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Spring 2008

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~Focusing on our Opportunities
~The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World is in the Bookstores!
~Tony's Workshop Schedule
~LoveLeigh's Story ~ You'll Love it!
~Intenders Talking Feather Special
~Tina Stober, Intenders co-founder, is available for private counseling
~Anara's Amazing Story about The Intenders Bridge

Focusing on our Opportunities

We are consistently telling people in our workshops that these times we are living in call upon us to trust at a much deeper level than we have ever had to trust before. Now, along with nurturing and growing our trust, we are also realizing that we are being called upon to open ourselves up, more and more, to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to us. In the past, many of us have let possibilities for our growth slip by because we were too busy, or too distracted, or too unaware to recognize that we were being offered a gift that would further us. We tended to be unavailable, simply because that's the way we'd always been. But now that more of us are intending, without equivocation, to take our next step in life, it serves us to be even more vigilant and alert to our opportunities. So, when the phone rings or we meet someone new, we proceed with anticipation of great things to come. We're ready to receive, and not only that, we're ready to help.

I remember talking to Tina awhile back and she was telling me what wonderful blessings she was receiving just from giving the people who called her for counseling a focused hour of her time. You know, I think she hit on one of the keys to our greatest happiness - focusing on others and helping them reach their highest calling and holding them in their highest light.

As an example, a couple days after that I received a call from my new friend, Aaron Jacobson, in Phoenix (Aaron is to the southwest what Shawn Gallaway is to the eastern US - they are both bringing the Highest Good to music), and Aaron was saying that he still hadn't made it big in the music industry (even though, like Shawn, he is extremely talented.)

He said that he felt stuck in many ways, and we chatted casually about that for a few minutes, and then something in me clicked and I said, "Aaron, let's go deeper. What is is that you really want to be doing in your life?"

Well, he immediately opened up, and told me, from his heart, what his dreams were. He said he wanted, most of all, to be making a good living while doing what he really loves to do, which is writing and playing music.

We made an intention around that and suddenly we both became more focused. Since I am on a similar path, (using words instead of music), I could easily relate to what he was saying. I knew that there were times when things looked bleak, and more importantly, that what had helped me on those occasions was to be persistent and to keep moving forward. I encouraged him to set up more public appearances in a wider area because through those "gigs" new people would come into his life and more opportunities would arise. I don't know how I knew this, but I did - and in that instant, I felt a shift , and so did he. It was the way you feel after sitting at an especially lengthy stoplight, and it finally turns green. Now he could move ahead, open and ready for anything. He felt better, and I did too. And all because we both allowed ourselves to focus and go a little deeper.

The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World is in the Bookstores!

WOW! We're Celebrating! After ten years of self publishing our books about The Intenders and all the many success stories we've heard from people who have been using the Intention Process, we finally have a book on the shelves in all the major bookstores across the country! The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World (which was originally published with the subtitle Intentions in Action) has hit the bigtime! The first call came in from Intender Kim Lund who bought a copy at a Borders in Sacramento. Then more and more calls came in expressing everything from congratulations to "it's about time!"

Long ago we were told that this book is very special and that it would go out into the mainstream when the world needed it most and when it would have its greatest impact. Clearly that time is now, and needless to say, we are extremely excited about it because The Code offers a genuine solution to the challenges humanity faces during these changing times.

As most of you know, every time you apply The Code in your life or tell your friends about it, it takes all of us one step closer to bringing our dreams and desires for a better world into manifestation. So, if you haven't read it yet, you can get a copy from your local bookstore or you can order it from us by going to our Intenders Shopping Cart . If you have already read The Code, please tell your friends about it, pass it on to someone who is ready to hear its empowering stories, or write Oprah.

You really CAN make a difference!

"I just got your book "The Code" last week. I read it in two days, just couldn't put it down. So many stories in that book have paralleled my life it is amazing. I am getting ready to start my own intender's circle and I have not been so excited about anything in years. I have read every book on the power of intention and watched every video imaginable, and nothing hit me quite like your book. I am very grateful to you for inspiring me. Thanks."
Mary-Ellen McAllister
North Andover, Mass.

On the Road with The Code ~ The Intenders Workshop Schedule

Our workshop itinerary for 2008 is filling in rapidly. For more information about getting on our schedule and having Tony Burroughs present an Intenders Workshop in your area, you can call us at 858-200-5200. Or you can visit our Workshop page for updates at

March 8 - Boulder, CO - 1 pm Booksigning at Borders Books

March 9 - Arvada, CO (Denver) at Living Water Unity 7401 W. 59th St. from 1 to 4pm-- Workshop 2 - Nancy at 303-985-3072 or LW Unity at 720-935-4000

March 12 - Albuquerque, NM - Crystal Dove Books - 525 Central Ave, Jan at (505) 842-5265 or Jini 505-410-3833 - Workshop 1 and booksigning 6:30 to 9:30

March 14 - Flagstaff, AZ - Sacred Rites Books and Gifts - 7 - 9:30 workshop 2 & booksigning - Kelly - 928-556-0018

March 16 - Payson AZ Center for Spiritual Awareness - workshop 2 - 1 to 4 - Pam 928-468-8772

March 18 - Mesa, AZ at 6457 E. Pearl St. - Ferrell - 480-794-0137 - 7 to 9:30 - Workshop 1

March 19 - Mesa, AZ - Booksigning at 7 pm at Borders Books

March 20 - Phoenix, AZ at Beans, Books and Barks at 4030 E Bell Road, Ste 112 - 6:30 p.m. to 9:30pm - Marilee & Ronnie 602-788-0332 or Pattie 602-689-1380 - Workshop 2

March 22 - Tucson, AZ - Booksigning at 1 pm at Borders Books
March 22 - Tucson, AZ at The Synchronicity Center 1701 E. Lind. St.- 7 - 9-30pm- Taza 520-327-8292 and Victoria White 520-325-3400

March 25 - San Diego, CA - The Controversial Bookstore 3063 University Ave - 7pm - class and booksigning - Leslie - 619-296-1560

March 27 - Mission Viejo, CA - Booksigning at 7pm at Borders Books

March 28 - Carlsbad, CA - Workshop 2 w/ Sarito Sun - 6:30 to 9:30 at 7207 Willet Circle - Gaga 760-804-0718

March 30 - San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Center for Universal Truth at 27121 Calle Arroyo - Workshop 1 from 1 to 4 pm. Rae Ann 949-481-4040

April 8 - Los Angeles, CA at The Bodhi Tree Bookstore - Booksigning at 7:30pm

April 9 - Ventura, CA - Venue pending - Jeremy 805-207-4338

April 11 - Carmel, CA - Private home - Workshop 1 - 7 - 10pm - Mary Sue 831-809-0999

April 13 - San Jose, CA - Venue pending - Nancy 408-298-5828 - Workshop 1 from 7 - 10pm

April 18 - Sacramento, CA - The Falls at Arden Clubhouse at 2345 Northrop Ave - workshop1 from 7 - 10pm - Kim 916-870-8361

April 19 - Smartville, CA. - River Highlands Ranch - 8600 Big Oak Drive - workshop1 from 1 to 4pm - Sandra 530-477-5816.

April 20 - Redding - Unity Church of Redding at 1852 Buenaventura Blvd - workshop 1 from 12:30 - 3:30pm - Pam 530-244-4475

April 22 - Celebrate Earth Day on Mt. Shasta with Tony & Victoria Song! 530-926-1327

May 3 - Bellingham, WA - Workshops 1 & 2 - Erna - 360 527-3624 or 360 303-1621

The Last week in April we will be in Oregon, and the first week in May we are in the Seattle area.

LoveLeigh's Intention Story - You'll Love it!

Here's a great Intention Story from our new friend, Loveleigh in South Africa.

Hi, Intenders for the Highest Good,

The words "when money walks out the door, love flies out the window" had a huge amount to do with the breakdown of my last relationship and the manifestation of my miracle.

My partner and I had moved into a beautiful double story house next to a lake. Sounds idyllic, but sadly it was in the wrong part of town. The small peninsula boasted wealth, but during the day the area was desolate since in order to live there, everyone worked and only returned after hours.

To top the issue, my partner was not earning a living and I focused my small new business on the only people around - the needy poor community up the road. They badly needed and welcomed my services, but couldn't pay the price. For 3 months I struggled to keep body and soul together when my partner suddenly announced that his daughter, her son and her half sister were coming to stay with us. Again, no money other than mine was forthcoming. Life was tense to say the least!

I had signed a six month lease on the house and two weeks before the lease was due to expire, the agent came to announce that the house had been sold; the new owners wanted to take up residence immediately.

Packing was traumatic...we had nowhere to move to, but this was also an opportunity to evaluate the relationship. Needless to say, a dividing of the ways was inevitable.

For myself, I sat down and made a list for the home I intended to have, and this is how it ran.... . Three carpeted bedrooms, large sitting and dining area - big enough to dance in, kitchen, bathroom, off road parking, and a small manageable garden, all in a secure setting, in a neighbourhood that would support my business, at a rent price that I could afford, with a landlord that would be delighted to have me as a tenant.

I had two weeks to manifest this and I was desperately packing everything for storage, not daring to think of any alternatives. They were all too horrible to imagine.

The Wednesday before we were due to leave, a client of mine phoned and made me promise to see a Doctor who practiced close to where we lived. I'm a Caucasian Christian female in Alternative Healing Therapy and he is an Indian Muslim Medical GP. Somehow I just could not see the two minds coming together on the same page. Muslim culture in South Africa does not condone women living alone! And the two diametrically opposed professions ....well, I didn't hold much hope, but I promised anyway.

Three weeks later, I moved into the home the Doctor had built for his daughter - then in England. It is EXACTLY what I'd written down in my list even to the point of him asking me how much I could afford to pay for rent. For South Africa in its 14th year of Democracy, I have been the only white single woman living in the predominantly Indian Muslim community for 9 years. I celebrate the manifestation of my dream home and have learned lessons beyond anything that I could have imagined.

I turn 50 this year, and believe it's time for me to move away from the fast city life and into the country... Next manifestation is in this space!!!

Blessings to All who Believe and then See,


Intenders Talking Feather Spring Special

Those of you who have been in our Intenders Workshops know that we always use a beautiful Talking Feather in our circles, and there is a good reason for this. We used to go clockwise around the circle but, over time, our experience showed us that when we did that the person who was going to state their Intentions next tended to be thinking about what they were going to say instead of listening to the one who was speaking. That's when we started using a Talking Feather and suggested to whoever was making their intentions that they could pass the feather to anyone anywhere in the circle when they were finished. Right away, this idea became a hit, not only because people began to pay better attention to the person who was making their intentions, but also because the Talking Feather began to take on a power of its own and you could feel it!

Since then, Intenders Office Manager, Vicki Harding, a highly talented craftsperson in her own right, began making Talking Feathers and people from all over the globe are now using them in their Intenders Circles. Handcrafted and blessed by Vicki, these unique Feathers make a wonderful gift for anyone and, this month only, when you order a Talking Feather we will send you the Intenders Ebook of your choice for free! Please specify in the Comments Box on the order form which Ebook you would like and we will email it to you right away.

To order your Intenders Talking Feather now you can go to Our Shopping Cart and look for the picture of the Talking Feather at the bottom of the page.

Tina Stober, Intenders co-founder, is available for private counseling by phone

In our October newsletter we announced that Tina Stober, co-founder of The Intenders, was "out of retirement" and available for private phone sessions to channel Lee Ching and Quan Yin. Since then Tina has been busy! Intenders and friends have called from all over the USA and Canada, as well as foreign countries including Israel, England, Spain, Norway and Australia. We've gotten reports of breakthroughs, healings and miracles. One woman from New York said "Lee Ching told me to get out and walk more for exercise. I found a park 20 minutes away I didn't even know about. One day, on the way home I got a strong impulse to stop at a store nearby and buy a lottery ticket. I won $5700!" Another woman from Michigan sent Tina a note saying: "Thank you so much for the amazing reading! It was the next step in this amazing awakening! I am well on the way to sharing my gifts with others and helping them while continuing on my path to enlightenment..." Another woman from Pennsylvania wrote: "...the Divine Light Prayer has shifted something in me...I definitely felt lighter and more self-assured...great!"

Tina also gives a Divine Light Transmission, which will "just add light" to any situation or condition you face. She works on a donation basis, and most sessions last about an hour. Suggested donation is $50-$200 per session, and you can send Tina a check or use Paypal after your phone session. To book an appointment with Tina and her divine friends, call her in Hawaii at 808-982-6774. Please remember Hawaii time is now 2 hours earlier than California time, and 5 hours earlier than USA east coast time.

Anara's Amazing Story about The Intenders Bridge

A friend told me about the Intenders last night. Today I opened to the green home page at Immediately, before reading anything, I was filled/flooded throughout my being with what I've called the anointing over the years, because it's a huge, powerful feeling of something being so much of the Divine as to be impossible to ignore. I [signed up and] got on email for The Bridge immediately, and read just a bit -- walked outside and began to speak to the Universe, undoing the years of darkness in my thoughts and emotional body due to (not important here). I owned everything that's in me, having been gifted to channel specific kinds of "material". I came inside, as instructed by my "High Guys" to lie down and absorb the huge thing(s) I'd just allowed myself to accept and intend. Then this "came", and I thought you might enjoy knowing that someone who'd only opened the web page got all this out of it --

Shift (by Anara Brinmere and gang)

There's been a mighty shift in me
A New Day has begun
The night is but a memory
I'm lit by morning's sun.
It's flames throughout my being blast
Leave ashes in their wake.
What's done is Done, what's past is Past.
I live for Highest's Sake.


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