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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

November 2011

Table of Contents

~Our Original Intent
~Barbara Bernadette's Healing Money Cards
~Troubles Grow as We Talk About Them
~Unique Yoga DVD for Couples
~Holiday Stocking Stuffer - Order Early for Christmas
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Our Original Intent

I've spent half my adult life working with intentions and it's clear to me that we all begin our lives with what could be called an "Original Intent." We came here to do something special, and in many instances we've forgotten what it was. One thing is certain, however: when we stray from the path of our Original Intent we get discomfort and we suffer. Conversely, as long as we follow our innermost intuitive compass, we remain on the path of our Original Intent and we are happy. Our Original Intent, then, is the invisible hand that is always showing us, in each and every moment, what decision to make, what direction to go in.

That said, if we're experiencing some discomfort in our life or feel that we're not truly doing what we came here to do, we can intend that our Original Intent is clearly revealed to us. We can intend that we are shown what we came here to do and, indeed, that is what will happen. Perhaps it will be revealed in the words of a friend, a new job opportunity, a healing touch or a photo in a magazine. It can come in an infinite number of ways and it will keep coming until we "get it." All we have to do is be as alert as possible for the clues along the way.

For me it came recently in the words of Sogyal Rinpoche in his Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, where he stated, "whenever we harm others, we are directly harming ourselves, and whenever we bring them happiness, we are bringing ourselves future happiness . . . Develop a good heart that longs for other beings to find lasting happiness and acts to secure that happiness." In other words, we secure our own happiness by intending and working for the lasting happiness of others.

I've been making my intentions for the well being of others for quite awhile now and it's clearly working. I'm intending lasting happiness for all beings everywhere and it seems to have found its way into my own life because my life is blessed beyond measure. In fact, I think making intentions for the happiness and well being of others has put me back in line with my Original Intent. You might want to check it out for yourself.
Tony Burroughs

You can intend that you have all the resources you need at all times
so that you are fulfilling your calling while you are here
on this beautiful, abundant Earth

Quote from High Lights: The Wisdom of The Intenders

(From now until 11/11/11, all orders or donations over $8.95 will receive a free copy of our 417 page ebook, High Lights:The Wisdom of The Intenders)

Barbara Bernadette's Healing Money Cards

Barbara Bernadette has brought us one of the finest empowering tools we've run across in a long time, and the story of how we got together is so much fun that I thought I'd share it with you. I met Barbara at an Intenders circle in Eugene, Oregon two years ago and, as it often happens in Intenders Circles, we became friends outside the circle. Barbara is a successful accountant and entrepreneur, as well as a past Mastermind facilitator.

One afternoon we were sitting on her beautiful patio and she just happened to mention that she had some Money Cards that she'd designed but she didn't know how to distribute them. They'd been in storage in her garage for several months, going nowhere, and she asked me if I'd like to have a set. I said Yes and when she gave them to me I immediately knew that these cards were very special. Not only did they have extremely insightful information on each card, they were so attractively and professionally designed that I felt blessed to have a set for myself.

Long story short, it wasn't until a year later that I started Highest Light House and one of the first calls I made was to Barbara - and the rest, for us, is icing on the cake. The Healing Money Cards have become one of our most popular items. In fact, our Office Manager, Vicki Harding was at a party in Pagosa Springs, CO last month and a new friend there told her that she had a set of Barbara's Cards and that they had "the highest vibration of any cards she'd ever seen."

For More Information or To Order Barbara's Healing Money Cards, Click Here Barbara gives a Free 15 Minute Reading with each deck sold!

Troubles Grow as We Talk About Them

I received another update from my buddy, Brennan Morrow, who moved to Alaska with his family recently. He said, "Hey Tony, Did you ever read any of Laura Ingalls-Wilder work? She's the Little House on the Prairie lady. In her later works she speaks a lot about intending and harmony with the environment... Lots of great things, she is definitely an original Intender." Brennan even included a passage from one of Laura's books called Troubles Grow as We Talk About Them. It speaks wisely to all of us in these times of near instantaneous manifestation.

"We do grow beautiful vegetables beside the fire on cold winter days as we talk over the seed catalogs; and our summer gardens are much more of a success because of these gardens in our minds. We grow many other things in the same way. It is truly surprising how anything grows and grows by talking about it.

"We have a slight headache and we mention the fact. As an excuse to ourselves for inflicting it upon our friends, we make it as bad as possible in the telling "Oh, I have such a dreadful headache." we say, and immediately we feel much worse. Our pain has grown by talking about it. If there is a disagreement between friends and the neighbors begin talking about it, the difficulty grows like jimson weed, and the more it is talked about the faster it grows. If there is a disagreement between workmen and their employers, the agitators immediately begin their work of talking and the trouble grows and grows until strikes and lockouts and riots are ripened and harvested and the agitators grow fat on the fruits thereof. The same law seems to work in both human nature and in the vegetable garden . . ." January 1920 from the work of Laura Ingalls-Wilder

Thanks again, Brennan. Oh, and lest we forget to mention it, the opposite is true as well - Good Things grow as we talk about them, too!

Unique Yoga DVD for Couples

We've reviewed more than a few Yoga videos with the purpose of finding the best among them, and the Divakar RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD truly impressed us the most. Offering a fun system for couples to do their yoga together, it is unique in so many ways. Created by Yonathan and Arbel Shemesh from the Divakar Yoga Studio in Grants Pass, Oregon, it encourages you to achieve your perfect weight and fitness goals by sharing intentions, meditations and healing with your partner. We highly recommend this DVD!

Included in the RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD is a 22 inch elastic exercise loop, a 33 minute workout to world music, a 15 minute meditation, and a 7 minute explanation of the exercises, all for $19.95.

For More Information or To Order the RelationFit DVD, Click Here.

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special - Order Early for Christmas

Our traditional bestseller at Christmastime is our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special because you it lets you give 20 of the most empowering books on the planet to your family and friends. Including 10 copies of The Intenders Handbook and 10 copies of The Highest Light Teachings, this Holiday Special is a way for you to really help your loved ones in these rapidly accelerating times.

Don't wait until the last minute. Order Now and you'll receive this Special in plenty of time for Christmas. Your friends and family will be glad you did!

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Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
In keeping with our theme for this newsletter, we are intending to make it as easy as possible for you to discover and align with your Original Intent for coming into this wondrous world. One of the ideal tools for this is a pendulum because it will help you to discern the best decisions to make and the best direction to follow. What could be more important than finding out why you are here and how to stay in line with your Highest Good?

Hi Vicki!
I wanted to let you know that I loved the (pendulum) selections you made! Each of them is a work of art and I could feel the radiant, positive energy coming through them. Many thanks,
Lori Mitchell

Individually handcrafted and blessed by Vicki Harding, our Intenders Office Manager, our Highest Light Pendulums truly are works of art. Vicki includes complete instructions and she even uses her pendulum to see which one is right for you! You can specify your favorite colors in the Comments on the order form.

For More Info or To Order your Highest Light Pendulum, Click Here.


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