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The Intenders Newsletter


May 2010

Table of Contents

~The Time When You Would Be Called Upon...
~Our Community Package is Back!
~A Request from Our Friend, Dannion Brinkley
~Highest Light Pendulums
~A Bridge Subscriber's Vision of the New World

The Time When You Would Be Called Upon...

In seeking to become more proficient at using the Laws of Manifestation, we are moving toward the light and we are bringing that light back to the Earth, her people, and all who live here. We have known before we came here and occupied these bodies that there would be a time when we would be called upon to follow Spirit without hesitation, to stay positive, and to live in the light on a daily basis. That time is now. Our job is to remember who we are and to remember the light that we carry with us.

Indeed, our purpose is being revealed to us now so that we can spread our wings and cover this Earth with that which is our creation. For, as the cleansing of the Earth proceeds, we are realizing, each in our own way, that we can create any reality we choose and that nothing stands in the way of us creating Heaven on Earth even now in this moment. How do we do it? We create the new Earth simply by finding our joy. When we access our joy, everyone and everything around us is affected in a positive way. Then, from that joy, we can turn any area into an area of light, love, and peace, where all our needs are met NOW. This is our task. This is why we came here at this time.

Our Create Your Own Community Package is Back!

Thanks to you and your donations over the last month, we are now reprinting The Intenders Handbook! This allows us to remove the "Out of Stock" signs from our Shopping Cart and begin again, this week, to offer our popular Create Your Own Community Package. This one-of-a-kind Kit comes with 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intention Process DVD which shows how we conduct our Intenders Circles. Now anyone who wants to start a Circle of their own can easily do so. (FYI: You can call your Circle whatever you like - you don't have to call it an Intenders Circle unless you want to - the main thing is that you gather together and support each other in manifesting your dreams and desires.)

DVD Cover

Our Create Your Own Community Package is $39 and is available on our Shopping Cart now by Clicking Here.

PS: We are also ready to go to press with our newest book, The Law of Agreement, and can still use your help in bringing it out to the world. If you'd like to help us, you can Tithe / Donate by Clicking Here. We purposely keep our prices and profit margins low so everyone can have easy access to our Intenders books and videos, and that is why we occasionally ask for your help with printing these materials. Please know that we are truly grateful for your generosity!

A Request from Our Friend, Dannion Brinkley

We just received a note from our friend, Dannion Brinkley, requesting that we pass it along to you. Although we do not typically address political issues in this newsletter, we know Dannion to be a tireless advocate for the light, and we highly respect his work. By the same token, we are also disturbed that our right to take dietary supplements is at risk. Therefore, we are reprinting Dannion's note here:

Hello Everyone:

My dear friend, Dr. Nick Gonzalez, just emailed this about supplements and the bill Rep Henry Waxman of California introduced as a sleeper that has passed the US House of Representatives. We need to mobilize our constituencies to prevent it from passing in the U.S. Senate in DC. Please forward this on to all your networks, and thanks! Please call your representatives and ask them to vote against this dangerous bill.

With Purpose,
Dannion Brinkley

Congressman Waxman Slips Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure into Wall St. Reform Bill Passed by the House; Please Take Action to Prevent Same Thing Happening in the Senate! -Headline from The Alliance for Natural Health newsletter.

Congressman Henry Waxman of California never gives up, he slipped a provision into the "Financial Reform Bill" that gives the FTC unheard of power to investigate and regulate supplements. Apparently nobody knew about the provision . . . but it still opens up the door to undo our health freedom and freedom of expression. This is a stealth de facto attempt to impose the New World Order's Codex Alimentarious upon the American people!

Best wishes to all,
Nick Gonzalez


Highest Light Pendulums and Discernment

Discernment is so important in these times and it will be your greatest ally once you get good at it. If you ever have a challenge deciding whether to agree with someone about an idea that is being presented to you, you can take advantage of tools used by many cultures in the past. Pendulums, dowsing rods, muscle testing, the I Ching, divination cards, and many other tools will help you to discern.

The most common method of applying these tools requires that you make a statement to yourself before you begin. The statement is: "It's in my highest and best good if I agree and go along with such and such an idea." If, for instance, the pendulum or muscle test gives you a Yes response, then you can feel free to move forward. If, however, the pendulum gives you a No response, then you can withhold your agreement and not think about the idea anymore. Naturally, this means of discerning requires a measure of trust on your part. But after you practice with it, and your level of trust in this process increases, you will find that you can use it for all sorts of issues that arise in your life.
From The Law of Agreement

Our Highest Light Pendulums are handcrafted and blessed by our Office Manager, Vicki Harding. If you are interested in obtaining a pendulum for your personal use in discerning, you can go to our Shopping Cart by Clicking Here.

Intenders pendulums

A Bridge Subscriber's Vision of the New World

Here is a 9th Intent Vision we received from Bridge Subscriber, J Hintze, recently. It is a clear and powerful example of how we can use our imagination to begin to consciously create the world of our choosing. Thank You, J. By your sharing now more of us can align with you to bring your beautiful vision to life!

I See a World Where all people have comfortable shelter and abundant healthy food. People care for each other and show loving kindness each hour. All water is clean and flowing. People take care of each other and love it. Children are educated with art, music, and dance. Creativity is the center of learning. All people work towards making a safe world and peace is all around the world. There are many parks and nature is everywhere with animals happy and relaxed. Everyone is content inside and smiling.



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