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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

March 2013

Table of Contents

~Vision for a Wave of Altruism
~Blackfoot's Connection to the Earth
~Starting Your Own Community
~Intenders Circle Q and A - Merging with the Invisible
~Get What You Want - The Top 100!

Vision for a Wave of Altruism

Here at the Intenders we feel that if we are to put the Intention Process / Law of Attraction to its highest and best use, then, instead of patching up the old, it is much wiser for us to begin envisioning the world we want to create for ourselves. The following Vision came in last week from Anne Fitzgerald and it is one of our best ever. In fact, it is so well stated that we couldn't wait to share it with you. She says:

I see a Wave of Altruism flowing around the Earth. I see people everywhere waking up to the realization that fear and greed are totally ineffective, and only attract more of the same. I see people trying kindness as a response to meanness and delighted to find that kindness heals the relationship. I see individuals paying it forward at every opportunity, teaching by example that generosity can replace greed.

In the news we will hear stories, one after the other, of rich people realizing they are isolating themselves in a smaller and smaller enclave, yearning to be part of the human family again, and giving away everything beyond what they need to live on. Human beings will learn that money is only a metaphor, and the only real security is in community and self-fulfillment. Flaunting riches like mansions and flashy cars will become ludicrously old-fashioned behavior, and living simply will become greatly admired. The mass media will have to find a whole new ethic.

Cooperation will replace competition. I see groups of volunteers restoring the environment, cleaning up streams, planting trees, making roof gardens in the cities. Well-paid employees will suggest job sharing with those who are unemployed. Employers and middle management formerly driven by ambition will learn how to have fun, and will generate new ways to ease stress from others. We will even hear about CEO's of corporations, dissolving their power empires into many small companies. With their amassed wealth they will sponsor free enrichment programs for students, like training in the arts. Eventually there will be no individuals marginalized and corrupted by poverty and hopelessness - the prisons will be empty and can be torn down.

I see our nation forgiving other nations their debts but not in any way trying to control those nations, allowing them their own path of evolution. As this Wave of Altruism flows around the Earth, I see nations who have been traditional enemies for hundreds of years realizing that revenge brings only more pain and, instead, offering the hand of peace.
Anne Fitzgerald, Seattle, WA

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Blackfoot's Connection to Mother Earth

In these times when so many are wondering what's going on and where we are headed, the teachings of the Native Americans have been there all along to show us the way. Now, more than ever, we are reminded to take care of our Mother Earth in the ways of those who walked this land before us.

We received the following note from Blackfoot on Valentine's Day commenting on our Intenders Bridge Message #41 about Mother Earth being a live entity and how She responds to us as we respond to her. His words cut to the core, and show us what we can expect when we begin to step into our true power. He says:

From my own experience there's no difference between Earth Mother and us. Her water is our water, her food is our food. She Speaks if you know how to listen and know who you are and where you come from. There was a time my connection to her was so powerful in the spring after the thaw you could almost jump into her, or hear the peoples crying on the other side of planet from storms or earthquakes. I've enjoyed your writings. Keep up the good work.

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Starting Your Own Community

". . . the only real security is in community and self-fulfillment." These words come from Anne Fitzgerald's beautiful Vision that leads off this month's Intenders Newsletter - and they are so fitting because along with lining up with the Highest Good, self-fulfillment and community are the cornerstones of the Intenders Information. We help people become self empowered so they can get what they want in life, and we also provide resources that make it easy to come together in community. Indeed, our Intenders Circle format has now been used by thousands of people in all parts of the world, in all walks of life, and it has proven itself to be flexible, effective, easy and empowering.

If you would like to start your own community (you don't have to call it an Intenders Circle - you can all it The Garden Club if you like) we offer a very affordable kit that will help you immensely. Our Create Your Own Community Package includes 1 Intenders DVD and 10 Intenders Handbooks (for you to either resell or give to new members of your group.) The Intenders DVD shows you exactly how we run our Circles (although you can tailor your format according to the preferences of your group). And The Intenders Handbooks are a wealth of information that we gathered as we learned about self empowerment and conscious community making.

Create Your Own Community Package

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Intenders Circle Q and A - Merging with the Invisible

One of the questions we get asked most often here at Intenders Central revolves around calling in our helpers from the invisible realms in our Intenders Circles. First and foremost, we feel it's important that each Intenders Circle sets its own course. Although we provide a format we've used successfully for almost two decades, we know that every group is different and, therefore, we recommend that each group feels free to change our guidelines to fit their own needs and preferences. If one Circle wants to move the invocation or forego the potluck, that's perfectly okay.

That said, we also know that more and more people nowadays are realizing there is a lot going on around them that's invisible to the naked eye. Those who are becoming more conscious are finding that within these invisible frequencies, along with the radio waves, TV waves, emotions, cellphone bands, etc., there are invisible Beings, as well. Guides, helpers, angels, devas - they go by many names and they come in all shapes and sizes - but they have one thing in common: they come when we call. They reach out to us in exactly the same measure that we reach out to them.

As a result, we in the Intenders have found that when we invoke them in our gatherings everything begins to feel better. There's a very noticeable change in the room because our guides from the invisible realms have joined us - and from our perspective, that's where we're all headed; that's the next step in our evolution: merging with those in other dimensions, other realms, other worlds. Thus, we always called them forth in our original Intenders Circle before we had our closing Oneness exercise.

Lately, however, many groups have asked if it's alright to call them forth at the beginning of the gathering - and the answer is an emphatic "Yes!" In fact, we invoked the guides and angels at the very beginning of our Intenders Tour Events over the last two years and the response was overwhelming. People invariably said they loved the feeling when we started out the event by calling in our friends from the invisible realms. For many it was the perfect way to start the evening.

Get What You Want - The Top 100!
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