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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

March 2012

Table of Contents

~ Spring Cleaning
~The 2012 Intenders Tour - The Road Show Rides Again
~The Amazing Perkl-light - A Power Tool Like No Other
~Medicines of Light
~Start Your Own Community
~Vicki's Talking Feathers

Spring Cleaning

Tis the cusp of Spring and many of us are beginning to do a bit of Spring Cleaning. It's interesting that, from a higher perspective, it's not only Spring in terms of our yearly seasons; it's also the Spring of our human evolution. That which is old and no longer serves us is being let go of in favor of the anticipation of the new.

For many, myself included, this Spring is a time of detoxing. We're cleansing our bodies of all the junk we put in them. We're juice fasting, changing our diets, giving up the heavy, dense foods and experiences - and as anyone who has ever fasted can tell you, it's a remarkable feel-good, but it isn't always comfortable for the first few days when the toxins are pouring out. This is a time when it's best to rest, stay close to home and go within. Indeed, we want to have everything cleaned out so that when the days get longer we are ready for the new season.

It's the same in our world. The old toxic ways are being abandoned, as we are seeing, (although not yet in the mainstream media), with all the high level banking resignations, governmental deceptions exposed, Occupy movements, and truths coming to light. The internet is filled with news of the old guard giving up and the promise of a new season for all man/womankind.

Business as usual no longer exists, neither in our world or in our physical bodies. For this Spring heralds the coming of something completely new and unprecedented in our history. We are building light bodies. We are poised on the brink of light, as our bodies, our Earth, and our entire Universe are being cleansed of all dissonant impurities. What this means is that all bodies, whether they be physical vehicles, social structures, planets, stars or galaxies are becoming lighter, less dense, brighter. The Intention Process is leading to the Ascension Process - the grand metamorphosis where the old is washed away so the new can come in and take it's place.

This is what's going on nowadays. Spring Cleaning. Those who are getting rid of the toxins and are purifying themselves are, in a very real sense, purifying our world, as well, in preparation for something to come: something so joyous, so freeing and so light that one can hardly imagine how good it's going to be.

The 2012 Intenders Tour - The Road Show Rides Again

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity setting up the 2012 Intenders Law of Agreement Tour. We are currently scheduled to visit 46 cities across America and will be adding more venues in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia soon. These events are geared to help you become more self empowered during these times of great change. If you are challenged physically, financially or emotionally and are looking for resolution, we highly recommend that you attend the event nearest you.

The Flyers and Press Releases are ready for 95% of these events - so if you would like to check the schedule or get a Flyer and send it around to your friends, you can do so by going to

The Amazing Perkl-light - A Power Tool Like No Other

For those who are becoming more attuned to the subtle energies in our world, you know that we live and breathe in a sea of frequencies, some benevolent and some not-so benevolent. Now with the ban having been lifted on the manufacturing of personal frequency machines, you can finally have the ability to set the frequency of your choice to fill your home, office or healing center.

The Perkl-Light Photo

Sophisticated, yet simple to use, the Perkl-Light Spectrum IIA is a highly-advanced instrument offering eight major modes including Ayurvedic, Five-Element Acupuncture, Psycho-Spiritual, Acupuncture Meridians, Body Systems (e.g. Respiratory, Digestive), Organs, and Chakras. The Frequency-Clearing mode clears and balances energy fields associated with allergies, bacteria, viruses, stress, electromagnetic fields, and more. The nearest similar tool on the market today costs well over $2000 but you can create the same effects in your home or place of work with the Amazing Perkl-light for under $550.

"I've had my Perki-Light for almost three years. I always have it turned on and I wouldn't think of going traveling without it! ~Tony Burroughs

For More Info about our Perkl-light Spectrum IIA, Click Here.

Medicines of Light

In the spirit of keeping you abreast on how you can maintain your best physical health when confronted with toxins and dissonant substances in your environment, we have decided to reprint an article called Medicines of Light that was written by Tom Kenyon a few months back. This is a free meditative-like action that requires no devices or previous training - and it will protect you in times of need. To read all about it you can Click Here.

Start Your Own Community

There is one thing we hear over and over after someone starts an Intenders Circle: "People are manifesting things like crazy! Jobs, relationships, money, places to live, the list goes on . . ." And there is a good reason for this. It's because of "the more, the merrier" factor. Simply put, the more people you can get to align with your intentions, the easier and quicker they will manifest for you. Clearly, these are the times for people to come together to empower and uplift one another. That's why the Intenders is growing so fast; and that's why we created our Intenders Start Your Own Community Package.

Our Create You Own Community Package contains 10 copies of the bestselling Intenders Handbook and 1 copy of The Intention Process DVD which takes you right into one of our Intention Circles and shows you exactly how it is done. What an easy way to come together in a community that is supportive and lined up with the Highest Good for everyone at the same time. To Order your Start Your Own Community Package, Click Here.

If we are going to create the peace, the freedom and the joy that we seek and that we deserve, people must begin to come together.

Vicki's Talking Feathers
When we first started The Intenders, we quickly realized that it was a good idea if we used a Talking Stick, like the Native Americans do, in our Intention Circles. This allowed the person who is speaking their Gratitudes and Intentions to proceed without interruption - and it also made better listeners out of all of us. When our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, who is an expert craftsperson, noticed this she immediately handcrafted a beautiful feather to take the place of our talking stick. Long story short, it caught on and now Intenders Circles all over the world are using Vicki's Talking Feathers in their Circles.

If you would like one of these unique handcrafted Intenders Talking Feathers for your Circle - or to use as a decoration, a smudging feather, or a one-of-a-kind gift for family or friends, you can Click Here.


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