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The Intenders Newsletter


June 2010

Table of Contents

~Movie Night
~A Personal Quest for Community
~A Poignant Quote from Law of Agreement
~Vicki's Pendulums
~The Gulf of Mexico Vision

Movie Night

The Intenders Circle is one of the best models for community in existence today. It brings people together to support each other in manifesting whatever their dreams are - and, at the same time, it lines them up with the Highest Good. It is simple, fun, free, and anyone can take part - and all you have to do is say your intentions and gratitudes to your friends in the Circle.

There is also another interesting by-product: the Intenders Circle calls forth your Soul Group; it magically brings you together with the people you made agreements and arrangements with before you came to this beautiful planet. It provides a supportive, comfortable place where you can do the work you came here to do.

One of the things we've learned over the past 16 years of taking part in our Intenders Circles is that they seem to need to take a break from time to time. Many Circles stop for the summer and come back together in the autumn, after school starts, while others have met together for a period of time and disbanded for various reasons.

Know this, however: the time you spent in your Intenders Circle was not wasted. A seed of community was planted within you which can grow and thrive later when it is called on. From one perspective, you were setting the stage to do your community work later, at a time when it would be needed most. That time is now. Indeed, nothing is more important than for people to come together during these transformational times. As we stay divided and separated, isolating ourselves, we lose touch with our power, a power that can influence our fellow travelers and our Mother Earth; a power that can clean up the Gulf waters, help the animals, stop the wars, bring peace into our lives and joy into our hearts. As we gather into groups standing for the Highest Good, we retain our ability to create a better world for ourselves in every way.

Now . . . that having been said, we are suggesting that if you have taken a break from your Intenders Circle, whether it was for the summer or for a few years, one of the best ways to get it going again is to combine it with a Movie Night. Everybody likes to watch movies, and either before or after the flick, but before you go home, you can sit in a Circle and say your intentions for the manifestation of your own dreams as well as share your visions for the betterment of the Earth and all her inhabitants. Nothing could be more important at this time. For, in this way, you come back together again to empower yourselves and to rekindle the spark of light that you lit long ago and that still burns brightly within you.

In order for people to create a better world for themselves
they must come together
on behalf of the Highest Good of all

Our Intenders Circle met for a couple of years and then just sort of fizzled out. It wasn't because we weren't manifesting - we were. In fact, we had manifested almost everything we intended. I think we just got too distracted and caught up in all the pressures, schedules, and fast pace of today's world. Some of us were too tired at the end of the work day to drive anywhere.

Recently, a few of us who had been in our Intenders Circle were at a party talking about how our lives were changing so fast. One lady had lost her home to a foreclosure, another man was out of work, and several others had stories of their own. It was on the verge of becoming a pity party when Janey, the woman who had held the Intenders Circle in her home, piped up and reminded us of all the good that had happened when we were meeting together.

We got to talking about how to revitalize our circle and came up with 2 of the best ideas ever. First, we decided to meet at 5 pm on Sunday evenings so that people weren't coming after having worked all day. And second - and this was a BIGGIE - we agreed to combine our circle with a MOVIE NIGHT. We couldn't have come up with a better idea! The first week we watched Avatar and last week we watched an oldie but goodie, Notting Hill. We were flopped on couches and in corners, sharing snacks, laughing hard, and having a great time.

Oh - and by the way - the lady who was foreclosed on found the perfect place to rent, and the man who was out of work got a job right away. And all this happened because before the movies started, we put a few of our intentions in the circle!

Community Package

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A Personal Quest for Community - A Fast Manifestation

In our last Intenders Newsletter, I mentioned that I was intending to find a community or a place to gather with people on the land and get back to basics. Just to let you know - I got so many wonderful offers that I had choices galore. From outside San Diego to Boulder, from West VA to southern WA, I received calls and letters from people who were also looking to get back to the land and who wanted some help. The only challenge I had was deciding which ones to visit! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all of the responses I received.

As I write this I am sitting right on the river on 25 acres outside of Eugene, Oregon on one of the most beautiful pieces of property I ever saw. There are 2 barns, two garages, a house, and a rustic shed five feet from the riverbank that I am fixing up for myself. Berries are everywhere and we've already planted two small gardens with more to come. The water is clean, the air is clear, the soil is rich, the people (two other guys at present) are awake and aware, and I am filled with gratitude for the abundance that surrounds me. Even more than that, I am filled with gratitude for the Intention Process because it brought me here.

I sure am glad I asked for what I wanted.

A Poignant Quote from Law of Agreement

With the coming of a new world everyone who has been working diligently with the Intention Process, the Law of Attraction, the Laws of Manifestation, or whatever you choose to call it, is finding that their manifesting skills are bearing fruit in seemingly miraculous ways. What this means is that those who are consciously giving a direction to their days, who are turning their doubts and unwanted thoughts around, who are grateful for their experiences, who are truly intending to serve others, who are doing what they love to do, who are lining up with the Highest Good, and who are trusting and open to receive will be receiving with much greater ease and much less effort than ever before. It's as if the doors to our greatest happiness and all that we have worked for are opening, never to close again.

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Vicki's Pendulums

So many options and choices nowadays! If you are intending to find a tool that can help you with your decision making during these extraordinary times, Vicki Harding, our Intenders Office Manager, has created some of the most beautiful pendulums you'll ever see. Made from a wide variety of beads from around the globe, with a pointed Egyptian crystal at the tail, these Highest Light Pendulums are handcrafted and blessed before going out to world. Vicki even tests each pendulum to find which one is right for you.

Intenders pendulums

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The Gulf of Mexico Vision

One of the main principles of the Intention Process, perhaps the most important, is to see the end result from the beginning; to hold a vision in our mind of the final outcome; to see whatever we are intending as a done deal. The dynamics of how this works are simple when we have learned that our thoughts are the forerunners of our future. As we hold the thought of our desired outcome, it has to manifest for us.

Accordingly, we here at the Intenders are holding the template for clean waters in the Gulf, happy wildlife in the water and along the shoreline, humanity having risen to the call, and a pristine Mother Earth everywhere now and forevermore. We ask you to join us in holding this vision. And remember, you need not know the "how" or the "who" is involved in attaining the manifestation of this vision. You only need to hold it, unwavering, regardless of all the current media hype, your own parade of doubts, or any evidence to the contrary.

When you give your attention to that which is good,
you just make more of it



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