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Summer Solstice 2008

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~The Intenders Road Show - The Movie - Just Released!
~Excerpts from On the Road with The Code on the You Tube
~CD Audio Version of On the Road with The Code Ready Soon
~Tina and Lee Ching
~Debra Ward's Great Gumball Intention Story
~Tithing for On the Road with The Code
~The Intenders Road Show Schedule
~Thanks to all who took part in making "On the Road with The Code"

The Intenders Road Show - The Movie !

We didn't send out an Intenders Newsletter last month because we were very busy - Making a Movie! Since so many of you who had taken part in our Intenders Workshops over the years had requested (and intended) that we film these uplifting events, we are happy to announce that we have finally done it! Here is a preview of what the back of the DVD case has to say:



Get Your Ticket for The Intenders Road Show Here!
Step up and Take Your Intentions to the Next Level Immediately;
Hear Amazing Intenders Stories;
Become a Mighty Manifestor;
See the Best in Real-life Channeling and Meet Lee Ching;
Make a Positive Difference in Your World
and Step into Your Power.

Join Tony Burroughs, Tina Stober, and a troupe of very talented and inspiring Intenders as they invite you into one of the most talked about cross-country, traveling road shows ever! The curtain is about to go up. Sit back and get ready as we take you with us - On the Road with The Code.

Our new 2 DVD Set - On the Road with The Code - is the Intenders response to so many of you who have requested that we film The Intenders Road Show and make it available to everyone. Now, at a time when it is needed most and will have the greatest impact on the people of our world, we offer 3 hours of the most thought provoking ideas, cutting edge points of view, powerful music, amazing channeling, and much more. Here at last is a realistic, empowering Code of Conduct - a True Solution for the challenges we face today. To Order Our New 2 DVD Set, Click here

Excerpts from On the Road with The Code on the You Tube

We just uploaded 3 clips from our new Movie - On the Road with The Code - onto the You Tube yesterday and you can watch them at the links below. Favorable comments written in the You Tube Comments box really help us get higher in the ranking and thus help get this message out to the world. So if you're inclined to write a comment we thank you in advance for it. The links are:

On the Road with The Code #1 is at:

On the Road with The Code #2 is at:

On the Road with The Code #3 is at:

CD Audio Version of On the Road with The Code Ready Soon

For those of you who like to listen to informative CDs while riding in your car or sitting at home, we are almost done with the final editing of the audio tracks for On the Road with The Code. It will be either a 2 or 3 CD set and will be available in July 2008. We will send you an Intenders Newsletter to alert you when it is released.

Tina and Lee Ching

Our new movie actually came about because Tina was here on the mainland helping her mother make her transition in San Diego. She called last month and said that she would like to do some workshops together again before she goes back home to Hawaii. I thought about it and called her back the next day suggesting that we film our "Road Show" so that it can go out to a much larger audience at this time when this caliber of empowering information is needed most. She agreed, and we met in Ashland, Oregon two weeks later and filmed not only the Intenders workshop but also three very inspiring scenes of Tina channeling Lee Ching.

As most of you know, Lee Ching has been the primary guide for The Intenders since we began meeting over 15 years ago. For most of those years Tina has remained in Hawaii building her own house and living quietly while giving readings from Lee Ching and Kuan Yin over the telephone. Now, however, that Tina and Lee Ching appear in our movie, the whole world will be able to enjoy and learn from Lee Ching just as we in the Intenders have for so many years.

Tina gives her counseling by donation which generally runs from $50 to $200. If you would like to contact Tina for a reading she can be reached by calling: 808-982-6774 (and please be considerate that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii.)

Debra Ward's Great Gumball Intention Story

We've traveled many miles and met a lot of people over the years and one of our favorites is Debra Ward in Houston. Deb is an Intenderpreneur of the highest order and we are always inspired by just being in her presence. Here is an fabulous Intention Story from Deb.

My first real "test' to the intention process came shortly after I had begun the circle in Houston. My son Eric called to tell me that he had been asked to navigate/co-pilot for his affluent buddy Jerry in the Gumball 3000 Rally in May. The Gumball is the one of the most prestigious/outrageous road rallies in the world, run on a different course each year (approximately 3000 miles) this event to be run on 3 different continents, with the finish line on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA.

At that time, I only knew two things about Jerry and both of these wild stories led me to believe that he had some sort of a death wish, the least of them being a rollover accident at 160MPH, totalling his Viper in the dessert of Morocco in his first Gumball entry 2 years previous, resulting in a broken collar bone, concussion & head contusions. So I knew I needed to get busy with prayer & intention. I took the "safety" intention to the group the next time we met. When I told Eric that the whole group was aligning with me for a safe rally that was an excellent adventure for the two of them where they would finish in the top 5. Thinking that this would bolster his confidence, his number 1 Aries personality practically jumped through the phone line as he said "Well mamma if you are going to intend anything at all for me, you could at least intend that we are going to win." So then I boldly stated that I intended to be at the finish line to see them win the rally, despite the fact that that day I had a car repair looming that I didn't know where the money would come from to fix it.

Within 48 hours of making that intention with my son I did a favor for a good friend of mine and upon delivery of his sister from Lake Charles to Houston, he pressed a gift into my palm that was the amount I needed to fix my car & purchase the ticket to LA with $10 to spare. One of my dearest friends lives in LA, so I really only needed the airfare to make this happen. Rally time came, Eric was interviewed by Wide World of Sports in London the day before the event and he boldly stated that they were going to win. Jerry cringed as he told Eric "you don't just say that to Wide World of Sports".

They made it safely through Europe from London to Belgrade, had many adventures in Thailand through a tropical rainstorm with some very "close calls" delayed by rescuing some fellow rally enthusiasts from a rollover accident before arriving in Bangkok, guided in and greeted by a life long friend who lives there. On the final leg of the race (it's really not a race, but with Eric, everything is a race) they were in 19th place leaving out of Las Vegas for LA. This section had been run many times by Gumballers so the veterans all had their routes chosen. Eric had picked out an "almost road" route through Death Valley and from his estimate it could cut nearly an hour off the record time for this stretch. So, he managed to "sell" the idea to the first place contestant, Alex Roy, a seasoned veteran and many time winner.

At the final check-point (less than 5 minutes from Rodeo Drive) Alex's Bentley pulled in just 9 seconds ahead of Eric & Jerry's Ford GT. When they left out of the final checkpoint, Eric said to Jerry "You know, I just wanted to say to are we going to call it, first & first or what, but I decided to put my ego in the back seat and say that this has been the greatest adventure of my life and second place is just fine thanks." Just as the words came out of his mouth, Alex threw up the signal to pull over. When they pulled over, he jumped out of his car, came running over & said "OK, so here is how we do it at the finish line, I'll pull to the right (right hand drive Bentley), you pull along side on the left and our navigators/co-pilots can hang out the window, arm in arm & we will roll across the finish line together to tie for first." They arrived 72 minutes ahead of the second place finisher, setting a record for that leg of the rally. Eric, Jerry and Alex's picture at the finish is featured in Alexander Roy's new book "The Driver", a rally world cult classic published last year.

WOW!!! Thank you, Deb!

Tithing/Donations for On the Road with The Code

When I finished my last tour event in Friday Harbor, Washington, I came down the coast to Ashland, Oregon where I just happened to meet Steve Brown and Ed Keller who make the movies for Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God seminars. Over lunch Steve casually mentioned that they could produce, film, edit and even dub the DVDs for us for a price that turned out to be the exact amount I had in my pocket at the time. In the Spirit of putting my own Intenders teachings to the test and integrating them into my own life, I trusted that everything would work out fine and I immediately put every penny I had into the making of On the Road with The Code.

What happened next was simply amazing! Over the next three weeks we found one of the most sacred sites in North America for our location; we gathered together one of the most inspiring groups of Intenders you ever met; we filmed it all in "one take" in one day of filming (which is unheard of anymore), and then spent nine days in the editing room deciding which camera angles were the best. What resulted is a video that not only rivals The Secret in quality and content, but goes way beyond where The Secret left off.

So, because I, and many of my friends, believe so strongly that a movie like this has been needed at this time to truly help humanity take its next step, I have borne all of the expected and unexpected expenses of making a movie of this caliber, and as a result, find that I could use your help. At the bottom of our order page is a place where you can help us get this video out to the world at this time when it will have its greatest impact. Traditionally, we purposely have not charged large amounts per person to get into our traveling Road Show in order to insure that these events are not exclusive and that those who need this information the most will have access to it. With this in mind, we truly appreciate any tithe, donation, or love offering that you can share. And it is our intention that it comes back to you ten-fold and that this wonderful Movie helps to lift up people the world over!

To Make a donation, Click here and Scroll to bottom of page.

The Intenders Road Show Schedule

June 25 - The Denver Church of Religious Science - Call Melanie 303-839-5230
June 28 - Boulder, CO - 2521 Broadway, #307 - 1:30 to 4:30pm - Call James at 303-668-8989 or Ginny at 303-449-5451
June 29 - Denver Merchandise Mart - INATS Convention - This event is only for booksellers. July 1 - Metaphysical Research Center/The Metaphysical House - Call Gina at 303-902-2400
August 19 - Seattle, WA - East West Bookstore - booksigning and informal talk

We are coming to New England down the east coast and through to Houston in the autumn so please contact us at well in advance to get on the schedule for The Intenders Road Show in the fall.

Thanks to all who took part in the making of "On the Road with The Code"

The Intenders of the Highest Good would like to express their heartfelt appreciation to all those who helped in the making of "On the Road with The Code." To the film crew at Media 14 Productions, Steve Brown, Ed Keller, Cal Kennedy, and Cindy Bettencourt, we thank you immensely! To the wonderful circle of Intenders who lent their time, talent, and insightful visions to this project, including Tina Stober, Aaron Jacobson, Ashley Celeste, Vicki Harding (our Intenders Office Manager), Victoria Song, Richard Blackstone, Cornflower, Nikita Gearing, Ty Adams, Allison Hintzmann, Steve and Heather Cohn, Jane Holland, and Scott Young - may what you have given be gifted back to you in great measure; To The Circle of Teran and all those who guided us there, we say "What a blessing it has been to be on such sacred ground"; and to Weiser Books who have so graciously and confidently published The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World by Intenders co-founder, Tony Burroughs, we are extremely grateful for all that you do. The Code:10 Intentions for a Better World is the book that our new movie, On the Road, is based upon. You can order it here by going to our Order page/Shopping Cart at

A Timely Quote from The Movie

Those who get up in the morning
and set a direction for their day
have an entirely different experience
than those who do not


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