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June 2011

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~Receiving from Unexpected Sources
~The Detectives and the Intention Process
~A Beautiful, Clear Intention from Justina
~Voice of the Soul Cards
~Vicki's Talking Feathers and Pendulums

Receiving from Unexpected Sources

Open wide the doors for things to come to you from unexpected sources. That is a message for the times we're living in. Likewise, in an effort to keep you abreast of the cutting edge, so to speak, that is the message we think/feel is the best one we can pass on to you today.

One of the questions we must all ultimately ask ourselves is: Are we truly the creators of our own reality, in accordance with our right use of the Intention Process / Law of Attraction? Or are we entirely at the mercy of the consensus, status quo, mainstream belief system that would tell us times are hard?

We in the Intenders suggest to you that times may be hard for those who are wedded to the status quo. But for those of you who are honestly integrating the idea that your thoughts create your future, and that if you hold steadfast to the thoughts that will give you the results you're looking for, these times can be a blessing for you. For, how else would you deepen your level of trust in Universe? How else would you remove the barricades that have long stood between you and your highest good?

In order for us to take the next step into our rightful power we must let go of our old ways and, per the 4th Intent of < href="">The Code, "trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources." It is this posture that allows the Universe to fill our banquet table with all that we need whenever we need it. The choice, however, is up to us. Do we continue to buy into to the mainstream mindset that is gearing up for hard times? Or do we realize that the status quo is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities we can choose to put our thoughts on - and begin to expand our horizons to include us receiving things from unanticipated places. It's getting to be crunch time. We can choose the mainstream and its hard times. Or we can intend that things come to us from unexpected sources, trust, and take our rightful place at the banquet.

Would you prefer coffee or tea?

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The Detectives and the Intention Process

The following note came in recently from Linda Sharp. It fabulous message speaks for itself.

I work in the Special Victims Unit of the Police Department. I found often times that the detectives like to discuss their cases. I realized through my spiritual teacher the power of words and thoughts, so I shared with them how they are unknowingly contributing to the negative synergy of what occurs. I suggested that they do their reports, document the facts, and then let go of what just occurred. Witnessing and letting go. One detective said you mean like this - and she put her hand as if she were dropping a handkerchief. She then closed her eyes and said that she felt really good just letting go of it all.

By this process our unit has witnessed a decrease in crime rates more so than in the last 39 years. So on the subtle level a shift is occurring . . .

Truly Inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Linda.

A Beautiful, Clear Intention from Justina

Sometimes we receive Intentions that are so clear and heartfelt that they bring tears to our eyes. That's what happened when we read this one from Justina Kerstein. Perhaps you will want to make it your Intention too. Blessed be you, Justina!

Thank you Creator for this day.
I open myself up for you, I am silent as to hear your calling, to enjoy the experiences life has to offer.
I intend to use this day to focus on healing hurts, nourishing love, creating laughter and light everywhere I shine.
I shall honor the souls I am blessed to meet, share in the gifts I have been blessed to receive, frolick in the joy that constantly lingers in the path I follow, your path.
Your guidance surrounds and protects me, your light fills me.
I am pleased to allow light to fill voids, to release tension where fluidity begs to reside.

For the highest good of all, I receive your abundance.
Love and light,

NEW! Voice of the Soul Cards

As many of you know, we are in the process of building Highest Light House in order to make more helpful, inspiring products available to you in these times of great change. One such item that came to our attention recently from Intender Robbie Atkins in Temecula, California is the Voice for the Soul Book and Cards Set. Beautifully packaged and designed, this set is created to help anyone who is seeking answers to the challenges in their life.

The Voice of the Soul Book and Cards Set

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Vicki's Talking Feathers and Highest Light Pendulums

Intenders Talking Feathers    

Those of you who have attended our workshops have seen Vicki Harding's beautiful handcrafted Highest Light Pendulums and Talking Feathers. Vicki is our Intenders Office Manager and when she is not taking care of the office she is busy creating these unique items for you to enjoy.

Her Highest Light Pendulums are specifically designed to help you communicate with your Higher Self and her Talking Feathers are used in our Intenders Circles, like a talking stick in the Native American tradition, for a person to hold while they are saying their intentions and gratitudes.

Vicki individually blesses each Pendulum and Talking Feather. If you are looking for a special gift for someone else or a unique spiritual tool for yourself, we highly recommend them.

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