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November 2008

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~Politics and Your Power
~Down But Not Out in Sedona - A Hot Intention Story!
~Berni's Healing Story
~The Code
~Wrestling with Angels
~Directory Updating
~Our Stocking Stuffer Special
~Tina and Lee Ching Personal Counseling
~Timely Words from The Reunion (The Code Book 2)

Politics and Your Power

Let's chat, for a moment or two, about what's going on in the world right now. Clearly, the values, core beliefs, institutions, and leaders we've placed our faith in for most of our lives are no longer to be trusted. The mainstream media is filled with stories of instability in financial affairs, volatility in national affairs, and downright strangeness in personal affairs. Were we to believe everything we hear on TV we would surely sink into oblivion. Where, then, can we look for sanity? Where is the silver lining we were promised so long ago?

It's as close as our own heart, our next smile, our next hug. It's with us every step of the way, in each and every moment of our lives. We needn't go hunting far and wide for it, lest we become embroiled and encumbered by the changes going on outside of us.

There are a few truths, however, that may be helpful for us to remember as we go through the days ahead. First of all, we can remind ourselves that the bailouts and gyrations of our financial systems are completely 100% orchestrated. Nothing is happening that hasn't been thoroughly planned out well in advance by those who make a profit off of the wars, sicknesses, storms, and money fluctuations. The stock market, for example, does not go up and down according to the ups and downs of the market. Never has, never will. It goes up and down in strict accordance with the instructions of a few selfish men who sit around a table in some back room somewhere deciding what's going to happen in the days to come.

By the same token, the diseases of today are man made. They do not come from out of nowhere. They are thought up and then sold to us by conscienceless think tankers in another back room which is, perhaps, right across the hall from the financial think tankers who create our money challenges. The same goes for all of our wars, our weather, and every other aspect of the mainstream news we receive. It's all an orchestration, a construct, not changing due to the whims of the markets or masses, but due solely to the selfish agendas of those who would control us. And that brings us to the exciting, enticing subject of politics.

I know it's popular to get all riled up about the political scene nowadays, however, politics is an area that's wise to keep in perspective. Politics, by definition, is the art of controlling and manipulating people, and to the extent that we spend our precious energy talking on and on about who's going to win, or what changes they say they're going to make, we are allowing ourselves to be distracted and steered away from our own power. For, as we choose, even in the slightest degree, to turn to others to resolve our individual problems, no matter how noble he or she appears, we relinquish our seat upon the throne of our own power. We set ourselves up to become victims and play the blame game later on. Essentially, when we obsess on politics, we are feeding the hand that's biting us.

Once we realize what we're doing, we can stop turning the reins of our own empowerment over to someone else and start to take back control over our own lives. In truth, the solutions for today's challenges will not come from the political arena. Today's politicians, without exception, are bought and sold, lock, stock, and barrel. Like puppets, they do the bidding of private masters or else they wouldn't be standing on the podium in front of us. Regardless of who wins, the results of the upcoming elections will change nothing of importance, and to think otherwise is only to delude ourselves further.

~The more you align yourself with the Family of Man
[instead of a country],
the sooner your fears will subside
and the closer you come to your greatest happiness~

Today's issues can only be resolved by learning to live by manifesting. The days of living by the whims of the politicians and their mysterious money are rapidly coming to a close. Those who are currently honing their manifesting skills are the ones who everyone else will be turning to in the near future. They will be the ones who are creating a happy life for themselves whether there is money or not, and regardless of what the TV and newspapers are saying. Indeed, the time will come when everyone is living by manifesting, and, in doing so, we will access our own personal power and say good-bye to the people and systems that do not serve our highest good.

That's why I wrote The Code - because subtly embedded within its lines is a strong foundation for peace, for freedom, for abundance and comfort for all. I am absolutely certain that we have everything we need, within us and outside of us, right now, to create any lifestyle we choose. Living by manifesting is our birthright. We can start today by deliberately manifesting small things and work our way up from there. There's nothing to stop us except ourselves.

Down But Not Out in Sedona - A Hot Intention Story

I don't know about you but I'm being tested a lot nowadays. Last week I was driving Highway 89A, the awe-inspiring thoroughfare that runs out of Flagstaff into Sedona, Arizona. I was on my way to Phoenix where my soul family was gathering in preparation to take The Intenders Road Show out to the world. About halfway down the mountain, on the steep road that snakes through Oak Creek Canyon, my van started smelling weird, like something was burning. Since there was no place to pull over and no mechanics in sight, I decided to keep going - and I intended that I make it to town safely.

By the time I reached Sedona smoke was billowing out of the right front side of the engine. With the burning odor so strong I could hardly stand it, I coasted into the parking lot of a local health food store - just as my brakes gave out!

Parking behind an adobe wall, I got out to take a look and immediately saw that my right front wheel had been on fire. Something inside (it turned out to be the rubber boot), was still smoldering. Now . . . I'm a bit of a mechanic myself, but without special tools and a few new parts there was no way I could work on it, especially in a health food store parking lot. All I could do was intend that I find a good mechanic and also intend that he or she charged me less that the $800 I had to my name at the time.

Looking around and only seeing tourist shops, I decided to go into the health food store and find a phone book to locate a mechanic or a tow truck. As I walked across the hot asphalt, a pretty lady who was having coffee on a patio nearby smiled and waved at me like we were old friends. I walked up, introduced myself, and told her of my plight. She said her name was Garielle and asked where my van was. I showed her and she pointed to the adobe wall and said, "On the other side of that wall is the main street, and on the other side of the street is my friend, Karl's shop. He's the best mechanic in town."

Long story short, in less than 2 minutes we were in Karl's office; within 30 minutes he had given me a quote of $600 to replace my front brakes, rotors, calipers, boots, and wheel bearings; and, by the end of the day my van was working perfectly again and I was back on the road, heading for Phoenix with $200 still left in my pocket!

Oh, and by the way . . . not too long ago I would have gotten flustered and angry at this seemingly strange turn of events. But this time I didn't. I stayed on the bright side, made my intentions, and knew that it would all work out for the highest good. And you know what? It did! In fact, looking back on it all, I was filled with gratitude throughout the entire experience. I made several new friends and got to hang out in Sedona all day. My van couldn't have broken down in a better spot!

Berni's Healing Story

Here's a very inspiring note that came in three days ago from our friend Berni Higgins in Albuquerque.

My husband, Larry, had a physical therapy appointment on Wednesday of this week. It went very well. The therapist had 2 new adjustments in mind for pinched nerves, which was Larry's main problem in his back. She explained that she was told to put an intention on the adjustment when she started, which she did - but we didn't. It was good . . . On the second adjustment we all put an intention on it when she started & all throughout it, and it was amazing! She and Larry both felt it straighten out. They physically felt it! We were all so excited!. She is an Intender also. It really goes to show that there is power in numbers. Keep works!

Thank You for Sharing, Berni

The Code

From a practical, "How do I do it?" point of view, The Code books and DVDs are the foremost works today on the subject of Intentions and Living by Manifesting. The people in the new 3 hour DVD set, On the Road with The Code, are the real deal. They have actually been applying these principles in their lives and their stories show you how you can do it too. "If you liked The Secret, You'll LOVE On the Road with The Code!"

You can order the 2 DVD Set of On the Road with The Code or the book that inspired it all, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World at

DVD Cover    The Code Cover

Aaron Jacobson's CD - Wrestling with Angels

Aaron's CD

We've received several letters lately from people who have seen our new DVD, On the Road with The Code, requesting to know where they can purchase Aaron Jacobson's remarkable CD, Wrestling with Angels. After our last Road Show event, Aaron decided to reissue his album with all new artwork and it turned out so beautiful that we added it to our Intenders Shopping Cart.

Wrestling with Angels includes songs like "Lullaby of the Archangels" and "Branches of the Soul", stirring pieces that have taken our workshops into a whole new dimension. It also showcases "A Father's Song" which often closes our live events with a delicate touch. This entirely acoustic album features 11 songs leaving you with a sense of transcendence and empowerment. Five Stars! We highly recommend it!

We're Updating Our Directory

We are currently in the process of updating our Intenders Circles Directory in order to make it easier for new Intenders to find other like-minded people in their area. If you are in an Intenders Circle that is not currently listed on Our Directory Page or if you are on the list, are no longer meeting regularly, and would like your name removed from our Directory, please email us at and let us know. Our friendly tech support expert, David Clark, will gladly update your information right away. Thank You!

Stocking Stuffer Special

Every year at this time we receive a lot of orders for our Stocking Stuffer Special. Containing 10 copies of The Intenders Handbook and 10 copies of it's companion, The Highest Light Teachings, this offer has been so popular that we've kept it on our Shopping Cart year-round. If you've got 20 people to buy Christmas presents for this Holiday Season, these Handbooks are most empowering gifts you could give!

Stocking Stuffer Special

To order Our Stocking Stuffer Special Now, you can go to: Our Shopping Cart and scroll to the bottom off the page.

Tina and Lee Ching Personal Counseling

During these times of great change, if you are in need of some of the most insightful one-on-one personal counseling available, we would remind you that Intenders can contact Lee Ching and Tina Stober by calling 808-982-6774 in Hawaii. Tina can be seen in our new movie, On the Road with The Code, and she has also been the main source of guidance for us since our grassroots beginnings in 1995. Please be mindful that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii and that Tina typically receives anywhere from $50 to $200 for an hour of her time.

A Timely Passage from The Reunion: A Parable for Peace (Book 2 of The Code)

"Your lesson," she answered, "is to Shine your light. Speak out for that which serves you and your friends and your world. We who abide in Spirit will be with you always, helping you. You need not worry or be concerned about what to do next. You are being guided. Your path is sacred and it leads you to all that is holy. Think about those two words--sacred and holy--as you walk these woods, my brother. They are what await you on the other side of your fears."


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