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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

May 2012

Table of Contents

~The Intenders 2012 Tour is Our Best Ever
~The Law of Agreement - A Book for These Times
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
~Feeding the Hand That's Biting Us - An Excerpt from The Law of Agreement

The Intenders 2012 Tour is Our Best Ever

Our Intenders 2012 Law of Agreement Tour is our best ever! Without exception, the comments we're hearing are filled with gratitude for the timely information and new Intenders stories being shared in these events. Not only that, the feelings of upliftment and angelic presence is unmistakable throughout the entire evening. According to those who are hosting us, we are truly making a difference in the lives of the people who attend. Indeed, the most common remark made following each event is that our hosts wished they'd have gotten even more of their friends to come to the circle.

Having completed almost one-third of our schedule, we are currently in Texas and heading to the East Coast for the second leg of our 50 city cross country tour. Intenders author Tony Burroughs was joined by fellow Intenders cofounder, Tina Stober, for 8 events in the southwest where Tina introduced the groups to her guide, Lee Ching, who shared his views on 2012, saying that this is the time we have long been waiting for. He emphasized that we can expect our lives and our culture to change rapidly now as we move toward a dimensional shift which will bring with it a joyous release and relief from the encumbrance of the past.

Other surprises along the way included Aaron Jacobson from our 2009 On the Road with The Code Tour joining us for 2 circles in Arizona. As always, Aaron entertained the crowd with his inspiring music and powerful presence - and we look forward to seeing more of Aaron in the days ahead. After our Albuquerque event, Vicki Harding, our illustrious Intenders office manager, joined the tour, bringing not only her beautiful handicrafts but her forward thinking intentions as an example for those who are new to our Intenders Circles.

And so . . . if you are looking to be lifted up and have fun at the same time, we invite you to come to one of our 2012 Intenders Tour Events when we come though your area. In every city we've visited so far, we have been asked to come back as soon as possible - and, in fact, we've already confirmed a return to Norman, Oklahoma on July 1st to speak with the Morning Star group there.

For more information and to see our updated 2012 Tour Schedule, you can Click Here to go to

The Law of Agreement - A Book for These Times

The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs is a book written for the fast changing times we're living in. Available now at Barnes and Noble, Hastings, and bookstores across the country, The Law of Agreement is filled with cutting-edge information and real-life stories specifically designed to help you navigate through the days ahead. If you are truly intending to make a difference in your life and in your world, The Law of Agreement is an indispensable tool that will show you how you can stay healthy, stay balanced and and stay in your joy while not adding to values and thought patterns that are no longer serving you.

The Law of Agreement Cover Photo

You can also order your copy of The Law of Agreement from us and have it sent out right away. It is available in Print, Ebook or CD by Clicking Here.

"Bravo! Once again, Tony Burroughs is way ahead of his time with a unique perspective about one of the most powerful, yet rarely talked about, phenomena of our lives. The Law of Agreement gives the reader an enlightened window on something that rules every aspect of life: the 'agreements' we make with ourselves concerning what we believe about life. This is a must read book for anybody seeking clarity and exponential growth on their life journey." ~Richard D. Blackstone, author of Nuts & Bolts Spirituality and Waking up the Sleepwalkers

"The beauty of The Law of Agreement is in the grace of the writer. Tony Burroughs writing style is joyful; you can feel it when you read his words. Indeed, Tony has given us a moment to pause and recognize that we do not have to agree with the status quo when it is not in our best interests. We can withhold our agreements and know that the changes we seek in our lives can truly be realized by making new agreements. In this way, The Law of Agreement has become an operational manual for our daily interactions." ~Karen Monteverdi, author of Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

"I love this book! I wish everyone would read it! Out beyond the law of attraction is The Law of Agreement having our world work for all of us. This beautiful, powerful, and joy filled book teaches us very simply and clearly how we can make it happen." ~ Jo Ann Rotermund -- speaker, workshop leader, and author of The Forgiveness Habit

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

The Second Intent of The Code reminds us to follow our inner compass. This means that our intuition is always there to guide us though any situation if we will only consult it. With the shift that is upon us, many are discovering that they can receive guidance directly in the form of words and visions that come from within. Others prefer to make use of spiritual tools that allow them to access the information and guidance they need.

Our Highest Light Pendulums are one of the best tools out there for coming in touch with your intuition. Handcrafted and blessed by Vicki Harding, these beautiful pendulums are works of art as well as tools for helping you access your inner compass.

Vicki also includes a sheet that will show how to use your new pendulum. To order your own Highest Light Pendulum now, Click Here.

Hi Vicki,
My handbooks and pendulum came today, just wanted to say "Thank you! It's beautiful - exactly the colours I would have chosen myself!" Amazingly, I had been shopping with friends and was looking for a gift for my sis-in-law. I kept going back to a really pretty necklace with blue and mauve 'stones' and ended up buying it saying "I'm not sure if this is for her or me!" When I got home, my beautiful pendulum with blue stones and a purple endstone was waiting for me!
Love and Light

Feeding the Hand That's Biting Us - An Excerpt from The Law of Agreement

At present, the community of mankind is still run by businessmen and self-serving politicians, and it's easy for people to get all riled up about the political scene. However, it's wise to keep politics in perspective. Politics, by definition, is the art of controlling and manipulating people, and to the extent that we spend our precious energy talking on and on about who's going to win, or what changes a politician says they're going to make, we are allowing ourselves to be distracted and steered away from how good it would be if we all worked together as One.

To Order The Law of Agreement Click Here.


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