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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

June 2012

Table of Contents

~A Beautiful Confirmation
~The Intenders 2012 Tour Feedback
~The Code and The Law of Agreement Special
~The Circle of Miracles
~2012 Tour Updates
~Highest Light Pendulums
~Personal Help from Tina and Lee Ching

A Beautiful Confirmation

Hello Tony,
I attended your event at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living in Peoria, AZ. some time ago. I just wanted to thank you for suggesting that all in the circle take part in prayer for me. I was the guy who had kidney and ureter c……. I did wind up having the kidney and ureter removed, as I was still passing blood, but the outcome proved to be favorable. The c……. was very aggressive and if more time would have elapsed the outcome would have very possibly not been good. After removal of kidney and ureter the margins were clear. I do not need Chemo or similar treatments, just periodic follow ups. I did not even need to take pain meds after leaving the hospital.

I know that the positive and healing energy from that evening definitely helped with the successful outcome of my surgery. I am truly blessed.

Thank you again and blessings,
Karl Schmidt

The Intenders 2012 Tour Feedback

We received so many letters of gratitude for presenting our latest workshop that we thought we'd share another one with you. It is our intention to take a short break this summer and then continue to take this empowering and uplifting information out to the world. If you would like to get on the list for us to come to your area please email us at [}.

The updated schedule for the remaining events for our 2012 tour is located at

Here is a note from Janice Keifer from the Lotus Yoga Center in Apopka, Florida, just outside Orlando. Thank you Janice for your kind words.

Hi Tony,
I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. The message is so uplifting and your delivery so calm, warm, and accepting. The presentation really positively affected everyone who attended. In fact, we are starting our own Intention Circle next week! You should be very proud to have facilitated the spread of such a worthy methodology for reconnecting to our inner selves. Bless You! If you ever come this way again, please come back to visit us.
Janice D. Keifer, Owner
Lotus Yoga Center
Apopka, FL 32703

The Code / The Law of Agreement Special

Although Tony's newest book, The Law of Agreement, is catching fire with more orders coming in for it everyday, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World is also being purchased at our events with equal enthusiasm. Tony considers these two books to be his finest full-length works, having both been written specifically to have their greatest impact now when they are needed most. Both of these timely volumes are published by Weiser Books who is supporting the current 2012 Intenders Law of Agreement Tour.

"I just finished The Law of Agreement and consider it your best yet! Really gutsy stuff that tells it like it is in just a beautiful way! Thank you so much! I will definitely encourage folks to read it!"
Jennifer Rhodes, Ph.D
Arizona Psychologist

"Tony Burroughs has done it again...The Code is a masterfully written book of pure inspiration. It is a priceless guide to help us all reconnect to our spiritual humanity. Through his ten practical intentions, Tony has produced divine scripture for the new millennium. The Code is by far one of the most important books of the 21st century!"
Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley,
The Secrets of the Light

Since we have received so many wonderful testimonials for these two books - for the remainder of the tour through July 10th - we are offering our The Code / Law of Agreement Special whereby if you order The Law of Agreement along with either The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World or our On the Road with the Code CDs or DVDs, we will automatically send you a copy of our most popular Ebook, High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders for free. High Lights is an $7.95 value and contains over 400 pages of the most empowering and uplifting sayings from the guidance sessions of our original Intenders Circle.



To Receive this Special you can Click Here to go to our Intenders Shopping Cart and Order The Law of Agreement and any one of either The Code Book, CDs or DVDs - and we will send you a link for your free download of High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders.

The Circle of Miracles

Last Sunday we were honored to take part in the morning service at The Circle of Miracles in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and we were pleasantly surprised to see how they had integrated several new ways of uplifting the people in attendance. First of all, per the 10th Intent of The Code, they set the stage for Oneness to occur by holding hands in a circle at the end of the gathering and toned OM in unison. This is what so many churches have either forgotten or neglected to do - Create Oneness - however the people at the Circle of Miracles did it beautifully, causing everyone in the room to slip into a sacred state of spiritual unity.

Then, like many New Thought churches, they finished up the morning by singing the Let There Be Peace On Earth song together - but they made an extremely forward thinking adjustment to it. Per The Vision Alignment Project, they sang it as if it had already happened! Thanks to Rev, Hannalore Goodwin and Rev. Glenda Smith, who rewrote the wording to this popular song, they sang it picturing the end result from the beginning!!

We loved it so much that we are sharing the new words written by Revs. Hannalore and Glenda with you here, with the intention that many of you will see the wisdom in holding the Vision of Peace as having already been created and, thus, incorporate these small, but oh-so powerful changes into your singing of these inspiring verses.

Now there is peace on Earth, and it has begun with me.
Now there is peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be.
With God as Creator, united all are we.
Now we walk with each other, in perfect harmony.

Peace has begun with me, and this is the moment now.
With every breath I take, let this be my joyous vow.
I take each moment, and live each moment moment
in peace eternally
Now there is peace on Earth,
and it has begun with me!

2012 Tour Updates
There have been a few changes to our 2012 Intenders Tour Schedule and they are as follows: the 2 St. Paul, MN events have been combined into one and will take place on June 13 at the Como Lake B & B as previously scheduled; The Boulder, CO event venue and time has been changed to 994 55th st., Boulder, CO 80303 - 6:30pm - Contact Sherrie or Charlie at {} or 303-447-2429; By popular request, we will be returning to Norman, OK on July 1st at the Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living, 329 South Peters St from Noon to 2pm - Contact Lisa at 405-760-7578 or Leslie at 254-396-4788 or {}; and we have added a final event to the last leg of the tour so that it ends up in Tony's old home town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado . It will be held on July 10th at the Institute of Light - 475 Lewis St., Suite 218 (above the Bear Creek Inn) - 7pm - Contact Lynnzie at 970-731-0422 or {}.

These 2012 Tour Events are our best ever and we invite you to join us when we come to a town near you.

Our Highest Light Pendulums

Many people ask us how they can discern whether to agree (via The Law of Agreement) with an idea or belief that's presented to them or not - and our answer is simple. You can always consult your own divination powers by using a pendulum, dowsing rods or muscle testing. Our favorite method uses one of our Highest Light Pendulums where ask if it's for the Highest Good to agree or align with any particular idea, value or belief.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Our Highest Light Pendulums are handcrafted by our Intenders Office Manager, Vicki Harding and are always one of the most sought after attractions at our tour events. Vicki blesses each pendulum and asks which one is the best one for you. She also includes an information sheet which tells you how to use your Highest Light Pendulum.

Dear Vicki:
I have a couple of pendulums that I have enjoyed using over the years, but I was always drawn toward your crystal pendulums and necklaces. Every time I placed an order from the Intenders Shopping Cart, I would think about purchasing one of your crystal creations. I finally ordered a pendulum. I was so excited to see which color you would select for me. When the packaged arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. This beautiful blue crystal pendulum was sent with loving care, and I immediately felt the powerful vibrations. I prayed that this crystal would provide me information for my highest and greatest good, and wow, it did provide powerful insights. I will use as often as is necessary. Thank you for giving us your love through your wonderful creations. I would encourage anyone to purchase one of your products. Thank you again.
Barbara Pence from Kentucky

To Order your Highest Light Pendulum now for $20, Click Here.

Personal Help from Tina and Lee Ching
For those of you who are going through personal issues or are having challenges handling the increased energies of these fast changing times, our resident Intenders Channel, Tina Stober, is available for hourly sessions. Tina is one of the original 4 Intenders of the Highest Good and she has been helping people for over 30 years gain clarity and resolution in their lives.

You can call Tina in Hawaii for an appointment at 808-982-6774 and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there than from the US mainland. Tina typically receives donations of between $50 to $200 for an hour of her time.


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