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The Intenders Newsletter #2


November 2010

Table of Contents

~Blossoming in an Intenders Circle
~A Vision for Asking and Giving
~Our Start Your Own Community Kit
~Vicki's Talking Feathers and Pendulums Make Great Christmas Gifts
~Training Call: "Web-Based Health Coaching"

Blossoming in an Intenders Circle

People blossom in an Intention Circle. I've seen it happen so many times over the years that I've come to expect it. As an example, we held our Circle in Eugene this month - a Circle that became my "home circle" for the summer - and, as we each stated our gratitudes and intentions, there was a common thread that ran through it all.

When we started our Circle at the beginning of the summer, several people had seemingly insurmountable challenges; everything from no job and legal issues to a lifetime of "depression". Times were hard, they said, and they needed help in their lives. However, over the course of the summer, we became a lot closer, and I came to realize that something very special was happening, just as I had seen it happen many times before. You see, when a group of people meets together in the name of the Highest Good, it calls forth their soul family: those with whom they've made agreements and arrangements to come together for the purpose of growing and blossoming spiritually, as well as materially. And once again, here I was, actually getting to be a part of this amazing experience!

To digress slightly, I must tell you that in my travels, I have been a part of several "home circles" over the years (in Pahoa, HI, Rio Rancho, NM, Pagosa Springs, CO, Cedar Rapids, IA, Sedona, AZ, Eugene, OR), and in each one of them I've had the good fortune to witness the growth and blossoming of my friends in the circle. Last week in Eugene was no exception. By the end of the summer, people had their new jobs, their legal issues settled, their soul mates found, and one lady in particular melted the hearts of everyone in the room when she told us how happy she is now that her lifelong battle with depression is completely gone!

You can imagine how good it feels to be a part of this. To see a person come to our Intenders Circle one week, down and almost out - and then to see them come back a short time later shining and glowing with joy . . . well, it's truly food for the soul. Sometimes in our Circles, I feel like I'm in a field of flowers, watching them come out after a long winter, open up, and blossom in the early spring sun.

A Vision for Asking and Giving

Here is an upcoming Vision from The Vision Alignment Project that we think is very appropriate at this time.

As the new paradigm opens up before us, we see a world where people realize that everyone needs help on occasion, and that asking for it is one of the best ways for us to receive the things we need in order to survive and thrive, as well as to fulfill our calling in life. Not only do we ask for help from our fellow travelers, but we also have learned that it is wise for us to ask Great Oneness / God / The Holy Spirit / or The Universe for help and direction when we feel lost or confused or unsettled.

Now, all shame and guilt is gone as we freely ask for the support we need. All resistance to our receiving has disappeared - and another by-product of our asking has come to the surface: the people who help us are presented with opportunities that they need to further their own growth processes. Indeed, there are many in our world who benefit greatly from being asked for help, because it allows them to practice giving and enjoy all the rewards that their giving brings to them.

Such is the way of the new world. The Love which is born out of the cycle of asking and giving is known to all, accepted by all, and practiced by all. As a result, our selfishness has turned to selflessness, and our feeling of being alone has turned to a feeling of being at One.

You can Align with this Vision by Clicking Here.

Note: Like many people in our world today, we in The Intenders have had to overcome our own conditioning and resistances to asking for your help on occasion. Your Tithes and Donations make it possible for us to keep our product prices low - and our Bridge Messages and our Vision Alignment Project free - so that the people who need this information the most have access to it. In this way we remain non-exclusive and more in line with our intention to bring the Highest Good to all peoples of the Earth.

We thank you in advance for your Tithes and Donations. The cost of our operating expenses have increased recently, and your gifts help us immensely!


Our Start Your Own Community Kit

Start Your Own
Community Package

For us to create a world of fulfillment, peace, and comfort for ourselves, we must begin to come together. The days of our separating ourselves from one another have run their course and now people are turning to community to help themselves become more empowered. There is strength in numbers, and the more people you can get to align with you and your intentions, the quicker and easier those intentions will manifest!

The Intenders Start Your Own Community Package is one of the best tools for you and your friends to use to come together and enhance your skills at manifesting. As one of our bestsellers, it contains 1 copy of The Intention Process DVD (which shows you how we do our Intenders Circle), and 10 copies of our popular Intenders Handbook, which has now sold over 65,000 copies on its own. Regardless of what you choose to call your group, or what guidelines you agree upon, this Kit makes it easy for you to start your own community.

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Vicki's Talking Feathers and Highest Light Pendulums
Make Great Christmas Gifts

Intenders Talking Feathers    

Those of you who have attended our workshops have seen Vicki Harding's beautiful handcrafted Highest Light Pendulums and Talking Feathers. Vicki is our Intenders Office Manager and when she is not taking care of the office she is busy creating these unique items for you to enjoy.

Her Highest Light Pendulums are specifically designed to help you communicate with your Higher Self and her Talking Feathers are used in our Intenders Circles, like a talking stick in the Native American tradition, for a person to hold while they are saying their intentions and gratitudes.

Vicki individually blesses each Pendulum and Talking Feather. If you are looking for a special gift for someone this Christmas, we highly recommend them.

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Training Call: "Web-Based Health Coaching"

Per our agreement with the innovative people at Hilton Johnson, they will be featuring Intenders Co-founder, Tony Burroughs, on their December 8th free global teleseminar at 9 pm ET - register in advance after December 1st at www.globalteleclass.com - and we will be making their healthcoaching program available to you one more time.

In fact, this may be the perfect time for you to consider becoming a web-based Health Coach and start earning a new and professional income. Companies like Google, Motorola, UnitedHealthcare and others are employing Health Coaches who use web-based technology.


We have arranged for you to attend a special complimentary teleconference/webinar presentation hosted by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.. They are the folks who have pioneered professional Health Coaching with web-based technology. You will need to be on your computer and phone at the same time to attend this presentation. The call will take place on:

Wednesday, November 17th at 2:00 PM ET (New York Time)

This 90-minute presentation will be an actual training/coaching event. You will learn a simple model for how to conduct a health coaching session and learn how to get paying clients. To attend this complimentary 90-minute introductory training lesson, click on the link below or copy and paste into your web browser.


Check out a sample of the testimonials from people who have attended this presentation:

"I just want to express my gratitude for the training session I took with Hilton. I found it to be very insightful in pinpointing problem areas as to why we are not healing. Whether it is weight loss, exercise, or stress, it is important to address these areas one by one on their own in order to see what is going on in our lives that prevents us from being healthy. Thank you for the program".
Sincerely, K. Walkowicz




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