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The Intenders Newsletter


May 2011

Table of Contents

~For Our Earth Mother on Mother's Day - A Powerful Healing Technique
~Molding Our Future _ A Message from Dr. Dean
~Weiser Books to Publish The Law of Agreement
~The Intenders Complete Collection
~Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces - A Great Gift Anytime!

For Our Earth Mother on Mother's Day - A Powerful Healing Technique

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, I had just made an intention to meet others who are true think tank people for the new paradigm; who are transcending the mainstream matrix mindset; and who are really making a difference in our world for the better - and right away I received a call from Intender John Kelley from the San Juan Islands in Washington State. He was excited about a technique he's been working with to bring healing to the body as well as to areas of the Earth Herself. Long story short, John shared his technique with me and I started doing it that same day. He said when I did it right, the wind or some other element of nature would give me agreement for what I was doing. No more than 5 minutes into the exercise, the wind, which was relatively calm until then, blew strong in my face and I knew I was on to something . . .

So, without further ado, here, in his own words, is John's technique . . .

Go to a quiet space outdoors where you will not be interrupted. Clear your mind. Breathe. Visualize pulling in your aura to about 2 feet around your body, evenly distributed above your head, below your feet, behind your back, to your sides and in front.

Now, visualize a bright golden beam of Source\Cosmic\Universal energy coming from the center\source of the Universe straight to you, through you, to the center of the Earth, connecting to the earth's core. This beam is translucent, not solid, meaning you can see through it, and it is about 6 feet in diameter, flowing to the center of the earth, through you, a non-stop flow. [Use your mental focus to visualize it, and feel it running through you. Continue to breathe normally. If you have trouble visualizing golden energy, you can find a piece of gold foil and stare at it often until you can see gold with your eyes closed. You can also keep it on hand and glance at it when needed while doing this technique.]

Now, as the energy is passing through your system, it lifts off all stagnant, lower vibratory energies and all foreign energies until your whole system is the same golden vibratory rate as the golden frequency you have summoned in from Source. If, from your inner vision, you see some dark spots in your system, just smile, and with a feeling of gratitude and love, allow the Source Golden Energy to dissolve these blockages, bringing your whole energy system into vibratory alignment with your Source\ Self. (Everything is vibration, some term it frequency. In the like attracts like principle lower frequency {vibration} cannot exist within a higher vibratory frequency, thus all lower frequency must match the higher frequency or dissolve, being rendered neutral.) This is the first half of the technique.

Now here's part 2; Once you get to this point, which through practice will take mere minutes, expand the golden pillar(beam) of Light to encompass your entire local area, the width of the beam being equal from Source\ center to Earth's core, with you as the center. As this is initiated you will see - all the way from the Earth's core to the outer most layers of our atmosphere - all of the stagnation, frequency interference, environmental pollution, anger, hatred and everything which is lower than the golden vibratory energy lift off and dissipate. Now, at this point, envision the Earth's beautiful deep Bahama blue energy rise up the golden beam all the way so that the golden energy from Source is flowing into the Earth, and the Earth's core energy is flowing simultaneously into Source, synchronizing, cleansing, aligning to a single tone of harmonious resonance. (Ed. Note: This is how you can clean and purify your town and local vicinity. I saw all sorts of gunk and junk rising up and away from the area where I live.)

Now, at this point, you can take it a step further if you like and spread the beam to engulf the entire planet and atmosphere, with the golden beam actually passing through the entire planet extending into infinity. You will see all lower vibratory energies, frequency interference, radiation, environmental and etheric pollution either synchronizing or dissipating and being neutralized. Hold this flow as long as you wish, basking in the core energies of Source, Self, Earth. Know that you are doing a grand service utilizing your ability as a conscious creator to assist DIRECTLY in the natural ascension of Mother Earth and Her inhabitants. Punctuate your day by doing this most important energy technique as much as you like. Intend and know that 10's of 1000's of creator's will be doing it also and that with our combined effort the Golden Age upon Earth will manifest on schedule. IT IS DONE!!!

This is one of the very best presents we can give to our Earth Mother on Mother's Day - and everyday thereafter. Thanks for sharing it with us, John!

Molding Our Future - A Message from Dr. Dean

As many of you know, I lived in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for a number of years, and while I was there I was fortunate to be in the same social circle with my friend and chiropractor, Dean Sanna. Dean and I lost track of each other after I left Colorado to go on the road, however (after I made the intention to meet more think tank light-worker people), we just connected again. He happens to be in Portland, Oregon now, right up the interstate from where I am in Eugene - and he sends the following heartfelt, poetic message to you . . .

Dear Fellow Intenders,
It is our time to mold the future.  We are the ones we all have been waiting for.

We have awakened a deep buried memory of our co-creative abilities.  

 We can navigate these challenging times, with our heart's compass, if we stay awake.  

I let no heartless agenda take hold with-in me.  No hint of negativity is noticed.  I prosper through my attention on positivity. 

 I can only feel my way through the fog of ignorance, which has kept me from my own understanding. 

 My thinking mind has run amuck too long, it has led me off the path and into the deep thicket.  

I know now how to find my way, with my heart, and trust the light as it shines on me perpetually, without prejudice.  

Regardless of my own nature or state of being, I am loved always, forever.

Intenders, this is a mighty strength that we have - and mixed together with infinite compassion and infinite patience we are bound to be successful.  Bound to be successful!

 It is not a fight, but our right, to spread the truth of how we can build a paradise, which is fed by only light.  

Darkness, does not exist, for it is merely the absence of light which allows it to be.  Keep burning our lights brightly for all to see!  Join me and shine your light, all day, all night!  

 Our right!  Burn your light, bright!  

My Vipassana Teacher, S.N. Goenka, shared a story with me at a meditation retreat over thirty years ago, which has guided me ever since!  He spoke of four basic types of people in this world. There are people going from dark to light and there are those going from light to dark. Some people move from dark to darker and some from light to lighter.   

My intention, for my life, is to be a light seeker, and I desire to live, work, and play with other seekers of the light.  

I desire and intend to build a world based on love of self and others.  I intend to co-create with other sisters and brothers, who stand in the silence, and receive guidance and inspiration from Source.  Take the time to unwind the mind.  Silence is sacred!  Meditate & instigate. It feels great!

Please join me, as family and friends of all life forms, past, present, and future.  Forgive us our trespasses and forgive those who trespassed. We are the future. Our thoughts are the DNA that spawn our children, of the future.  I send you, and them, love and light. 

 If you treasure truth, compassion and impeccable living, I relish your support. May our love and vision dilute the ignorance, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us to a world of love and compassion. 

Be well. Be happy.

(FYI: Dean's latest project is Sacred Space Outdoor Adventures and I will be joining him and his friends around the campfire at his next Adventure at the Salmon River Reserve in Welches, Oregon on Mt Hood on the weekend of June 4th. Join us if you like! More info at www.sacredspaceoutdooradventures.com or call Dr. Dean Sanna at 971-221-4797)

Weiser Books to Publish The Law of Agreement

We are honored to announce that Weiser Books will be publishing The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs as a trade paperback in the spring of 2012. Weiser is also responsible for having published The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World two years ago and we have enjoyed a Win-Win relationship with Weiser ever since. As with The Code, they will distribute The Law of Agreement into all the major bookstores and you can be assured that we will let you know when it hits the shelves!

In the meantime, if you would like a copy of The Law of Agreement 3 CD Audio Book for $12.95, you can order it here from our Intenders Shopping Cart.

The Law of Agreement Audio Book

The Intenders Complete Collection

For those of you who would like all of The Intenders Materials in one package, we have recently created The Intenders Complete Collection containing 14 Discs - 7 CDs including The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings and The Law of Agreement - all Audio Books read by the Author - AND 7 DVDs, including The Intention Process DVD (How to Start an Intenders Circle), our uplifting On the Road with The Code 2 DVD Set, and The Living by Manifesting Workshop 3 DVD Set - PLUS Tony's powerful Keynote Speech at the American Massage Therapist Association National Convention in Orlando, FL last year. All 14 Discs are beautifully packaged in a hard shell plastic case for only $77.

To order your Complete Intenders Collection today and receive it in time for Mother's Day, Click Here. (Please use the USPS Priority shipping option if you are intending to receive your orders by Mother's Day)

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces - A Great Gift Anytime!

Our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, brought back a bunch of beautiful crystals from our last trip through Arkansas and she has handcrafted them into necklaces and programmed them to open, grow, and heal the heart chakra. Dug or bought right from the mines, (so they are untouched by anyone other than Vicki), these unique quartz crystals are wrapped with copper wire and stones that resonate with the heart. As with her Pendulums and Talking Feathers, Vicki blesses each one individually with the Highest Light and Love. Before mailing, she also pendulums or asks which crystal necklace is the one for your Highest Good.

Dear Vicki,
Today I received in the mail a beautiful quartz crystal necklace as a gift from a friend. He told me that it was crafted by you, and I am writing to thank you for the obvious care and craftwomanship you put into this lovely creation. I am honored to possess this emanation of your heart, mind, hand and appreciate the blessings you spoke over and into it.
With warm wishes,
Vicki Kindle Hodson

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces

Click Here To Order your Crystal Heart Necklace now



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