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June 2015

Table of Contents

~Spring Cleaning / The Wisdom Blessing
~The Second Intent ~ Seek Truth
~Lee Ching
~Three Days of Light and Tony's Upcoming Tour
~Coming Soon! What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages

Spring Cleaning / The Wisdom Blessing

I was doing some Spring Cleaning, going through a bottom drawer filled with memorabilia collected from our early Intenders tours, and in the middle of a stack of old picture frames I ran across a peace flyer from 2006. On the back of it was a very touching message called The Wisdom Blessing. It was penned by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and I took it was a sign, a personal gift. It's in that Spirit that we share it with you now.
Our Wish For You

May you choose outrageous actions that challenge who you are
and encourage who you are becoming.

May you take one step, however small, towards that which you have always longed for.
Now is the right time.

May you recognize the unique and powerful contribution that you bring
to the people whose lives you touch.

May you be as grand and wonderful as you really are, and do things
because you want to, not because you should.

May you celebrate your creativity and find peace and purpose
and passion amidst the chaos and suffering.

May you reach towards the spirit with a longing that keeps you present
to the miracles available all around you, all the time.

May your faith move any mountains that stand in your way
and may your heart be awake and open.

May wisdom be your guide and may love be at the center of all your choices.

You can piggy-back on Sophia's empowering Vision and make it yours, too. At the same time you're helping us reach 2,000,000 Alignments.
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The Second Intent ~ Seek Truth

Each and everyone of us is powerful beyond measure. That is the truth. Yet one of the greatest barriers which stands between ourselves and our power arises out of our habit of thinking that others are better than us. We harbor the illusion of a low self-image. With this in mind, the next time you find yourself putting someone else on a pedestal and wishing you are like them, give yourself equal time. See yourself up on that same pedestal, happy and deserving of all good things. Hold that thought until you’re comfortable with it. Hold it until you feel it in your heart of hearts and watch your life begin to change. The more vigilant you become in observing your thoughts without attaching any emotion to them, and the better you get at turning the ones which aren’t working for you around, the more you will liberate yourself from the prison of your own self-imposed limitations. People will automatically be more attracted to you. And when they ask what's helped you make such a positive difference in your life, you can tell them it was the truth that set you free.
The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World
"To be free we must begin to distance ourselves from our basic beliefs about poverty, defense, security self-worth, guilt, loneliness and more. It is important to remember that the predatory deceptions cannot hold onto to us when we know our thoughts create our world and we can think anything we like. That is our choice. That is our point of reference. That is our true security. And that is what awakens our Spirit. To disentangle ourselves once and forever from the predator’s claws we must reject all suggestions that we are anything but abundant lest we draw poverty to us, that we need to put up a defense lest we draw an attack to us, that we need to purchase insurance lest we draw calamity to us, that we are undeserving lest we draw scarcity to us, that we are guilty lest we draw worry to us, that we are alone lest we draw helplessness to us.

Like the shadow that passes in front of the moon and darkens our way the illusions and deceptions that hover between us and our Spirit hide that which we truly are. But this will not last for, just as the winds rise before dawn and push the clouds out from between us and the celestial bodies so will the truth rise and push away the illusions of life allowing our Spirits to shine forth revealing to all that we are innocent children of God equal in His eyes with everyone and everything else having access to all good things surrounded always by friends in many realms free to experience explore and enjoy All That Is."

Extract from The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World

I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me.
I go to the source. I seek truth.

Lee Ching

"One evening at Alva Kamalani’s house in Hilo, with about 40 Intenders in the circle, Lee Ching told me that he wasn't exclusive to Tina, that he would come through me, if I asked him to. He told me to go home and do my morning meditation, and after I was done, to say a special prayer (it's on page 32 of this book) The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World, and have a small tape recorder ready nearby. The following morning that’s exactly what I did. At first, I couldn't believe what was happening. It was weird. But, at the same time, I felt different, lighter, and all sorts of interesting information, which I'll share with you later on, started coming into my head. When I announced my skepticism, he said just to keep doing it and trust that the more I practiced, the clearer I get."

Looking back, I can see that he was right, even though I continued to be skeptical at times. For instance, after a lively workshop at The Soul Esteem Center in St. Louis awhile back, I remember asking him, “Lee Ching, how can I know this is really happening, that I’m really in touch with you and all of the other invisible beings who say they’re here to help me?” His answer, put so sweetly, was “Tony, where do you think all of the wonderful books that you’re writing are coming from?” Hmmm . . . he had me there. I had to admit that a lot of the information written in my books was totally unfamiliar to me on a conscious level. Obviously, it had to be coming from somewhere.

Needless to say, as practical as I once was, now I’m thoroughly convinced that “something” much different is going on beyond what we were taught as children. Our world is not like we thought it was. There are invisible helpers around us—all of us—and all we have to do to contact them is believe that they are there and call them forth."
Tony Burroughs

Three Days of Light and Tony's Upcoming Tour

Tony Burroughs

Tony Burroughs will be the keynote speaker at the 4th annual Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL) from August 28th-30th in Old Fort, North Carolina (near Asheville). He will also be at the gathering throughout its entirety and hold a workshop while he is there. For more information and workshop schedules for this wonderful event you can visit

To promote his new book, Tony will also be scheduling Intenders Circle workshops and speaking events from August through October starting on the east coast and finishing up on the west coast. If you would like get on the schedule and have Tony to come to your area for an event you can email us at {}.

Coming Soon! What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages

Our newest Intenders book is scheduled for release by Viva Editions this September. What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages by Tony Burroughs is a true Oracle for the 21st century. Filled with stories and notes collected from over 20 years of Tony's experiences with his guide, Lee Ching, What You Need To Know Now is the culmination of their work together. The Lee Ching Messages are tried and true. As you read them, you will feel a resonance, a deep truth ready to guide you as you navigate the waters of today's ever-changing world.

Stay tuned in our next Intenders Newsletter for information on how you can pre-order a copy of What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages.


Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 10 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 1.8 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook or The Intenders YouTube Channel.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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