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Pathways of the Dawn

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Our May Intenders Newsletter is dedicated to our coming together in community so that we can create a better world. We intend that you find the information in this newsletter uplifting and that you are encouraged to take your next step, a step that moves you ever closer to experiencing the best that life has to offer.

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Pathways of the Dawn
Our good friend, Carolyn Reynolds, who is one of the best group meditation leaders we have ever met, recently journeyed to Washington D. C. to help her mother move to Puerto Rico. Carolyn is always on the lookout for uplifting articles and musical pieces to use in her meditations and, in going through her mother's old belongings, she ran across a tattered scrap of paper buried deep among a stack of other old things that her mother had saved because of its timeless message. It was written in 1972 by a man named Vinson Brown from Happy Camp, California and is called Pathways of the Dawn. We were so inspired by it that we would like to share it with you now because, like the Intenders information, it speaks of our power returning and of the "sacred circles" coming together once again.

Our gratitude goes out to Carolyn, her mother, Jane, and to Vinson and Barbara Brown for shining a light at the entrance to this wondrous pathway. It is our heartfelt intention that you too are inspired to tread upon it, remember the Great Dreams and assist in bringing them into manifestation.

Pathways of the Dawn

(A Call to the Native Americans and to other listeners)

Oh my brothers and sisters, once your people could see beyond the Milky Way. Once they could sit under the circle of the trees and hear the Spirit. Once they could watch the eagle wing toward the sun and feel the glory. Now the Power is coming back to you; it is singing in the land of Silence. It is coming from the mountain snows and the waterfalls leaping down the rocks. It is coming in the wind that whispers through the pines and talks among the leaves. It is telling that you have been looking downward, but now is the time to look upward, Growing the Spirit that warms the blood and electrifies heart and body, mind and soul.

Slowly the tribes are awakening, beginning to come together, the great songs rising, But it is like the spring coming out of winter, like the young boy learning to ride, like the otter cub clumsy in the waters, the fledgling hawk wavering across the blue. There are quarrels yet and bickerings, misunderstandings, doubts and mistakes. The long, long years of disappointments, the dark prisons of the mind, the suffering, Have hidden from many the Pathways of the Dawn, and some would have you still forget the Great Dreams.

Yet the old songs are heard again in the night silences by those who will listen. They tell us the Promise of the Maker of All Things and how it is being fulfilled. The sacred circles of the peoples are coming together once more after the long night; Yes, the circles are coming back and the drums are booming, the people chanting. But something bigger still is coming, something the old dreams promised years ago,

A new song is heard on the wind and a new Circle growing, bigger than all the others, Like the mother quail who covers her chicks with her wings and shelters them from storm. It is indeed a time of storm and trouble and there is no shelter except under the Tree, The Tree of Understanding that protects and is protected by the Ring of Harmony. The big circle that shall surroud all mankind, and yet also guards the little circles, Letting each people find unity and love, but as part of a bigger unity, a bigger love; Nourishing each culture to glorious blooming, as the rose opens its crimson lips to the sun.

In the past there have been fellowships of the Tree and the Ring, men and women who followed the Sacred Way, purifying hearts, strengthing minds and bodies to follow the Silent One on the dawn trails that leads through shadows to the Great Light. To the east and the west they have been, to the north and the south, among many peoples, Those of the old Indian religions, also among Christians and Jews, Moslems and Buddhists, Hindus and Zoroastrians, and others, for the Lord of Being speaks Not to one continent, not to just one people, not to a single religion, But to all the flocks that have needed Shepards to teach them the ways of the Spirit.

Let all those good ways flower again, but let us also listen to the Shepard of Unity, the Glory of God. He who calls all peoples into the Sacred Ring and under the Tree of Understanding, Into that Marvelous Age, foretold in the old songs and prophecies, also in the Bible, When the Indian shall forget his sorrow and his anger and teach even those who have hurt him, How to enter the Ring of Harmony, how to know the Tree of Life, so they also may see the Spirit behind the stars, hear it calling in the leaves, smell its fragrance in the dawn, And join with all human beings to awaken the earth to beauty, all hearts becoming aglow, Marching as an Army of Light to build the ring and grow the tree of the Brotherhood of Man!

Quotes of the Month

From The Highest Light Teachings:

"It's clear that many of us are realizing that we made an agreement before we came into these bodies that we would come together at a certain time in order to bring light and love onto this planet and to usher in a golden age. Some have forgotten, and some just have a feeling, like an inkling of a long lost dream, that there really is a reason for us to be here now.

In either case, on one level or another, we are all experiencing a movement toward looking at life from the perspective of the soul and the soul group - a perspective of having made agreements and arrangements to come here and meet together with other souls and soul groups - and then join together - so that we can assist in raising the vibration of this planet.

This is what is being remembered at this time; and it is this movement which will, in fact, bring the golden age into manifestation."
- Tony Burroughs

Best of Intentions
One evening in 1997, toward the end of one of our weekly Intenders Circles in Leilani, Hawaii, Betsy Whitney made a profound intention. It affected us so deeply that we printed it in The Intenders Handbook. Here it is again because it is one of the best intentions we've ever heard.

"I intend that, from this moment forward, you and I and all of the people we come in contact with, and all of the people they come in contact with, and all of the people they contact - until it fills the entire Earth - live in utter joy and peace."

More Best of Intentions

Our Best Intention Story Winner
Our Best Intention Story this month just came in from Virginia West of San Diego, California. Those of you who are intending for a new loving relationship to come into your life will be especially interested . . .

"Five years ago, in a 9 year relationship that couldn't seem to move, I intended to be in a relationship with the best person for this lifetime. If it was the person I was with, fine. If not, fine; let me do whatever was necessary to get to that place. Shortly thereafter my ten-yr-old son said, "Mom, we've got to go to San Diego!" (We lived in Wichita, Kansas). We still had school (I was a teacher), so we waited until school was out. To make a very long and amazing story short, I have lived here in San Diego for three and a half years, have finally discovered and become comfortable with myself and my many gifts, changing my career in the process. I have met an amazing man with the same talents, gifts, and foibles, who found me after he spoke his intentions of what he wanted in a woman... ME!"

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to include your favorite Best Intention or Intention Story in our newsletter.

Our Best Intention Stories

The Novel

If you've ever wanted to create your own intentional community, here is the best tool you could have. Our Create Your Own Community Package provides you with 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intenders Video at a price anyone can afford. Now all you have to do is get a few of your likeminded friends for an evening of fun and empowerment. Don't be concerned that you may not have enough people to get a big circle together at first - just intend that more show up the next time that you gather and they will!

More about Our Create Your Own Community Package

News from the Circles
All of a sudden we've seen a flurry of Intenders activity in Massachusetts and Florida. Accordingly, we'd like to acknowledge and offer our support to all of the new Intenders on the East Coast, particularly in Falmouth and Fall River, Mass and in the area that stretches from St. Augustine to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Welcome Aboard!

If you would like to share some news about what's going on in your Intenders Circle, the best place to do it is on the Intenders Bulletin Board. Click on the link below to post to our Bulletin Board.

Intenders Empowerment Workshops
The We're Celebrating Life Conference will be held on Labor Day weekend from August 29th to September 1st in San Diego, California on Coronado Island at the Marriott Resort and Spa. Intender Dr. Sharon Forrest has gathered together a group of amazing presenters from all over the world - Keepers of Ancient Wisdom from Peru, Egypt, Tibet, Hawaii, Native America, plus Revolutionary Scientists that are shaking the foundation of modern science and medicine. Proceeds from this rare event will go to benefit the children of the streets in Peru.
Our own Intenders co-founder Tony Burroughs will be among the presenters at this global extravanza, so don't miss this one!

For more information, call The Path of the Heart at 1-800-344-2750.


Energy Coach Maiu Espinosa will be presenting her High Energy Workshop in Carlsbad, California from 9:30am to 3:30 pm on Saturday, May 24th. Maiu has had 35 years experience in working with energy and obtaining positive results from using her unique methods. Attendees will be learning about the basic tools for working with positive energy and self-healing. Maiu says "Come and play with Joy Energy!"

The cost is $60 and if you are interested in this wonderful workshop, please call 760-943-9805 0r 760-602-0078.

Workshop and Activities Schedule

Intenders Products
Our Intenderpreneur Package (10 Handbooks + 1 Video) - $33.00
The Intenders Handbook - $4.00 ($2.40 each, if you order 10 or more)
The Intenders Video - $14.95
The Intenders of the Highest Good Novel - $15.00
The Highest Light Teachings - $4.95 ($3 each, if you order 10 or more)
- Shipping and Handling not included -

More about our Intenders Books and Video

A very special thank you goes out to all those who have responded with enthusiasm on behalf of The Intenders Peace Plan. More and more of us are now setting aside a few moments a day to envision peace in our world, to see it and feel it as if it is already here. This is what will do more good than anything else we as individuals can do - to view our world in its highest light.

You can have anything and everything you could possibly dream of - even a whole new world to live in
- The Highest Light Teachings -

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