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The Intenders Newsletter


November 2010

Table of Contents

~A Sign of the Times Story
~Our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special
~The Vision Alignment Project Makes a Difference
~Training Call: "Web-Based Health Coaching"
~Our 3 Audio Book Special is Continued
~Tina and Lee Ching

A Sign of the Times Story

We've often said, "the time is coming when you will have a thought and it will be there;" that these times, right now, are preparation for that; and that it is wise, therefore, for us to begin watching our thoughts more closely, lest we create something in our life that we really wouldn't want for ourselves.

Last week I had an experience of this. I was on my way to Vancouver Island in Canada to check out a possible living situation. As I drove through Olympia, WA on I-5 my Check Engine light came on. Ironically, this was in the same spot where I had van trouble two years before when my friend, Aaron, and I went to Seattle to present a workshop. Knowing that I needed to address this issue at once, I intended that I find a WalMart parking lot where I could use my Diagnostics Tool to check out the engine codes and fix whatever needed to be fixed.
Two exits later, I pulled off the freeway and rounded a blind curve, and there, directly in front of me, was a Walmart where I reset the Diagnostics Codes and curled up, comfy and cozy, in my van for the night, intending that everything would be fine from then on.

The next day I drove on to Canada with the van working perfectly all the way. After two days there, I drove back, and when I got into Olympia, WA, the thought came into my mind, "Hey, I've had van problems in this same stretch of highway twice now. I wonder if issues like this tend to occur in specific places? I'd better make an intention that the Check Engine light stays off. Let's see . . . how can I phrase it in the positive?" . . . and in that exact instant, after driving 300 miles without a hitch, the #@&*!#! Check Engine light came on!

Interesting, huh? Not only was I manifesting instantaneously, I was also manifesting what I said I didn't want. It all happened so fast that the Universe didn't even give me the chance to find a positive way to state my intention.

I only tell you this story because, what with the "speeding up" that's going on in our world nowadays, I figured that these kinds of things may be happening to you, too. If so, it's my heartfelt intention that you are remembering to keep your thoughts in the positive better than I did in this instance.

Our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special

Stocking Stuffer

Much to our joy, our Christmas Holiday Stocking Stuffer has become one of our bestsellers! What better way to be able to give out 20 uplifting, insightful presents to a whole bunch of your friends? For $60, you will receive 10 Intenders Handbooks and 10 copies of The Highest Light Teachings and have them in plenty of time to give them out for Christmas. These little books are an easy way for you to show others how they can rise up and out of their challenges and live the life of their choosing.

To order Our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special Now, you can go to:
Our Intenders Shopping Cart and scroll down near the bottom off the page.

The Vision Alignment Project Makes a Difference

The Intenders Vision Alignment Project is truly a template for the new paradigm. With its insightful, often poetic, Visions coming out every other day, the VAP is describing what the new world will look like. Indeed, if we do not envision how the changes we seek will look to us, we remain unempowered and at the mercy of whatever comes. However, when we begin to picture the way we want it to be, then we are truly starting to make a difference in our lives and in our world.

These Visions are still Free, and they give you the chance to take part in two ways: 1.) You can send us your own Visions; and/or, 2.) You can Align with each one of the Visions by hitting our Big Green YES I Align with this Vision Button in your email. Each time you Align with a Vision, you are actively and consciously contributing to the creation of it! In this way, you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - and we salute you for it!

It is our intention that you see the immense value and spread the word, far and wide, about this wonderful program. We intend that it catches fire, and that we have millions of Vision Alignments in the days to come.


Training Call: "Web-Based Health Coaching"

We had so many positive responses from our association with Hilton Johnson that we will be working with them again on two levels. Not only will they be featuring Intenders Co-founder,Tony Burroughs, on their Wednesday, December 8th free global teleseminar at 9 pm ET (you can register in advance at the HJ teleclass site ), we will also be making their healthcoaching program available to you again at this time.

In fact, this may be the perfect time for you to consider becoming a web-based Health Coach and start earning a new and professional income. Companies like Google, Motorola, UnitedHealthcare and others are employing Health Coaches who use web-based technology.


We have arranged for you to attend a special complimentary teleconference/webinar presentation hosted by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.. They are the folks who have pioneered professional Health Coaching with web-based technology. You will need to be on your computer and phone at the same time to attend this presentation. The call will take place on: Wednesday, November 17th at 2:00 PM ET (New York Time)

This 90-minute presentation will be an actual training/coaching event. You will learn a simple model for how to conduct a health coaching session and learn how to get paying clients. To attend this complimentary 90-minute introductory training lesson, click on the link below or copy and paste into your web browser.


Check out a sample of the testimonials from people who have attended this presentation:

"I listened to the teleclass on being a health coach and was very happy with how it was done. The speaker explained things extremely well, the demonstration on how to do health coaching was a good one. The online resource you offer for health coaches is amazing - you seem to have thought of every need." R. Fellowes

Our 3 Audio Book Special is Continued

We have had such a good response to our 3 Audio Book Special that we have decided to continue it!

Our 3 Audio Book Special!
The Intenders Handbook
The Highest Light Teachings
Law of Agreement

Read by the Author
All 3 Audio Books on 7 CDs for $29

3 Audiobook Special

To order Our 3 Audio Book Special Special Now, you can go to:
Our Intenders Shopping Cart and scroll down near the bottom off the page.

Tina and Lee Ching

Just a reminder that if you would like some of the most loving, gentle counseling around, our resident spiritual messenger, Tina Stober, is available to help you. Tina and her friends, Lee Ching and Quan Yin, have been with the Intenders since we began over 17 years ago, and they have helped us time and time again.

To contact Tina, you can call 808-982-6774, and please be sure not to call too early because Tina lives in Hawaii. She typically receives between $50 and $200 for at least an hour of her time and we can attest to the fact that it is well worth it!



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