert of Deva Premal, Miten, and Manose. Many hundred souls had gathered in the beautiful Philadelphia Cathedral to be inspired by their devotional chants. Mahan Rishi stepped to the mic to welcome everyone and set the tone for the evening. He opened the concert by looking around the room and saying "I see Beauty. I see Peace. I see Love." You could see the truth in his eyes. He saw it. And as he said each word I felt that quality crystalize in the room. I was deeply moved.

"I have begun practicing this simple prayer anywhere and everywhere. On the highway, I say it and immediately can name a dozen different ways peace is manifested right there, right then. I see beauty, I find love. In the grocery store, listening to the news, speaking with clients. Everywhere, everywhere in front of us, right now, right here there is peace, beauty and love. It's almost as if we don't need to intend it to be, we need only witness that it is already here. (I guess this is what you've always been saying). I had gotten so tired of only witnessing the seemingly painful or misguided aspects of life, but felt like a liar if I ignored them. Now I don't so much ignore them, but I'm too busy witnessing all the peace, beauty and love all around to give the other stuff much energy.

"Look upon anything or anyone and say "I see Peace, I see Love, I see Beauty," and feel the difference. Think about it...consider all the things that are in place for us to communicate like this. Electricity, wires, telephone poles, satelites, people who make computers, truck drivers, roads they drive on, farmers who feed them, an economy where I ate enough so I can think clearly, quiet outside my window that I may be thoughtful.. .the functioning of all these aspects of our emails illustrate that peace is right here, right now. There's the beauty of the page, the colors, the arrangement of text, the poetry of words, the soft glow of the desk lamp, the soft cushion under my behind, the smiles in the photographs on my wall, the smile I imagine on your face as you read this. Beauty overflows from this email. And the love is palatable as two souls reach out to each other to support, share, grow. All the messages to loved ones that appeared on this screen have left their energy, all the wonderful websites I have visited, all the wordful meanderings of my soul that I call my journals, all the connections of the heart that were enhanced by the tool of emails. And each of the computers I connected with then conneced with other computers, so the love keeps flowing. Peace, Beauty, Love. Right here, right an email.

"You know the road game kids play "I see something red,...or blue...or that starts with the letter A... Imagine the road game "I see Beauty! I see Love! I see Peace!)

"I could keep going. But there are cats to rescue, plants to plant, hugs to give, I must go... smiles, BA"

Our Annual Stocking Stuffer Special!

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Intention is so fluid
that sometimes people forget to acknowledge that they received it . . .
but if they intended it, they will receive it. . . . Lee Ching/Tina

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