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June 2013

Table of Contents

~Our Attention
~Our 3 Audiobook Special and Mp3s
~A Vision and Intention for Raising Our Youth
~Intenders Cybercircles: The Return of the Soul Group
~The New Intenders Shopping Cart Loaded with Specials and Freebies
~Resonating with the Unity Daily Word

Our Attention

One of the main differences between the Master and the Apprentice is that the Master can hold his/her attention on one thing for an extended period of time and the Apprentice cannot. This explains why the Masters are skilled in many areas of life. They can do a wide variety of tasks proficiently because they've learned to "fix" their attention on one thing at a time - and it doesn't really matter what that one thing is.

I've been fortunate to spend considerable time with two Masters in my life and it's clear that outside influences don't disturb or distract them like they do with most of the rest of us. The Master gets to the heart of things easier, whether it's learning how a toaster works or how a world works.

Life in Hawaii back in those years was much slower. We seemed to have all the time in the world. It was our custom, BJ and I, to go down to the beach at City of Refuge in the late afternoon and stay to watch the sunset. We'd sit at the old picnic tables beside the water, with nobody else around . . .

One evening while we waited for the green flash that often follows the leeward sunset I asked BJ how to accelerate my spiritual growth, and he replied, "Pick any spot in space." Another time, at the same picnic tables, I asked him about meditating, and he said, "Pick any spot in space." In fact, in looking back, whenever I probed him for information that would further me along my path, he often came back to the same response, "Pick any spot in space . . ."

More recently I was chatting with Lee Ching, questioning him, as usual, about the way things work and he said, "People need to escape the mind for a time. The truth lies in the spaces between the mind chatter. When you are practicing holding your attention on the Present in your daily life and in your meditation, you are going to other levels, other heavenly levels. The more you go toward those other levels the happier you'll be because it's aligning you with your Soul."

These times call for us to begin to pull the reins of our attention back into ourselves and use it for our own higher intents and purposes. Those who are beginning to do this are discovering that when we go into the quiet and "fix" our attention on any one thing, something magical happens. A heavenly light comes on, our perceptions are enhanced and a new world, in all it's radiance and glory, opens up before us.
TB 5/30/13

I Intend that I am able to hold my attention
on any one thing for as long as I choose.

Our 3 Audiobook Special and New Mp3s

One of our bestsellers all along has been our 3 Audiobook Special which is made up of The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings and The Law of Agreement, all read by the author, Tony Burroughs. These three books contain both the fundamentals as well as the advanced Intenders information. Tony's down-to-Earth style of writing shines through the stories that fill these wonderful books making them popular with all ages.

And now . . . with the launching of our New Shopping Cart we are able to offer these same 3 Audiobooks as Mp3s for Immediate Download to your computer or handheld device. These Mp3s are priced even less than our 3 Audiobook Special because we don't have the expense of duplicating the CDs, packaging, shipping, etc. So now you can choose our CDs or our Mp3s and listen to these empowering stories while you drive or putter around the house!

To Order our 3 Audiobook 7 CD Special, Click Here.
To Order our 3 Audiobooks in Mp3, Click Here.

A Vision and Intention for Raising Our Youth

I have a Vision and an Intention about the programming / conditioning / indoctrination process we go through as children here on planet Earth, so I would be most grateful if you would bear with me for a moment while I set the stage for these ideals. Currently, our children are taught to become warriors. They're conditioned to go out and kill others like themselves in the name of God, country, personal defense, etc. Indeed, all of us have been prepared for soldiering by our school curriculums, our TV shows, our news media, our movies, and it's so all-pervasive that few question this strange practice. Few realize that it doesn't make for a happier, safer, more comfortable world for us to live in.

Clearly, the programming of our youth, as it stands today, has never and will never provide us with the results we're looking for.

Gandhi said it decades ago - that if we want to create a better world for ourselves we must start with the children. We must teach them the benefits of peace, a respect for one another, the virtues of life. At present, however, those who we trust to run our worldly educational and political systems catch our innocent youth at the earliest age possible and discipline them. In fact, did you ever wonder how our political leaders got to be so steeped in fear and defensiveness? It's because their parents disciplined their own so rigorously from infancy on that these kids couldn't help but become ardent warriors. Then, as they grew up and became the next generation of leaders they simply passed on what they were taught to their offspring and to the rest of us.

It's a horrific cycle, one that started eons ago in the Caucasus Mountains after the last great flood, and it's time for humanity at large to rise above it all. And that is my Intention for today: that humanity, en masse, awakens to Love and begins, from this moment forward, to raise our youth all across this planet in an environment where we're taught to honor the lives of others, to help one another, to think kindly of all people, to care, to respect, to allow, to bless, to be merciful and to recognize the desire in every person's soul that calls out for us to live out the whole of our lives fully and freely, happily and healthfully, joyously and playfully.

And . . . I see a world where this has already happened; where we have rejected, en masse, the idea that war will ever make things better and we have replaced it with the idea of serving one another in an environment of the sweetest peace imaginable.

Do you Align with me?

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Intenders Cybercircles: The Return of the Soul Group

Although our real-life Intenders Circles are now all over the world, there are still many places where people can't get to a Circle easily. So about a month ago we set the intention to take the Intenders Circle onto the internet. Right away we discovered Google+ Hangouts as the perfect vehicle for an Online Intenders Circle and we held our first Intenders Cybercircle with 3 of us. In short, it was such fun and, more importantly, we found out that the physical distance between us didn't matter in terms of manifesting and supporting one another in our intention making.

In our last newsletter we brought you the link to our first recorded Intenders Cybercircle with 10 of us (that's the Hangout limit), and, although it was a bit long, it did allow our viewers to see the fun we were having and the community that was taking shape. Now it's two weeks later and we are truly feeling like a family in our Genesis Circle. Not only that, two more Cybercircles have started and that same spirit of mutual support is growing in them as well (the mid-Sunday afternoon Goddess Circle is amazing!). We admit that we are still learning and refining this Online Intenders Manifesting Circle format, but it is certain that it brings people from all over the world together in an empowered, light-hearted community.

In fact, what some of us are realizing is that these Cybercircles are soul groups coming back together. You can feel it; we all feel it in both the Genesis and Goddess Circles - and it has to do with the Highest Good. When we're all standing for the Highest Good, it does, indeed, call forth the soul group: those of us who made agreements and arrangements long ago, prior to coming into this world, to come together in this time of great change in order to experience the great benefits of being part of a conscious, supportive community.

We have some openings available in our Sunday evening Cybercircles at 5 and 7 Pacific US Time. If you would like to join one of these or start one of your own and be put on our Intenders Events Calendar, you can email {} Although we are no longer video recording any of our Cybercircles (except for the Genesis Group), we are working on a short 4 minute trailer to introduce people on YouTube to our Intenders Cybercircles.

In the meantime until it's released if you would like to watch a 24 minute (shorter than last week's) Cybercircle you can Click Here.

The New Intenders Shopping Cart Loaded with Specials and Freebies

The Intenders have a completely New Shopping Cart and we are happy to unveil it to you now. As many of you know, we have gotten by for the last twenty years with a bare bones, rudimentary cart that worked but lacked many of the features that are common nowadays. With this in mind we've spent the last two months building a New Shopping Cart that offers an entirely new look and feel as well as many features you'll appreciate - including several Specials and Freebies. It is our intention that you enjoy your shopping experience even more with us now.

To Visit our New Shopping Cart, you can Click Here.

Resonating with the Unity Daily Word
The Intenders have always resonated with the teachings and practices of the Unity Church. In fact, our cofounder, Tony Burroughs, has spoken in many Unity Churches all across the country. Here is a passage from the Unity Daily Word that came out in May that's in perfect alignment with our Intenders information.

"When I set an intention, I put feet under my prayers, aligning my desires and actions with the power of God within. Whether I want to reach a certain goal, nurture a new friendship, or experience inner peace, I know that by thinking, speaking, and acting with intention, the manifestation has begun.

Taking my intention into a sacred time of prayer and visioning, I focus on experiencing my highest good. Positive feelings infuse my mind, body and soul. I am uplifted by an energy of gratitude stirring within me. The foundation has been laid for realizing my heart's desires.

I use my intention as a powerful tool to create the life of my dreams."


Tony Burroughs is available for speaking engagements now. His stories are always empowering, insightful and fun. See The Intenders YouTube Channel. Call 858-200-5200.

To set up a session with Lee Ching through our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober, call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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