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Welcome to our Intenders Newsletter for November. This short but lightfilled issue talks about what happens as we move away from a service to self mindset and move toward creating a world where we are in service to others. Appropriately, this newsletter is dedicated to Adrian Sue Ulrey - planetary healer, high priestess, Intender of the Highest Good, mother, sister and friend. For all of the service you have freely given to others in your life, Adrian, may GodÕs greatest gifts be bestowed upon you - forever and ever.

Table of Contents

--- Patty's Story - The Spirit of Service
--- Help us build a better world - and feel good at the same time!
--- A Few Words from our friend Lee Ching. . .
--- Our Annual Stocking Stuffer Sale

Patty's Story - The Spirit of Service

I recently made an intention to learn how to better be of service to others and within a couple of weeks I met Patty. Even now I donÕt even know her last name or anything else about her except that sheÕs from Bakersfield, California. The circumstances surrounding our meeting were as follows. For the past six weeks I had been caregiving for my good friend and fellow Intender, Adrian, while she was living out the last of her days here on Earth. Adrian made a beautiful transition a few days after her 70th birthday and one of AdrianÕs daughters called Patty to let her know what had happened. Patty immediately got in her car and drove for 2 hours to Arroyo Grande where the family was gathering.

Though quiet and unpretentious, Patty walked in the door and wasted no time asking what she could do. Did anyone need a ride to the store? Was there anything that anyone needed? Annie, AdrianÕs youngest daughter, said that her motherÕs wishes were to remain in the house for the next 72 hours and that we would need some ice. So Patty volunteered and left right away to go and get it. When she returned she again asked how she could be of help. Were there other family and friends to be notified? Someone agreed that that was a good idea and instantly she started compiling a list and began making phone calls.

Over the next few days she was always helping. It didnÕt matter what needed to be done or who she had to do it with, she just did it. Cooking, cleaning, sweeping, you name it. Sometime late during the second day of working with her something clicked within me. Right there in front of me was the answer to my intention - the embodiment of the true Spirit of Service - Patty! She was always looking for ways to help others. For her, it was an ongoing thing. She didnÕt want any money, nor was she religious (if she was, she never mentioned it.) She just wanted to help, and nothing else seemed to matter. Looking back, IÕm not sure if she even knew what she had taught me by her shining example. But, no doubt, that wouldnÕt have mattered to her either.

Tony Burroughs

Help us build a better world - and feel good at the same time!

Last month we created our Highest Light Visions Page and, right away, several Intenders contacted us and mentioned that the formatting was a little confusing. They said that they liked the idea of actually being able to contribute to bringing forth a better world, but that they weren't sure how the HLV Page worked. With this in mind we completely redesigned this page and now we need your help.

If you think that this page is a good idea and you can see how it will truly have an effect upon the creation of a world that is in support of all of us - then we ask that you take just a couple of moments of your time and reply to the forums that have already been started. You can choose to share how you see yourself in your Highest Light or how you envision the world when you see it in its Highest Light.

One thing we promise you: You will notice a wonderful change go on inside of you as you create and share your Highest Light Vision. It'll make you feel great!

Click here to Share your Highest Light Vision

A Few Words from our friend Lee Ching. . .

That which is meant to be yours will come to you. Just as those of you who are aligned with the highest good will eventually experience your highest ideal, so shall your daily needs be met. You need never worry about your survival because there was a special mechanism put into place long ago which regulates and guarantees that everything you need will be there for you in the exact moment that you need it. Oftentimes it will not appear until the instant before it is needed, but you may be assured that while you are waiting you are being strengthened. As you learn to trust in this wondrous process the obstacles and hardships of life fall by the wayside and are replaced by a serenity that knows no limit.

These times of great upheaval are truly gifts unto you. You are constantly surrounded with an environment that is conducive for bringing out your most fulfilling form of expression. Your ego, the part of you which is in service to yourself, is giving way to a much larger, grander you - the you that is in service to others. You are blossoming in all your glory, and it is this blossoming that you have always longed for. Be open, be available, and, in the meantime, be at peace. Your prayers and intentions are all being answered.

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Thank you for reading our November newsletter. If you would like to know more about The Intenders of the Highest Good you can visit our website at http://www.intenders.com. Until next time, we leave you with an interesting thought.

When we started to clean up our vocabulary because we realized that our words have tremendous power, we noticed a fascinating progression occur-
What we used to call "problems",
we began to call "challenges".
Then they became "transformational opportunities".
And now we call them "gifts".

Blessings to you,
--The Intenders of the Highest Good