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June 2020

Table of Contents

~The Power in our Everyday Thoughts and Words
~A Typical Wellness or Sickness Conversation
~Our Bestseller ~ The Intenders Handbooks Quartet
~A Vision for Knowing from Gloria Ives
~A Brief Intro to the Intenders
~A Word in Closing from Lee Ching

The Power in our Everyday Thoughts and Words

For those who are awakening, casual conversation isn't casual anymore. Even if most folks are frivolous with their words, the person who is consciously evolving is beginning to realize that it's wise to be extra vigilant nowadays of what they're thinking and saying. What with the increased acceleration - the quickening - of our manifestations, we're noticing that the time between the time we make an intention and the time it manifests for us is getting shorter and shorter. Soon things will manifest instantaneously, so it serves us well to pay much closer attention to what we're saying because it's physical manifestation is right around the corner after that.

In the old days we could say just about anything and it would take weeks or months or more to come into our everyday world. But not anymore! Nowadays we can make an intention in the morning and have it manifest before lunch - and this is a good thing if we're positive and optimistic in our everyday thoughts and words. If we're negative, however, this quickening can wreak havoc in our lives. Our everyday casual expressions can get us into trouble right away, creating all sorts of physical manifestations we'd wished we never held our attention on.

The key to our health and happiness lies in our ability to hold our attention only on the best possible outcomes we can imagine, and to reflect our positive visions outward, not just in some, but in all of our casual conversations. This way we begin to create a happy, harmonious, healthy future for ourself and for the people we're conversing with.
TB 6/8/20

Positive communication brings positive experiences.
Talking about the most positive outcomes you can imagine
will bring you the most positive experiences imaginable.

A Typical Wellness or Sickness Conversation

"You could get sick!" he said emphatically.

"No, I won't!!" she replied, even more emphatically.

"How do you know you won't get sick?" he asked. "You're around sick people all the time. You could catch their disease."

"No. I won't!" she replied again. "I don't use my body for sickness or ill health."

He thought about that for a moment, then said, "Well, you do look to be in excellent health. How do you do it?"

"I just told you," she answered. "I don't use my body for anything but perfect health. I don't entertain any thoughts or doubts to the contrary, either."

He was still skeptical, but curious as well. "But how does it work? What do you do to stay in such good health?"

"I put the Law of Attraction to its highest and best use in my life," she said. "You see, I have learned over the years that what I say is what I get. My thoughts and my words always precede my physical experiences, including the condition of my health. So I never agree with anyone about their illness lest I reinforce it, and most importantly, I never, ever, agree with anyone else about the possibility of me having poor health. In other words, I only envision my body healthy, and I only talk about my body being healthy. And I never waver. . . "

"The Law of Attraction, huh?" he interrupted. You're telling me that it works for attracting good health and well-being, just like it does for everything else?"

"Absolutely!" she said. "Our thoughts and words have a huge effect on our physical health. The more we see ourself well, and the more we say ourself well, the healthier we'll be!"

What you're thinking and talking about all day long
is what you'll be manifesting soon thereafter.

Our Bestseller ~ The Intenders Handbooks Quartet

The Highest Good Quartet

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A Vision for Knowing from Gloria Ives

We see a world where knowing reigns supreme; where Health care equals empowerment; and where the health care system is being gently shaken up. And as it settles, the providers that rise to the surface are those whose aim is to get at the root, who see things so radically differently, that the brave and bold and trusting will be at the forefront as this new age is ushered in.

We see ourselves living in an age where preventative diagnostics and treatment are in the hands of the consumer; where small devices, in the hands of the consumers themselves, will diagnose and treat all issues so we are left with more time, attention and resources to genuinely connect with one another.

We see a world where those who think differently are supported, and those who are able give them the time of day, resources and opportunities to usher these new and worthwhile approaches into a new way of being, lead the way - free from big pharma and red tape. We see a world where we're all re-empowered, and resurrected, enabled to shine again and do our own part, energized and enlightened; a world where boundaries to wellbeing are dissolved, and health care and self-care are one and the same; where hands-on healing and intention join hands with science; and where we have become fully aware that our intent to serve others through our own intentions is a viable means of creating powerful change.

Gloria Ives

Thank you, Gloria! We love your insightful Vision and we wholeheartedly align with it!

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A Brief Intro to the Intenders

The Intenders of the Highest Good are committed to helping you integrate the Law of Attraction / Intention Process into your daily life. It is our firm intention that we all understand that our thoughts and words are the tools we use to create our everyday reality, including our good health. Accordingly, in our books and newsletters, we tell stories and share messages designed to help you create the best possible future you can for yourself and others.

Because of the world situation in recent days, our last several newsletters have talked about applying the Law of Attraction to our health and well-being issues. We intend that the info in this newsletter serves you well. For the Highest Good of the Universe, ourselves and everyone concerned. So be it and so it is!

A Word in Closing from Lee Ching

In the days ahead
you will be helping each other
and working together
much more than you have in the past.
In this way you'll be better prepared
for when it comes time
to make those stronger stands
for things like peace, equality, freedom,
sharing, and creating a pure,
pristine environment for yourselves.

Quoted from The Highest Good Handbook by Tony Burroughs

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Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 12 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 3 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook, or on The Intenders YouTube Channel.

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