The Intenders Newsletter #2

May 2011

Table of Contents

~A Vision for Touching
~The Vision Alignment Project
~Start Your Own Community Circle
~NEW! Highest Light House - Children's Book, Magnets and Intention Yoga
~Tina Stober's Readings
~Living A Course in Miracles Free Tele-class

~This edition is dedicated to all who align with the vision below~

A Vision for Touching

Tony here. I've had some truly amazing experiences in Intenders Circles over the years. Indeed, anywhere people gather in the name of the Highest Good, it calls forth our soul group, those with whom we've made agreements and arrangements long ago to reunite for the purpose bringing light unto the Earth and all Her people at this grand time in our evolution.

One such experience that happened in the Rohnert Park, CA Intenders Circle 10 years ago made a home in my heart and has stuck with me ever since. My friends, Garth and Dayadevi, hosted the Circle back then and we would regularly have 20 to 40 people encircling their living room. On the particular evening I'm referring to, Garth was saying his intentions when he paused, looked over at me, and said, "You know, Tony. there's nothing I'd rather do in my life than to touch people with my hands and have them be healed right then and there."

Looking back, I remember how the feeling in the room softened when he said it. Everyone was affected in one way or another. We all wanted to help and heal our fellow travelers, and we awaited the day when it would be a commonplace occurrence.

That day is coming. In fact, we can expect it at any moment. I see it ever so clearly. We are touching our friends and acquaintances with our hands, and they are instantly healed of all their health challenges. We are waving our arms in the air, and the polluted skies are cleared and cleansed. We are immersing our hands in the waters of our rivers, lakes and oceans, invoking the Love of God, and the waters are sweet and pure again. We are touching the Earth, and Her soils, Her plants, Her great trees, Her animals, Her creatures of all kinds are completely restored to their peak health and happiness. Everywhere you look, newly transformed, transcended Masters are bringing light into the dark simply by touching everyone and everything they see with their hands.

That is my Vision, and it is within reach now. I feel it. Once again, we, the people, are smiling and shining our highest lights for all to see. And, in response, the Earth Mother is smiling and shining Her light back upon us, as well - because we have done what we came here to do.

YES! I ALIGN with this VISION.

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Thanks for Making a Difference!

The Vision Alignment Project

The Vision we just shared with you was born out of our intention to consciously make a difference in our world. We realized, over the last 17 years of making and manifesting our intentions in our Intenders Circles, that one of the best things we can do is to picture the end result from the beginning, and hold that Vision until it reveals itself to us in real life.

Accordingly, we started The Vision Alignment Project last year and set it up so that you could participate in two ways: First, you Make a Difference in our world every time you Align with one of the Visions we send out every 2-3 days. (We have a Big Green Yes Button at the end of each Vision specifically for that purpose.) And secondly, you can write your own Visions, send them to us, and we will publish them. In fact, many of the powerful Visions we've sent out recently have been contributed by you!

As of yesterday, we now have over 369,000 Alignments with our Visions, and people from all over the world are sharing their Visions - and knowing that, each time they share their Vision or Align with one of ours, they are actively contributing to the manifestation of a better world for all of us to live in.

To Sign Up for The Vision Alignment Project, Click Here. It's Free!

Start Your Own Community Circle

There is no better time than now to get together with your friends and empower yourselves by being in an Intenders Circle. With countless Circles around the globe now, people everywhere are realizing that there is strength in numbers - and that the more like-minded and light-hearted friends you can get to Align with your Intentions, the quicker and easier they will manifest for you.

At the same time, the momentum for a new way of life is making itself known now. What this means is that people are seeing the wisdom in coming together and creating Oneness. Indeed, how are we ever going to experience Oneness if we do not begin to come together? Our Separation has gone as far as it can go - with more people each day understanding that Separation is the illusion, while Oneness is our true reality.

You can start a Circle of your own or you can add it into one of the groups you are already attending. In Cedar Rapids, for instance, we state our intentions into our Circle - and after that, we have A Course in Miracles Study Group. I cannot tell you how inspiring and empowering this is! People are manifesting the things they need and desire in their lives, and they are integrating Course in Miracles principles at the same time. Can you imagine how that combination will accelerate your growth?

The Intenders Create Your Own Community Package

Our Create Your Own Community Package is only $39 and you can find out more about it by Clicking Here.

- A Children's Book, I AM Magnets and Intention/Yoga DVDs

We've decided to give Hay House some competition. We've noticed that there are many great authors and creative people out there who, for one reason or another, remain relatively unknown except in local areas. Their work is wonderful and inspiring, and yet, if they haven't been picked up by Hay House, then they do not get the larger distribution that the quality of their work merits.

With this in mind we have opened the doors to Highest Light House, our NEW forward thinking distribution company. We're looking for new products that will help people in these rapidly changing times, and have found 3 that we are proud to make available to you now.

Believe is a Children's book written and photographed by Katharine Emlen. We have been asked many times to offer a Children's book to our audience but had not found one that we felt was in line with our Intenders teachings - not until now!

Believe - A Children's Book by Katharine Emlen

To find out more about Believe by Katharine Emlen, you can Click Here.

Katharine has also created I AM Magnet Boards that are very useful in helping you Set the Course for your day - or your life! They are each filled with phrases specifically designed to act as reminders that will jump start your higher self into action. She has 2 versions - the Goddess Version and the Professional Version - and we are honored to make them both available to you at this time.

I AM Magnets - Goddess Version

I AM Magnets - Professional Version

For more information about our I AM Magnet Boards and to see larger images, Click Here.

Last but definitely not least, we at Highest Light House are very grateful to be offering two highly effective Intention Yoga DVDs. Our friends at Divakar Yoga have created their easy-to-use RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD to be practiced by couples or together with a partner. It combines the best of many programs and adds Intention into the technique as well. We think this is an idea whose time has come and we highly recommend it!

Divakar RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD

If you are ready for the next level in your Yoga experience, Divakar also has The Hero's Journey DVD, a program that can be done alone or with a group. This revolutionary technique was developed by Intender Yonatan Shemesh and has helped people from all over the world get into shape. It integrates Intention into the exercise format as well, so if you are intending to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, become more supple and move more easily at the same time, The Hero's Journey is for you!

Divakar The Hero's Journey Intention Yoga DVD

For More Information about these two Divakar Intention Yoga DVDs, Click Here.

Tina Stober's Readings

We in the Intenders have come to realize that there are many of you out there who have never had a "reading." Although there is no exact way to describe it, a reading is a form of personal coaching that "comes through" someone who is in touch with their helpers on the next level. Tina Stober has been giving readings for over 30 years and had helped Intenders from all over the world sort out their personal issues. The thing that is different about Tina is that you can truly feel the love coming through her as she helps you.

If you are going through any particular challenges where you would like a new, loving perspective, we highly recommend that you call Tina. You can contact her by calling 808-982-6774 in Hawaii, and be sure to remember that it is several hours earlier there. Tina typically receives love offerings of $50 to $200 for an hour of her time. PS: It's Tina's birthday this week, so feel free to mention it!

Living A Course in Miracles Free Tele-class

I have been A Course in Miracles advocate for 20 years, as are many Intenders of the Highest Good. Indeed, miracles are becoming a common occurrence for those who "intend" them. One such person is Rev Jennifer Hadley from the Agape Community in Los Angeles and she has put together a group of 8 distinguished speakers including Colin Tipping, Paul Ferrini, Gary Renard, Earl Purdy and Lucia Espinosa for a free 8 week tele-class called Living A Course in Miracles that begins this week on May 19th.

Jennifer says: "My intention is to share with more people, to bring new people to study the Course and to inspire folks who have put the Course aside to pick it up again!"

As mentioned earlier, there are many Intenders across the globe who have combined their weekly Intenders Circle with an ACIM Study Group, thus stating their intentions and gratitudes (for what they have manifested) for one hour, and then integrating the Course principles the second hour. For those of you who are choosing to be on the fast track, this is it!

To Sign up free for the Living A Course in Miracles tele-class you can go to


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