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May 2013

Table of Contents

~Blasting Scarcity
~Our 3 Audiobook Special
~Intenders Circle Lore and the New Moon Launch
~Healing Money Cards Offer for May

Blasting Scarcity

Our thoughts create our future. That's the Law of Attraction / Intention Process in a nutshell. What we think is what we get, and it always works. Everything in our life is the result of a thought having manifested. Thus, one of the issues we would be wise to consider is whether the thought we're thinking will give us the results we're looking for - or not.

Clearly, some of the thoughts we harbor aren't working for us. In particular, the thought of scarcity or lack has never served us. Why would we want to manifest scarcity, especially when we look around we see abundance everywhere? And yet, so many of us continue to perpetuate our own lack by thinking and talking about it. Indeed, anytime we say, "I can't afford it," or "It's too expensive," or "There isn't enough," we set ourselves up for scarcity. Via the Law of Attraction we're attracting lack into our lives. It's such a strange phenomenon, counter to all common sense, that it seems like a good idea to look deeper into it with a big "What if".

What if someone else can get you to think whatever they want you to think? What if we give our future experience over to someone else by buying into or agreeing with them (per The Law of Agreement) about the way things are in our world? In truth we do this all the time when we believe the anchorperson on the news, or the movie actor portraying the down-and-out character, or the neighbor who complains about the prices. The list is endless of those who would unconsciously plant the seeds of scarcity in our hearts and minds.

Likewise, there are those, as well, who would consciously - for their own selfish interests - spread the thought (and thus the experience of) scarcity in others. In fact, with the technology available nowadays, it's quite easy. It's done via frequency. It comes to us invisibly and subtly through the air, just like making a cell phone call, and as long as we're open to receive it we become subjected to it - and that's an important point. We have to be open to buy into whatever is being blasted at us or else it won't work on us.

Back to the Law: Whatever we think is what we'll create. If we open ourselves up to scarcity and lack, then, what with all the blasting going on, we'll surely experience it. But if we are intending and envisioning only positive outcomes, outcomes of abundance and expanse, the frequencies of scarcity can be blasted at us all day long and have absolutely no effect on us.

Here's an experience of mine you will likely identify with. Several times lately I've been in conversations with friends and they've started talking about how scarce or costly things are, and I began to go along but stopped myself in mid-sentence. In that moment I woke up to what I'm creating with my everyday thoughts and words. And in that moment, simply by being silent, I set up a whole new, more abundant future for myself.
Tony Burroughs 5/2/13

When you place your attention on the good
you just make more of it

Our 3 Audiobook Special

Our Three Audiobook Special has rapidly become one of our bestsellers! Made up of The Intenders Handbook (2CDs), The Highest Light Teachings (2CDs), and The Law of Agreement (3CDs), it is chock full of inspiring stories and information that will help you step into your power as quickly as possible. Now it's easy to learn to be a more proficient at manifesting while you're driving or working around the house! Read by the author, Tony Burroughs, these books are as practical and empowering as they are fun!

Intenders Circle Lore and the New Moon Launch

In the spirit of continuing our story from the last newsletter, there truly is a Beginner's Luck Factor in an Intenders Circle. In our early Intenders spiritual guidance sessions, Lee Ching (Tina Stober) told us anytime a group of people serves the Highest Good (by saying that their Intentions must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, themselves and everyone everywhere in order to manifest) that there are invisible helpers who rally to their side and that these invisibles see to it that the newcomers first several intentions are manifested right away - so the Intender cannot possibly mistake it. That's why we recommend that you don't hold back, especially in the beginning.

We were also told that anytime a group of people rallies around the Highest Good, that it draws forth the soul group - those who made agreements and arrangements long ago to come together at this time to do something very special together. Likewise, it is our observation that if you want to meet others in your soul group, start an Intenders Circle or Intenders Cybercircle*. After that, all you have to do is be open to receive.

*Stay Tuned for the Special New Moon Edition Launch Announcement of our Intenders Cybercircles!

Healing Money Cards Offer for May

In conjunction with our lead article about helping you to fend off scarcity and find your abundance, we are offering one of the finest financial tools we've run across in a long time. Barbara Bernadette's Healing Money Cards are filled with deep insights about how to look at money in a new way. In fact, our Office Manager, Vicki Harding was at a party awhile back and a new friend there told her that she had a set of Barbara's Cards and that they had "the highest vibration of any cards she'd ever seen."

For the month of May only, Barbara, who is a successful accountant and entrepreneur, as well as a past Mastermind facilitator, will be giving a Free 15 Minute Reading to all Intenders and Highest Light House customers who purchase a set of her Healing Money Cards.

Healing Money Cards

For More Information or To Order Barbara's Healing Money Cards, Click Here - and Receive a Free 15 Minute Healing Money Reading with Barbara!


Tony Burroughs is available for speaking to your group or business now. His stories are always empowering, insightful and fun. See The Intenders YouTube Channel. Call 858-200-5200.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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