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March 2015

Table of Contents

~Our New Intenders Website!
~Group Upliftment/Ascension Templates
~A Timely Word from our Intenders guide, Lee Ching
~Josa's Vision for Non-Verbal Communication
~Castenada's Chant
~Linda's Vision for Our Sustainability
~The Intenders Handbook in Bulk

Our New Intenders Website!

The last three months have been a joy for us because we've been building a completely new look and functionality for Our Intenders website at first thing you will notice is a brand new 3 minute YouTube introducing The Intenders. We've also added several new pages including Manifestation Stories, About Us, Intenders Staff pages, new Freebies and much more. We feel confident that our new website is much better organized now. It is our intention to make it as easy as possible for you to access all the information you need to empower and uplift yourself.

Group Upliftment/Ascension Templates

Creating Oneness in our groups and communities will heal us all. Indeed, Group Upliftment is simply a matter of coming together as One, and there are many templates for doing this. The Oneness Formula outlined in detail here and in the tenth chapter (The 10th Intent) of my book, The Code, is the one we use in our Intenders Circles. Easily adaptable to any group, it contains six easy steps for setting the stage for Oneness to occur. I've seen it happen a hundred times and, if we're all in alignment with God or the Highest Good, it always works.

Of course, several other templates are also available for achieving a state of Oneness in your community. Besides my regular Intenders Circle I also attend a weekly meditation group that uses a synthesis of meditations made popular by Drunvalo Melchezideck and St. Germain. In this circle we ground ourselves thoroughly, then we slowly light up each of our chakras (energy centers that run along the spine) in turn, thus creating a column of light. Then, we connect the columns together into one "field of light" by spinning it and extending it outward to cover a larger area. You can also use a "merkaba" visualization in the same way. (We'll keep you posted on our progress with this.)

Another more involved template for group ascension is used by the Toltecs and can be found in Carlos Casteneda's book, The Eagle's Gift. In it they follow an exacting configuration of 8 men and 8 women, each representing an attribute of a specific direction on the compass. They call it The Rule of the Nagual and it's located in the chapter by the same name.

Those of you who have cultivated and experienced true Oneness in your group or community can't help but remember the feeling of upliftment it left you with. Likewise, those who experience this wondrous feeling of Oneness on a regular basis know that it's cumulative: the more you do it, the more it lifts you up and acts as an antidote to all the confusion and toxins in our world today. In fact, it's one of the main tools we'll be using to heal ourselves and our world in the days to come.

Consider this: what would happen if you were to do more at the end of your church services or community meetings than just quickly sing the Peace Song and go home? The Peace Song (and others like it) are wonderful, however, unless you remain silent and connected by continuing to hold hands for several moments after you're done singing, you miss out on the fullness of the Oneness experience (because that's when the clearest feeling of Oneness happens - in the silence after the singing or toning).

So, the next time you're at a spiritual gathering getting ready to sing, chant or tone together, what if you were to take a couple of minutes and deliberately set the stage for Oneness to occur (as in The 10th Intent of The Code) by explaining to everyone about holding the silence and the touching at the end? What if all groups looking for upliftment were to begin to do this? Can you imagine it? Churches, communities and groups all across the globe deliberately creating Oneness whenever they come together? Right away, Great Oneness Divine, in all Its radiant glory, would be revealing Itself to us en masse, worldwide! I can't wait!


A Timely Word from our Intenders guide, Lee Ching

Your world needs you now. These times of great change call upon all those who are holding the light to set an example for others by being happy and uplifted regardless of the circumstances around them. Remember that your inner poise need not be swayed by outer orchestrations, and that the mainstream consensus reality is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities you can choose to place your attention on. It is wise for you to take part in the realities that serve you and discard the ones that do not, and, in that way, instead of commiserating or becoming sorrowful, you will remain happy and shining your light for all those around you to see.

For more about our Intenders guide, Lee Ching, you can visit his new webpage here.

Josa's Vision for Non-Verbal Communication

Here is a Vision from Intender, Josa Pepper, that says what a lot of us have been envisioning and intending for a long time. She says:

I have a vision where non-verbal communication has fully returned to this planet; where we intuitively know what everyone’s needs are without the necessity for words, or even thoughts; and where everything is allowed to evolve beautifully in its own natural rhythm.

Deep peace and stillness have returned to Mother Earth because all humans realize that it was the accelerating level of noise and negative vibrations on the planet that were inhibiting easy and true communication. In the profound silence all humans have expanded their awareness into the infinite space of the consciousness that they really are - and we remember how to communicate fluently with all other beings, animals, trees and plants.
And so it is."
Josa Pepper

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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Casteneda's Chant

Speaking of Carlos Casteneda, the following is a chant that he repeated over and over during times of upheavel in his life. We have been using it ourselves lately and we thought you might make good use of it, as well.
I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will see.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.

Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

from The Eagle's Gift

Linda's Vision for Our Sustainability

Linda LoCastro is becoming a regular contributor to our Vision Alignment Project. Her Visions are so well-timed and insightful that we love sharing them with you. Her Vision this month is for Our Sustainability. Linda says:

I see a world where all of humanity has awakened to our responsibility and our power, and we are making positive choices for our own sustainability, for our families, our communities, our country and our precious Mother Earth; where we have risen above all the harmful effects of GMO's, toxins, vaccines, pollution, electromagnetic frequencies, government & corporate corruption and these things are no longer a part of our lives; where we have realized that instant gratification was part of the problem, and that sustainability was the solution.

And I see a world where everyone is now feeling empowered to do their part to create and sustain Life on this planet indefinitely. Individually and together we can and are making a difference in saving ourselves and our world! We have found our courage and our know-how!
With Love & Gratitude,

The Intenders Handbook in Bulk

Many people who have finished reading The Intenders Handbook turn right around and order 10 copies in bulk so they can give them to their friends and neighbors. This timeless little book is a bestseller by all standards and now we have made it even more enticing. The latest addition to our Intenders Shopping Cart offers 100 copies of The Handbook for $240. That's the same price that the bookstores pay for it!
The Intenders Handbook Bulk Specials

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