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March 2011

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~The New You
~The Intenders Handbook is now in German!
~The Complete Intenders Collection is Back in Stock!
~The Highest Good Retreat
~Tony in Houston March 6 - The Medicine Wheel Encounter
~Pam and Vicki - Our 2 Unsung Heroines
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
~The Code Collection Aromatherapy Oils

The New You

A new world is being birthed and, in one way or another, everyone knows it. There is no hiding from it; it's only for us to embrace it, to flow with it, and be open for goodness and Godness to reveal Itself.

For many, the road ahead is crossed with hurdles, as they deal with letting go of material goals and goods that are becoming heavier by the day. For others - those who have searched and steadily sought - the road is being made clear now for you to experience that which is your highest potential. For you are the ones of the first wave; the ones to set an example for others to follow; the ones who are becoming identified with your holiness, your invulnerability, your higher self. All thoughts of separation are now seen as vague imaginings that gently give way to an expanded you, a you who knows no bounds, knows no encumbrance, knows only love.

Your search, once directed toward people and things outside of you and fraught with obstacles, has led you inward, to the place where all is possible, where success is assured, where the new you abides. The old you breathes a last sigh of relief and releases from the concerns of the world, only to reawaken into the fullness of who you really are - expanded, exalted, blessed beyond belief.

The new you is emerging now. It beckons from within - holding a light high above and shining it brightly - to help you find your way home.

Who you think you are
is only a very small part
of who you really are

The Intenders Handbook is now translated into German!

As of today, The Intenders Handbook is now available in the German Language and we are very excited about it because this means that The Intention Process will now begin to spread throughout the German speaking countries. This came about due to the efforts of Intender Monika Kammer who wrote us awhile back from Germany and asked if she could translate The Intenders Handbook for us. We gladly agreed and so now it is done!

We want to thank Monika for her work in translating The Intenders Handbook and ask those of you out there who speak German to let us know if you notice any edits or corrections that need to be made to Das Handbuch der Intender.

As with our English and Spanish translations, the German version of The Intenders Handbook, will still cost only $4.00 (US).

To order your copy of Das Handbuch der Intender, Click Here.

The Complete Intenders Collection is Back in Stock!

Since it's inception last year, our Our Complete Intenders Collection has been very popular - to the point where we've been challenged to keep in on our shelves. Now however, we are happy to announce that it is back in stock - and at the same low price as it has always been.

The Complete Intenders Collection Special!
The Intenders Handbook 2 CD Set
The Highest Light Teachings 2 CD Set
Law of Agreement 3 CD Set
On the Road with The Code 2 DVD Set
Living by Manifesting Workshop 3 DVD Set
Plus Tony Burroughs powerful AMTA Keynote Speech

7 CDs and 7 DVDs for $77

The Highest Good Retreat in June outside Chicago

We have been invited by our dear friend Deej Legget, a Native American tribal elder, to present The Highest Good Retreat on her sacred land at the Renora Lodge & Retreat Center in Michigan - nestled in pristine nature two hours outside of Chicago - from June 9 to 12, 2011.

The Highest Good Retreats are four-day journeys filled with heartfelt moments of unity, peace, conscious manifestation and possibility. You will experience a total of 36 guided retreat hours with fun and self-empowering workshops and sacred ceremonies to purify the mind, cleanse the body, and elevate your spirit. Together we embrace our natural health and inner beauty with the healthiest organic vitality cuisine, inspiration, conscious entertainment and divine connection. It is an opportunity to actively participate in ushering forth the Golden Age of Peace.

Workshops will be led by Intenders Cofounder Tony Burroughs and Spiritual Nutrition Coach Cyndi Dodick as well as Aviva Funke (the former Ashley Jacobson) who appeared on our On the Road with The Code DVD. All menus have been created by celebrity chef, Elaina Love. Elaina's Vitality Cuisine utilizes the finest local organic ingredients, prepared with love by the hands of certified chefs, using innovative, low temperature techniques for optimal flavor and nutrition, making your meals and snacks the most active, fresh, beautiful, flavorful, colorful, dynamic, and nutritious cuisine on the planet!

To find out more about attending or to Register for The Highest Good Retreat, you can Click Here to go to our Highest Good Retreat Web Site.

Tony in Houston March 6 - The Medicine Wheel Encounter

Tony Burroughs will be speaking again on March 6th at 11 am in South Houston at Carmel Temple - and the topic of this talk is The Medicine Wheel Encounter. In it, Tony will share his experiences with building and walking in Medicine Wheels over the last 20 years. After the service, there will be a potluck, and then Tony will lead a short Medicine Wheel ceremony in the new Carmel Temple Medicine Wheel where he will walk the Medicine Wheel with all those who would like to join him. This is a free event and all are welcome to participate.

Tony builds Medicine Wheels on a donation basis wherever he goes.

For more info about next week's event: visit

Pam and Vicki - Our 2 Unsung Heroines
Those of you who have been writing us and ordering our products over the years have typically made friends with one or both of our Unsung Intenders Heroines - Pam Baugh and Vicki Harding. Without these two amazing Lightworkers, the Intenders would not be what it is today.

Pam Baugh hails from Redding, CA and is Tony Burroughs' Virtual Assistant, Helper, and Jill of all trades! Pam makes sure that all correspondence to the Intenders is answered - and if we might pat her on the back a bit - Pam answers all of your questions in such a loving way that we think she could easily write a book of her own. Thank you so much, Pam, for all that you do. You help everyone you come in contact with by shining your beautiful light upon them. You can reach Pam at {}

Vicki Harding lives in Pagosa Springs, CO and is our capable and most diligent Office Manager. Vicki is responsible for making sure that all of your books, CDs and DVDs get to you in a timely and professional manner, and we cannot imagine anyone who could do this lightwork better than Vicki. She also answers all the queries that come into the Intenders on our tollfree number - and, on top of that, Vicki creates and handicrafts the beautiful Intenders Talking Feathers, Highest Light Pendulums, and Crystal Heart Necklaces that you see near the bottom of our Shopping Cart. Many of you have met Vicki, either on the telephone or on tour, where she oversees our Intenders products booth. All we can say is Thank You, Vicki, for everything you do on behalf of the Intenders. Pam and Vicki have helped so many people for so long that if medals were given out for spiritual service they would both be at the front of the receiving line! Our gratitude to both of you goes beyond what words can say.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

So many people nowadays are realizing that help is available in ways they never previously imagined. One of those ways that has been around for eons but has just recently been "rediscovered" is the use of the pendulum. Pendulums allow a person to access invisible energies that are there to guide us for the Highest Good. We have had so many wonderful testimonials from people who have purchased Vicki Harding's Highest Light Pendulums that we thought we would remind you about them one more time. In fact, here is a letter we received recently:

Hi Vicki,
I received my pendulum on Saturday and wanted to say Thank You! It is beautiful and it arrived at the perfect time. This is my first experience using a pendulum and it senses the question I'm about to ask and responds before I even verbalize it. WOW! I Intend that the blessings I have received return to you in full measure. So Be It!
Diana Crosley

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums are $20. She also includes a sheet that will show how to use your new pendulum. To Order your Highest Light Pendulum now, Click Here.

The Code Collection Aromatherapy Oils

The Intenders of the Highest Good and Earth Angel Oils have come together to bring you The Code Collection, an inspired collection of powerful oils to assist you to integrate The Code into your daily life. It is our loving intention that by using these sacred oils you will become more empowered, uplifted, centered and aligned with the Highest Good.

Intenders Aromatherapy Code Collection

We have included sheets in each pack with detailed descriptions of the ingredients for each blend and much more. You can order this collection of pure essential oil blends in two sizes - the Small set has 10 1/2 dram bottles on sale now for $40 (retail $60) and the Large Set has 10 1/8 oz. bottles on sale now for $70 (retail $108). We've taken 1/3 off of the retail price for this Special Offer!

To Order, Click Here to go to our Intenders Shopping Cart.



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