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The Intenders Newsletter #2


March 2011

Table of Contents

~The Acceleration
~An Orange Intention Story - Knowing it's all taken care of
~Our Prophetic Parables Special
~Tina and Lee Ching On the Road with The Code
~Coming Soon! High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

The Acceleration

According to our Mayan Calendar experts, as of March 9th we've entered into the Final Time Phase Acceleration, or the Ninth Underworld (as the Mayans called it) of the Calendar, and what this means, simply put, is that things will be happening 20 times faster than before. Indeed, we are already seeing instances of this with the Libyans wanting their freedom, the huge jumps in gas prices, the unprecedented quake in Japan, etc. (Interestingly, the Mayans built great 9 level pyramids to show us how this all works. Those of you who are intending to know more about this information can refer to the work of Barbara Hand Clow and J. Calleman.)

In terms of The Intenders and how this affects you, what it means is that the time between the time we make an intention and it manifests is becoming 20X faster than it's been up until now. We have often stated "soon you will have a thought and it will be there"; that these times we're living in are preparation for that; and that since our thoughts are creating our future (20X faster now), it would seem wise for us to hold our attention only on the thoughts that will be sure to give us the results we are looking for.

Suffice to say, it is becoming clearer by the day that we can further ourselves immensely by familiarizing ourselves with the Intenders Materials, as they are designed to help us become more proficient at the fine art of manifesting, or conscious co-creation. Doing so makes us more responsible, more independent, and less reliant on people and circumstances around us. Indeed, if you can manifest whatever you need in the moment, you will not be as affected by the mainstream mindset. You will be a power unto yourself, a light shining the way for others to follow.

An Orange Intention Story - Knowing it's all taken care of

Here's a sweet manifestation story from Intender, Tim Firebaugh. Tim says:

Greetings to you from Cape Girardeau, MO! May this e-mail find you abundant and happy. Thank you again for your truly inspiring work and wisdom. It has truly changed my life.

I wanted to share with you a fun story about manifestation. I love to cook, and last week I was putting together a Cuban mojo marinade. I set out on foot for the grocery store, a few miles away from my home to purchase my ingredients. I picked up everything I needed except an orange. I didn't realize this until I was half way home, and I just thought to myself, "Don't sweat it, it's taken care of." I kept walking and approached the small wooded area near the hill on which my house is situated. To my utter surprise, nestled near the trunk of a leafless sycamore tree was a large, bright and beautiful orange...standing out against the gray winter landscape. I had my mojo marinade that night WITH orange! Talk about knowing it's all taken care of.

This little reminder from the Universe was exactly what I needed with less than two weeks until our mighty move to Austin, TX. More than just a move, this is a complete life change for both of us. We intend to finish divesting ourselves of as much 'stuff' as we can before we go there--from a 3 bedroom house to what can fit in our car. We also intend that when we get there, we will find the perfect accommodations for ourselves. We intend to meet wonderful friends on the journey, whose hearts we can share in. And mostly, we intend that Austin be a place where we can thrive, grow into more beautiful beings, and enrich the lives of all around us. So be it, and may it be so!

I'm just so appreciative to have the experience of being able to even state my intentions and share in this wonderful journey we call life.
May you be blessed,
PS: If any of you out there have any ideas that would help Tim get settled in Austin, you can email us at {office@intenders.com} and we will gladly pass the message along to him.

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Our Prophetic Parables Special

Our Intenders Materials - the books, CDs, DVDs, The Code Poster, etc - have all been put into place at this time to help you, both during and after the great transition we are currently going through. In our efforts to make these teachings palatable for everyone, we have put this valuable information into as many formats as possible. However, the books we have not emphasized as much, perhaps, are the novels that show you how The Intention Process and The Code work in action in peoples' lives.

In fact, we have been told many times over the years that our adventure novels are prophetic parables; that they were written as fiction, but are rapidly coming true today. As a result, we have decided to create a "Prophetic Parables Special" by offering you The Intenders of the Highest Good Adventure novel and The Reunion: A Parable for Peace in one package.


By ordering now you will receive both of these full length books, a $33 value, for only $22 - and it is our intention that you enjoy these stories and learn how to be a better conscious co-creator at the same time.

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Tina and Lee Ching Private Counseling

One of the main reasons we filmed our inspiring On the Road with The Code 2 DVD Set was so we could share Tina and Lee Ching with you. You see, we were blessed from the beginning of The Intenders to have their loving guidance with us. Moreover, we always felt that the world would be a better place if more of you found out about them and took advantage of their wonderful gifts.

Not surprisingly, since our On the Road with The Code movie came out, people from all over the world have seen Tina bring through Lee Ching, and as a result she is giving more private readings than ever. If you would like to talk with Tina and Lee Ching personally, you can call Tina at 808-982-6774 to make an appointment (she typically receives a donation of from $50 to $200, and please keep in mind that it is several hours earlier where she lives in Hawaii.)

On the Road with The Code 2 DVD Set

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Coming Soon! High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

Coming in the Spring of 2011: High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders.
Over 400 poignant and heartfelt quotes from the early Lee Ching transcripts to the present day! In fact, here's one now:

~ You can intend that you have
all the resources you need at all times
so that you are fulfilling your calling
while you are here on this beautiful, abundant Earth ~



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