The Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter
The Intenders of the Highest Good
The Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter
Stepping Further Into Our Power

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-- Stepping Further Into Our Power
-- Gratitudes
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Welcome to our June Intenders Newsletter. In an efffort to serve you better, we have decided to shorten our newsletter. As you will see, however, we have not sacrificed quality. Like the info in our books and video, the text herein is filled with Light.

Stepping Further Into Our Power

Once we've taken heart and learned to trust in our power, the next step is to stretch our imagination and know that we can create anything that we can think of. When we go beyond the bounds of our old, consensus reality, whole new realms open up before us. We can have leaders who are kind and beneficient; we can clean our air and water in a matter of days; we can enjoy free energy, free food, free shelter, free everything! A life of total comfort is available to anyone who is willing to shed their old thinking processes. Let's take a look at an example of this to see how it works.

Almost everyone in our world today believes that we are at the mercy of the weather. The weatherman comes on the nightly news and tells us that a terrible storm is on the way, and we think that there's nothing we can do about it. Since enough people believe in the authority of the friendly weatherman, we begin to spread his gospel to those around us and, in doing so, we are actually helping to create the inclement weather. In other words, a lot of people, working together, have a lot of power. If they choose to believe in the promptings of someone else (in this case, the TV weatherman), then, as you can see, their beliefs will work against them.

If, on the other hand, people begin to realize that they can come together and create a more comfortable experience for themselves, then that is what will happen. Weather conditions are no exception. We can dissolve the clouds, bring the rains, or move the storms around us, if only we believe we can. The ancients were good at this and didn't hesitate to create comfortable weather. They took advantage of the fullness of their imagination. And they worked closely together for the benefit of the whole group. We can do the same.

The weather is but one small example. Our environment, in all its wondrous manifestations, has the potential for great change. It is alive and ready, at a moment's notice, to respond to our direction and work with us to co-create purity, beauty, and abundance beyond measure. The key is for more of us to hold a vision that serves not just the few, but everyone involved.

Many visions avail themselves to us and many offer great rewards. Our choices are limitless. There is one vision, however, that serves us infinitely better than all the rest. The Highest Light. It is the closest thing that we have to a magic wand. When enough of us choose to see our world in its Highest Light, everything will be different. We'll automatically bring about a healing such as we have never before enjoyed in the entire history of mankind.

How much greater we are than we think we are

From The Highest Light Teachings by Tony Burroughs


Our Winner for this month is Lt Rohit Sharma from India. His views about the power of gratitude and the power of silence are most insightful!

"I have intended lot of things in life and got many, but even as I got one after another I didn't feel happy - the sheer happiness everyone is looking for. Then I tripped upon an article where someone had written that he lost his brother in the 911 attack in WTC and had been wanting to express feelings of love to him but due to bitterness could not do so - but once he died he felt so much remorse and his words moved me. He said,

"Be grateful for whatever you have and be grateful for whatever you have manifested and know that you are responsible for whatever good is happening to you and whatever bad is happening to you. And don't wait to express gratitude for what you have got as it will bring you more of that . . . and don't forget to express love and gratefulness for people around you and things around you, as sometimes . . . you dont get to say that last goodbye."

I was so moved that I started writing down everything I had got and to my amazement within a week I actually saw everything multiplying from money to happiness to better professional aspects. Intention with gratitude is a very very powerful manifestation tool. And also if you intend that you are in silence (this means not thinking anything) - that means a gap, peace, bliss - (these) things come faster to you."

Lt Rohit Sharma, Colaba, Mumbai, India

Thank you, Rohit!

The Intenders Are Going To Peru!

The Intenders are going to Peru in October 2003!. Travel off the beaten track, in comfort, at your own pace with the Intenders and Tony Burroughs, Incan/Quechua Shamans, Chaskis Keepers of Ancient Wisdom, and the Heart Centered Native Healers! You can join us as we explore the most powerful sacred sites in the Andes, take part in daily workshops, empowering initiations, and enjoy magnificent scenery, truly warm-hearted people, delicious food, fine shopping, rich history, unforgettable moments, personal healings by Intender Dr. Sharon Forrest and Native Healers, and private night visits to Macchu Picchu and Aguas Calientes where Shirley MacLaine had her phenomenal experiences.

This is much more than a tour for tourists. It is a unique personal spiritual journey designed to transform and enhance all areas of your life. Fun, laughter, metamorphosis, and so much more await you in the the Peruvian Andes with the Intenders in October!

For More Information, please email us at []

The Global Intenders Circle

Here is a note from Spirit Saint John, the Intenderpreneur of our Global Intenders Circle. She writes "We are so very happy that our Global Intenders Circle has attracted several more new intenders. The flow is incredibly powerful and uplifting and many of us have several graditudes for intentions that have miraculously manifested. I think it is time to post our address as a group in your Newsletter . . ."

Sounds like a good idea to us, Spirit. Keep up the Mighty Manifesting!

Join the Global Intenders Circle!

Our Create Your Own Community Package

If you've ever wanted to create your own intentional community, here is the best tool you could have. Our Create Your Own Community Package provides you with 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intenders Video at a price anyone can afford. Now all you have to do is get a few of your likeminded friends for an evening of fun and empowerment. Don't be concerned that you may not have enough people to get a big circle together at first - just intend that more show up the next time that you gather and they will!

To Order Our "Create Your Own Community" Package

Intenders Products
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