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Spring Equinox 2013

Table of Contents

~Our Newfound Power: What Do We Do With It?
~A Fun Manifestation Story - The Universe Chuckles Again
~More to the Story
~The Intenders Handbook / Get What You Want Combo Special

Our Newfound Power: What Do We Do With It?

Today, on this 2013 Spring Equinox, we are reminded of the ancients who symbolized this point when the days become longer than the nights by saying that this is the time when the light overcomes the dark. We like this idea and would even take it a step further by seeing this time as a turning point when the light overcomes the dark on a much larger scale - bringing freedom, empowerment and widespread conscious manifestation into the forefront of human experience.

I don't know about you but, for me, things are manifesting much quicker than before. In times past it often felt like I'd have to wait forever for something I'd intended to make itself available to me. Now, however, I can make an intention and walk out the front door and practically trip over whatever I was intending to manifest. Said another way - years ago we in The Intenders we were saying that the time would come when we would have a thought and it would be there. Clearly, that time has come, and with it also comes more responsibility and a very important question: What do I do now that I am better able to get what I want? What do I do with this newfound power?

If, indeed, the Intention Process / Law of Attraction works - and I assure you that it does - how do we put it to its highest and best use? Do we use it for good or otherwise? The choices are ours and ours alone. We can use our power to help others or we can use it to perpetuate the fears and insecurities of our ego personalities. Unfortunately, in our culture we tend toward the latter and as a result we squander our precious energy, energy we could be putting toward serving our highest potential.

You see, power used on behalf of our ego always keeps us separated from one another, while power used on behalf of helping others always brings us closer to experiencing the connectedness of everything. Power used for the ego's sake doesn't trust (that our intentions will manifest for us); it makes us think we must strive and contrive in order survive and thrive. It has us thinking that we have to keep a step ahead of everyone else or else we'll fall by the wayside. But this is just more "separation" thinking which promotes more "Us vs Them" behavior, behavior that has us feeling contracted, behavior that will definitely not get us where we want to go.

On the other hand, serving others (ala the Seventh Intent of The Code) leads us to Connection. When we use our power to help others we close the gap; we heal the "separation" and our hearts begin to open. This is the key to the wisest use of our newfound power. For, power used for personal advantage engenders separation and isolation - while power used to help our fellow travelers opens our hearts and allows us to feel good again.
Tony Burroughs 3/18/13

A Fun Manifestation Story - The Universe Chuckles Again

The Universe definitely has a sense of humor. One of my long term intentions has been to live in "the islands" again. As many who have read my books know, I spent the largest portion of my life in Hawaii and love it there. Recently, however, after living on the road for the last several years traveling around the country showing people how to run an Intenders Circle, I found an area in the northernmost rural part of California that I fell in love with. I made a list of all the things I wanted to have in a home base and I intended to settle in there.

Long story short, two weeks ago - the day after I made the list - I found a place that fits me to a T. It had all the things on my list (but of course it's not in "the islands"). The interesting part was that I had to meet the fellow who was showing it to me at the local gas station where I was to follow him to see the place for the first time. When I asked him where we were going, he answered, "Oh, it's about a mile up ahead. Just look for the signs: it's on Island Road."

More to the Story

When I was making my list for the things I intended to have in my new home, I was walking around the place I where was staying temporarily, asking for more Clarity. As I sat in front of a red brick hearth I noticed an old timey dinner plate mounted on the bricks that had a pastoral scene on it: Rural valley, barn, fence lined country road, beautiful mountains, etc. Here's a photo of the dinner plate . . .

Plate Vision

That evening, after I moved into my new place on Island Road, I was looking at the view to the southwest and guess what I saw? A big red barn beside an old wooden fence that lined a winding country road - and beyond that, at the end of the valley are the awe-inspiring Trinity Alps. What Fun! Take a look . . .

Barn Manifestation

The Intenders Handbook / Get What You Want Special

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Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions   The Intenders Handbook by Tony Burroughs

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