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The Intenders Newsletter #2


May 2010

Table of Contents

~Change is Imminent - Manifesting and the Markets
~A Hard Times Quiz
~A Timely Quote from Law of Agreement
~The Answers

Change is Imminent - Manifesting and the Markets

Change is imminent! When the Stock Market drops a thousand points in 16 minutes like it did last week, it tells us something. At the very least it tells us that our economic system is highly unstable; that we can't count on our money to be there for us for much longer. Most of the economic pundits on the internet agree that total collapse is coming this year. Next, we'll see banks closing their doors, just like they've done in the past when these same signs appeared on the economic horizon. What are we to do?

I'm in Oregon right now, intending to find a small community so I can get back to basics where there is clean water, fresh air, uncrowded conditions, like minded people, plentiful food, and gardens to work (If you know of such a place anywhere, please contact me). A couple of days ago I was chatting with Michael, my new friend in Ashland, and I was telling him that the whole system seemed like a soap bubble ready to burst at any moment, and that it seemed to me that it would be wise for us to become very proficient at manifesting at a time like this. Michael agreed, saying, "Yes Tony, either that or be a farmer." We had a good laugh, but there was great truth in his words. For, who are the ones who have traditionally made it through times in the past when money was scarce? The manifesters and the farmers.

Since I spent 28 years farming in Hawaii before I began working in earnest with these Intenders principles and studying how to manifest things, I feel I was being prepared for these times. As a result, I look at them differently than the average man and woman. I see all the changes we're going through as a springboard into a new way of life that is Heaven on Earth where all of us are eventually freed from the manipulations of the money machine which is so encumbering and enslaving at present. I see us stepping into the light of a new day where we all live in peace and joy and abundance beyond measure.

That's what I am working for, however, we first have to get through the chaos before we make that wondrous step. So, how do we do it? Well, like Michael said - those who will be the most apt to thrive and survive are the farmers and the manifesters - those who get back to basics and those who are good at consciously getting the things they need to come to them. (Oh yeah - having a little food put by in the pantry is a good idea too because I remember the airline strike in Hawaii in the 70's when the shelves at the grocery emptied out so fast it caught us all by surprise.)

So . . . that's why I'm on my quest. And that's why, years ago, I started writing books that were meant to help us at this time of great change, Indeed, all of the Intenders books and videos were created to empower you so you can learn to Live by Manifesting. What with the money system being so "iffy" nowadays, those of us who are applying these unique principles, know that it's the only way to live.

All Three of our Handbooks are now in CD AudioBooks

Over the years, a great many people wrote in suggesting that we put our Handbooks onto CDs so they can listen to them in their car when they are driving to work. Well, we've finally done it! As of this week, all three of our Handbooks, including our newest 160 page handbook, Law of Agreement, are now finished with the recording process and are ready to go out to the world.

Recorded by the Author, Tony Burroughs, in Ashland, OR over the last several weeks, these three handbooks are some of the most practical, the most cutting edge sources of empowering information on the planet today. They are specifically designed to show you how to Live by Manifesting so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you will be able to apply these simple ideas and consciously create a better life for yourself.

Law of Agreement Cover    Intenders Handbook Cover    Highest Light Teachings Cover

Law of Agreement 4 CD Set is $12.95
The Intenders Handbook 2 CD Set is $9.95; and
The Highest Light Teachings 2 CD Set is $9.95.
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A Hard Times Quiz

This quiz is meant to help you. It's based on the direction that the mainstream media, the current economic agenda, and the major prophecies of the world are going. We know it is uncomfortable for some of you who do not want change and who are not prepared for it. However, it is here for the purpose of helping you to reevaluate some of your priorities. These times of confusion and chaos will not last long - and it is our intention that you sail through them smoothly and experience the magnificence and majesty that awaits you when they are all over.

1.) If the bottom has dropped out, which will help you the most?
a. Your bank account
b. Your pension
c. Your ability to manifest what you need
d. Your IRA

2.) Which attitude works best in hard times?
a. I've got mine
b. I'm busy
c. I'm lost
d. How can I help you?

3.) Which skills will be the most practical?
a. Gardening
b. Stock Brokering
c. Real Estate Sales
d. Insurance Claims

4.) What is the most valuable in hard times?
a. Furniture
b. Food
c. Collectibles
d. Gold

5.) Which of these is the most important to have on hand?
a. Gasoline
b. Clean Water
c. Propane
d. Diesel Fuel

6.) What is the most dependable way of heating your home?
a. Natural Gas
b. Propane
c. Wood
d. Wood Oil

7.) Which is the most reliable kind of furnace to have?
a. Central Heating
b. Kerosene
c. Electric
d. Wood Stove or Fireplace

8.) Traditionally, where are the safest places to be in times of chaos?
a. Suburbia
b. The Lofts
c. Rural - outside a small town
d. Downtown

9.) Which is your best bet?
a. To Live by Money
b. To Live by Thievery
c. To Live by Working Hard
d. To Live by Manifesting

10.) Which book is the most practical?
a. Twilight
b. Money Matters
c. Law of Agreement
d. Goldfinger

11.) What will you feed your pets?
a. Friskies
c. Crunchy Nuggets
d. Whatever you have

12.) If there's no food around right now, what will you do?
a. Steal some
b. Go to the Store
c. Start a Garden
d. Offer to help someone who has some food

13.) What is best to have in your pantry?
a. Filet Mignon
b. Large bags of Rice and Beans
c. Lots of Sweets
d. Pasta Sauce

14.) Who will be the most apt to help you?
a. Someone who is a constant complainer
b. Someone who is in a gang
c. Someone who is grateful for what they have
d. The TV anchorperson

15.) What is the best vision to hold in hard times?
a. A World of Peace and Harmony among all people
b. A World of Turmoil
c. A World where things are getting worse
d. A World where aliens come along to save you

16.) Which information will help you the most?
a. Your politicians create your world
b. Your family creates your world
c. Your priest creates your world
d. Your thoughts create your world

17. What is the best mindset?
a. I don't care
b. I'm not going to make it
c. Someone else will take care of me
d. Keep Moving Forward

A Timely Quote from Law of Agreement

That's why we have brought the Intenders Circle format, the Intention Process, the Highest Light Teachings, and The Code to the peoples of the world at this time. These tools are meant to help us through the Great Shift and to act as guidelines while the changes are upon us, and beyond. They have been put into place to be used at a time when they are needed most. That time is now. Indeed, when enough people see what is happening and intend, firmly, that they are going to live in a new way, refrain from harming and opposing one another, set their weapons aside, stop wasting our precious resources, begin working to clean Mother Earth up, teach their children new values, and come together on behalf of the whole of humanity, then we will tip.

For just as the population doubles, so does the number of people who are waking up; so does the number of people who take a stand for the Highest Good. Both the population and the number of people who are carrying light are expanding exponentially at the same time - but hold it a minute! There's a wild card in the mix!

When seen from the bigger picture, the Universe as a whole is raising its frequency. It's raising its vibration and readying for a tipping point of its own. A transformation is upon us as light floods into areas of the entire cosmos that have been consumed and ruled by the dark for eons. The veil is being lifted, and it's not going to matter how the population grows or the infrastructure crumbles because a new world is coming - and with it also comes the ability for us to work directly with light to clean up the chaos, clean up the waters, clean up our old habits, and lift our arms to the sky in gratitude for the grace of God.

One day, in the near future - in our lifetimes - we will stand together in awe of what we have witnessed. For we will have taken part in the most extraordinary transformational experience available to anyone, in any dimension, in any size or shape of body, in any world, anywhere.

And we will have remembered why we came here. For, in rising from the darkest depths of despair to the highest of heights, there is no experience in all of creation that we could have chosen to be a part of that is as good as this one.

~ ~ ~

FYI: We are ready to print Law of Agreement, in paperback and are still in need of approximately $3300 to get it on the presses. If you'd like to help us, you can Tithe / Donate by Clicking Here. We purposely make these books as inexpensive as we can so everyone can have easy access to them. That is why we occasionally ask for your help with printing these materials. This is a wonderful book and we are truly grateful for your generosity!

The Answers

1c 2d 3a 4b 5b 6c 7d 8c 9d 10c 11d 12d 13b 14c 15a 16d 17d



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